Light and Airy…

white-skinny-jeans-jbrand-nordstromprada-cat-eye-sunglasses white-jbrand-denim-jeans-spring prada-cat-eye-sunglasses rock-stud-valentino-bag pink-peonies-fashion-blog nude-rock-stud-valentino-bag pastel-blue-theory-sweaterSweater: Theory | Jeans: J.Brand | Heels: Chrisitan Louboutin (similar style) | Bag: Valentino | Glasses: Prada | Ring: Coronet c/o | Lips: Saint Germain by MAC

With a fresh new season right around the corner, I am stocking up on a few key pieces that will give my wardrobe a cool refresher. This season, spring is all about light and airy colors and these white J.Brand skinnies from Nordstrom are the perfect addition to my closet! They pair with countless colors, and can easily be dressed up or down! I have a feeling these will be on major repeat this spring.

xo, Rach

This post was sponsored by Nordstrom, all opinions are my own.

xo, Rach
Light and Airy…
Light and Airy…
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116 thoughts on “Light and Airy…

  1. I love your outfit and that Valentino bag is stunning.I need to get a great pair of white jeans for Spring. Love yours.


  2. Love the outfit! But are you crazy to spend that much on that handbag? It’s beautiful, but did you know that KSL just posted an article on how the Road Home Shelter right here in Salt Lake City is in desperate need of diapers and formula for all of the homeless babies that are currently overflowing the shelter? Couldn’t you have contributed towards this cause or something similar instead of wasting it on a handbag? Just food for thought. Love the fashion blog.

    1. Heather,

      Thanks for the thought but I’ve actually saved up for this bag for months so it wasn’t just a spur of the moment purchase and it doesn’t happen often.

      Also, I donate to various charities very frequently. Also, I give 10% of everything I make each month to my church’s charity. Sad people are so quick to judge…

        1. Wow! It amazes me how people feel they should comment on how another person spends their money! Every time someone is upset about something someone purchased they comment on how they need to give that money to charity or the kids in Africa. Heather I would love to know how much stuff you don’t buy because you give it to charity instead! I’m sure its zero to none!

      1. Rachel, I usually don’t comment but felt your response to the reader was inappropriate. Maybe it’s because you are young and don’t know better, but you should keep your comments to yourself no matter how bad you want to say them. Regardless of what this reader expressed, she is a follower of your blog and therefore “earns” you your salary by clicking on your blog and your affiliate links. You should have just responded by saying you donate, but have left out the snarky comment about how sad it is that people judge. This blog allows you to save up for that expensive bag because of readers like her.

  3. I love everything about this outfit!!! There is really something to be said about crisp white denim! I have finally created the perfect stain removing cocktail to keep my jeans white! I, no joke, use 4+ different products…but knock on wood I have been able to get all of my stains out so far! My white jeans are a magnet for dirt, food stains & just about everything else!


  4. Come on, spring! Major warmer weather cuteness here! I think I’m becoming a Rach “bag-aholic!” So ready for snow to take up residence elsewhere!

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  6. Hey ya’ll,

    Does anyone know what color and brand this nail polish is? I’ve been trying to decide on a shade for my wedding and this looks like it would work. Or do you have a color you recommend?

  7. This blue sweater is Spring 2014 perfection!! I like to call it “Lupita Blue” now & I am snagging up everything I can in this color. And that bag- to die for! This look is flawless!

  8. I love this look, Rachel. So my style. The light blue of your sweater is so fresh right now. I have my eye on a Balenciaga city in Bleu Dragee with nickel hardware that stopped me in my tracks when I first saw it. It might have to be a birthday present in May. I was in Neiman’s yesterday and was hoping they had your Valentino bag. Sadly, not that style but a similar one. It’s beautiful!

  9. I am so glad that I stumbled across your blog. It is absolutely gorgeous! Your pictures are amazing. I especially love this outfit. The light blue and white color palette is gorgeous. Do you mind sharing what kind of camera you use?

  10. Rachel,

    Are your Louboutins the Pigalle, So Kate or the Artifice? and do you find them semi comfortable?

    Thanks :)

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