Snow for Days…

burberry-winter-puffer-coat-6 louis-vuitton-pouchette-meties-bag-2 burberry-winter-puffer-coat-2 louis-vuitton-pouchette-meties-bag-3 burberry-winter-puffer-coat-3 burberry-winter-puffer-coat-1 louis-vuitton-pouchette-meties-bag-1 burberry-winter-puffer-coat-5 burberry-winter-puffer-coat-4Coat: Burberry (similar style herehere and here) | Sweater: Rag and Bone (similar style here and here) | Jeans: Citizens | Boots: UGG | Hat: J.Crew (similar style herehere and here) | Bag: Louis Vuitton (love this similar style, and this one!) | Sunglasses: Celine (love this similar style!) | Lips: Angel lipstick and Hip ‘N’ Happy liner by MAC

We’ve had some snowstorms here in Utah the past couple of days which means it’s bitter cold but it’s absolutely beautiful so it makes it really hard to complain!! Apart from driving in it, it really is so magical.

We took these pics a few days ago while we were looking at our lot where our new home will be. In case you missed it, I announced on my snapchat a few months ago that we sold our current home and are moving at the end of this year. Drew is building it again so we are excited to start from scratch although it will be very similar to the home we are in now! One of the reasons I’m most excited about moving is we will be tucked up right by the mountains. We took these photos minutes from where we will call home and we are so excited (so is Dash) lots of room for him to explore. Stay tuned for more home updates!!

xo, Rach

xo, Rach
Snow for Days…
Snow for Days…
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43 thoughts on “Snow for Days…

  1. Your pics are so gorgeous! I’m so jealous you live in such a beautiful place, living in NYC we never get to see the beauty of a winter snow. Congrats on your new home! I can’t wait to watch you decorate. xxx

  2. Can you please documenting the whole process of building??!! or at least if you can do a home tour befor and after interior design???
    please just do it in your youtube channel it’s so funny and help the other people to take an idea about the building process

  3. Oh, this makes me miss Canada so much because living in Southern California means it barely snows. I love your outfit. The bag is gorgeous and hat is so cute. How amazing that your husband is building the house. That’s amazing. Can’t wait to see how it comes together!


  4. It’s so beautiful where you are! It really is magical! And congrats on your new home. Your current home is gorgeous so I can’t wait to see pics of your new one! ?

  5. Hi Rachel. I am a big fan of yours, have been since you started blogging. Do you ever sell your used clothes, I was just wondering about your Jcrew knit beanie with the fur pom? Thank you :)

    1. Hi Gabriela! Thanks for following along, you are so sweet! I don’t sell my clothes; usually if I get rid of something I’ll just give it to one of my sisters!

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