Style Code Live: Inside My Beauty Drawer…


Happy Friday, everyone!! I always get SO many questions about my favorite beauty products and to be honest, I’m updating my drawer pretty regularly because I’m constantly testing out new products that are either sent to me or that I personally buy. Click here to watch my segment on Style Code Live for a closer look at my beauty drawer and which products I’m loving lately!

And now for the best part!!!! Elizabeth Arden is offering 25% off this lipstick and liner in ANY COLOR!!! Click here and use code 25RACH when you check out at Discount valid today and tomorrow only!

xo, Rach

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xo, Rach
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39 thoughts on “Style Code Live: Inside My Beauty Drawer…

  1. Hi!! Would you mind sharing what color Elizabeth Arden lipstick you are featuring/wearing in this style segment? So cute and your colors always work for me too! Thanks girl!

  2. Your makeup looks beautiful. May I ask you what color lipstick and liner you’re wearing in Elizabeth Arden? Thank you.

  3. Your makeup looks beautiful! Would you share what color lipstick and liner you’re wearing in Elizabeth Arden? Thank you. I would love to try it.

  4. Hi Rach! Loved your segment last night on SCL! You had a lot of great tips and product recommmendations. I love the Stila liner. It is my favorite.
    xx Niki | @andislist

  5. Hi Rachel! I think you may have answered his question on insta stories, if so I forget the answer. What containers do you use to divide you’re makeup in your beauty drawer?

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