madewell-felt-floppy-hat pink-peonies-rach-parcell sundance-utahTop: Joie | Hat: Madewell (30% off!!) | Jeans: J.Brand | Sandals: Steve Madden (so comfy!) | Lips: Turkish Delight | Isla’s Onsie: Gap (40% off!)

Yesterday after church Emily and I loaded up the kiddies and headed up the canyon for a Sunday drive! One of our favorite family activities during late September and October is to drive up the canyon and look at all the gorgeous leaves changing! We started early this year but we still had fun and even spotted a few trees that’s leaves were already turning yellow!

Ok I have the most random question for all you mama’s out there-

The feeling of fall was definitely present yesterday, the air had that autumn smell and it totally brought back the nausea pregnancy feeling that I felt during this season last year (like I really was full on nauseated and I had to sit down). Ya know when you smell something it brings back distinct memories? Well as crazy as it sounds, the smell of fall totally brought back the morning sickness feeling I experienced during both the first and second trimesters of my pregnancy! Has this ever happened to you?? I’m not sure if I’m totally crazy or if this is normal. I’m hoping this was a one time thing and that I won’t feel nauseated the entire season!

On an entirely different note, below is a list of some of the best Labor Day Sales going on!

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Have a wonderful Labor Day!

xo, Rach

xo, Rach
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  1. You are not alone! I had the exact same thing happen to me. I worked at Nordstrom during my first trimester. A few months after I had Olive I went in to go shopping and this intense nauseous feeling came back to me. It definitely hasn’t stopped me from shopping :) but it did take a little while for it to go away for me. I hope it goes away soon and you can enjoy such a beautiful season with your sweet little girl.

    xx, Stephany

  2. I think when subconsciously you are missing a time or remembering it, your mind plays tricks on you and you experience a feeling you had even if it wasn’t the best feeling while you were remembering. Im sure it won’t happen again.

  3. That’s no fun (about feeling sick). Could it maybe be coincidence and perhaps something you ate/drank? I can sort of relate. Things during my pregnancy that made me feel really sick like the smell of garlic or kimchi (normally I hate the smell but during pregnancy it put me over the edge!). Now when I smell those things it is more intense than it was before becoming pregnant and my little one is a lot older than yours so I’m not sure if that will go away but I hope it will because the smell of Autumn is amazing as is the season, it would be a shame if you had that reaction each time.

  4. this is such an amazing view and what a great activity to do with family!
    i am also pregnant and have had a pretty rough start with morning sickness (during my 1st & 2nd trimesters). i really hope that this does not happen all season cause then next spring could be ruined for me. thanks for sharing your insight.


  5. This is one of my favorite blog posts you’ve done! It’s just so sweet showing what you did for the day with sweet Isla girl. Hope the Fall sickness gets better, hate that for you!

  6. So crazy that you say that, you and I had our daughters on the same day and I had a complete feeling of my pregnancy all over again the other day. I mean, it got as intense as me feeling phantom kicks in the middle of the night and completely made me miss being pregnant with Karsyn all over again.

    I too hope that my entire winter wont be like that, maybe it is all in our heads?

    Kristyn Cole | Contrast of Effect | IG

  7. Haha. I experienced the same thing this morning and almost freaked out that I’m prego again! I had my daughter 5 months ago so i was pretty surprised when I felt this way. My husband made eggs with sauteed onions this morning and It got me so nauseous I was literally gagging. That smell used to make me ill when I was preg! I’m assuming that smell is associated with nausea now so we are a bit sensitive. One thing I have learned since giving birth, is our bodies will never be the same as they used to be… but it’s totally worth it!!!!

  8. The hippocampus is the area of the brain responsible for memory and is closely located
    to the olfactory bulb which is related to smell. That being said, it takes a while for pregnancy hormones to subside you might have experienced a sedan ton of nausea due to a combination of these factors.

  9. I have the same experience with Firehouse subs. I ate there before I knew I was pregnant. I got so sick and nauseated. 2 weeks later, I knew why:) Everytime I pass, smell or even look at that place, I get sick! My son is now 3 years old and I can never eat at Firehouse subs again. Anyhow, love your blog and your outfits!

  10. I was in my first trimester when the orange blossoms were in bloom several years ago and they make me nauseated now every single year! I even took a pregnancy test one March because I was feeling so sick! So yes, it’s real and yes, it might happen all season, I’m sorry, the price we pay!

  11. I love your top! It is so cute. As for your question, my friend said it isn’t much smell as noise for her that makes her nausuas again. She literally cannot listen to John Legend because it reminds her of being pregnant. So I believe you when you say the fall smell reminds you of morning sickness from the previous year. I hope you feel better girl!! XO, Ellese

  12. This reply is coming all the way from little old England! My son is now 35 but I still cannot bear the smell of Hermes Caleche perfume or Chanel Eau Sauvage anywhere near me as I wore the perfume and my husband the cologne during the first 3 months of pregnancy and, like you, I suffered terribly from morning sickness! I do hope it wears off for you though – this time of year is just the most magical.

  13. What ever made you sick when you were pregnant will still cause you to feel sick again after sadly. My kids are old, and to this day I cannot stand the smell of chili and certain songs bring back the feeling as well as weird as that sounds. It does get slightly better in time, but not totally.

  14. Hello Rach! I ‘m following your blog from France and I love it!
    It’s so inspiring! When i look at your pictures , i’m always wondering where your necklace comes from? Can you gve me the link please?

  15. Yes! You are not crazy. The brain and the limbic system are amazing. Smells can absolutely trigger chemicals and hormones in the body that could have made you physically nauseous amongst other things.

  16. Yes!!! This is totally a thing! I’ve had almost all my babies in the summer which means I’m sick at Christmas time…those cinnamon pine cones that they have everywhere make me wanna throw up, every year!! They’re so strong and the smell just takes me back, every time! My mom says a certain song bothered her for years, for the same reason. So crazy!!

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