Skin Care Routine…

clarisonic-mia-2 clarisonic-mia-review-1 clarisonic-mia-review clarisonic-mia-12 clarisonic-mia skin-care-routine-pink-peonies Clarisonic Mia FIT  | Créme de La Mer Moisturizer  |  La Mer SPF 30 Facial Sun Lotion  |  Cetaphil Gentel Skin Cleanser


One of my most asked questions is how I care for my skin so today I’m excited to be working with one of my favorite brands that I’ve used in my skin care routine for a long time, Clarisonic!

Last year I shared my daily skin care routine, not much has changed so you can read my routine in that post here. I included that I love cleaning my face and neck with my Clarisonic Mia. They just came out with this new version that’s smaller than the original making it easy to take on the go! Whenever I travel I take the Mia FIT with me because it’s more compact and travel friendly. But when I’m not traveling I keep it in my drawer by my sink and my larger Clarisonic Mia in my shower. I switch off using both depending on the day!

The reason I love it so much and continue to use it in my daily skin routine is how amazing it makes my skin feel! It’s super gentle and leaves my skin feeling so clean and fresh!

Have any of you tried the Clarisonic? What do you think of it??

xo, Rach

Brought to you by Clarisonic.

xo, Rach
Skin Care Routine…
Skin Care Routine…
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49 thoughts on “Skin Care Routine…

    1. Right?! It is seriously an amazing tool that REALLY works! I tell everyone about it because I love it haha.

      Thanks for stopping by Laetitia!

      Xo Rach

  1. I have not tried it yet, I’m sure I would fall in love with it, since I used to use a cleansing brush from Neutrogena 10 yrs ago when I was in high school, and it was similar to this, I used it regularly until they discontinued it. I will have to give this one a try.

  2. I love my Clarisonic! This may be a silly question…but do you put your face wash in your hand first and then straight onto the Clarisonic? I always rub the cleanser all over my face first, then put the Clarisonic to work…but maybe I’m doing it wrong! =p

    1. Not a silly question! I think you can do it either way, and I’ve done both actually. But lately I put my face wash in my hand and straight onto the Clarisonic!

      Hope this helps :)

      Xo Rach

    1. I couldn’t agree more!!! So true and I seriously love the MiaFIT because of the size. If you love the original you’d for sure love this one!

      Xo Rach

  3. I’ve thought so many times about trying La Mer, but wasn’t sure if it was worth the investment. I use the Obagi line and CE. Ferulic by Skinceuticals. So you do like the La Met?

  4. I love this little mini version. My mother-in-law gave me the clarisonic mia 2 for christmas two years ago but I have only used a few times. My husband’s whole side of the family swears by it. I LOVE the way it makes my skin feel I swear it makes me break out. I have tried twice now for a few weeks and my skin went downhill (quick) both times. Once I was pregnant and the other I changed my acne medication so those could have contributed. I am scared to try again though?! Has this ever happened to you??
    Xo, Tara

    1. Hi Tara!!

      I’ve been using Clarisonic for a long time and have LOVED it! It always leaves my skin feeling and looking better than before. It has never made me break out though, so that’s odd! Could’ve been a combination of things so maybe try it again if you’re up for it? :)

      Xo Rach

  5. I absolutely love my clarisonic brush! I use it twice a week to exfoliate. If I use it anymore it dries my face out too much and then I break out. Other than that, I love how it makes my skin feel- I totally agree with you!

  6. Thank you for sharing your skincare secrets! By the way your vintage style engagement ring is gorgeous! Do you mind telling us where you got it from? (The one in the front) Thank you very much in advance!

  7. Your bathroom is so beautiful! Love the marble countertops :)
    Clarisonics are my favorite, I’m glad to hear that you liked the small one, perfect for traveling!

    – Cami

  8. Ok, always wondering how you have such amazing, white teeth. I’m new to following your blog so I’m not sure if I’ve missed if you mention a product you use, if anything. I used to be a a fan of white strips but they make my teeth too sensitive so I am debating getting them professionally whitened. Was just wondering if you had any secret tips (:

  9. I love my clarisonic! It’s so great especially after I get home from the gym and I am covered in sweat and makeup. I also love my Kate Somerville gentle daily wash, have you ever tried it? It’s so great and pretty inexpensive as well so that’s always a plus!

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