Summer Sunglass Edit…

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Wanted to do an official round up of my favorite sunglasses I’ve been wearing on repeat the past few months! For the price, the quality is amazing and the styling is so chic! Hope this helps you find the perfect pair for all the sunny weather ahead!

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xo, Rach
Summer Sunglass Edit…
Summer Sunglass Edit…
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8 thoughts on “Summer Sunglass Edit…

  1. Rach i love Love your blog & Insta.
    Ive Purchased Many items you have endorsed.
    However, People are dying & YouR gushing about SungLasses, Your Pool, PantRy… on and On iTs Really Tone deaf. Do yiu really need to make COMMISSIONS that badly? ??
    Instead you should Be using your infLuence to Help People. Ugh

    1. It always gives me a lift to see your name in my inbox. Gives me a break from All the negative news that is pounded into my head 24/7 by the media! Thank you!!!

  2. Love love love these and also I love that I don’t have to babysit them around my kids! They can play with them and I wont cry! lol Love you rach!!

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