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Dress: Ralph Lauren Outlet (similar style here, here and here) | Jacket: Halogen, old (similar style here and here) | Sneakers: J.Crew | Bag: Fawn Design ℅ (love this similar style!) | Lips: Cherry liner by MAC and YSL #13 Le Orange

Drew’s Top: Gap | Drew’s Shorts: J.Crew | Drew’s Shoes: Sperry

Isla’s Top: Gap | Isla’s Overalls: Peek | Isla’s Sandals: Freshly Picked ℅

Jackson’s Romper: Old Navy | Jackson’s Shoes: Old Navy (toddler version here, also love this similar style)

Hey guys, Happy Monday! I was literally SO excited when I got these photos back. How cute is my patriotic family?? Isla and Dash’s bandanas kill me! The Fourth of July holds some of my nearest and dearest memories from my childhood. My mom always tried to make it special and taught me and my sisters how to be a proud, patriotic American and to honor those who sacrifice so much for this great country that I am blessed to call home.

Now that I’m a mom I want to make sure Isla and Jackson have fond memories of this holiday too! I’ve always wanted a big flag to hang on my home and this year I finally got one! I found it at Colonial Flag (right off 1o6oo south for those of you who live in UT).

Before the Stadium of Fire on Saturday night I made the family take some pictures of our coordinating outfits (Drew was annoyed) but they turned out so cute!! My s’more dessert was a hit and Isla was completely terrified of the fireworks show. She literally had her face pressed up against mine and was holding on to me for dear life. I secretly loved all the snuggles I was getting though!

What are you all doing for your Fourth of July festivities??

For those of you who asked, here’s my s’more dessert and a few photos from my IG story:

Spray 9×13 pan with pam (or melted butter).

Line entire bottom of pan with Graham Crackers.

Line Marshmallows over of the Graham Crackers (I cut my mallows in half. Load them on there!!)

Line Chocolate Bars over Marshmallows.

Line Graham crackers over Chocolate.

Finally, line Marshmallows over Graham Crackers. 

Put in oven on 350 for 10-15 min or until golden brown (watch them close).

**The more marshmallows your put on the more gooey it will it be! I wish I would have added a little more to mine! 

xo, Rach

Photography by Paige Nicolle.

xo, Rach
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  1. Rach, I love your little patriotic family so much!! I always love following your posts and this might be my favorite one yet! I hope you have a lovely rest of your long weekend!
    PS I’m totally going to try that s’mores recipe ASAP!!

  2. I love all of your pictures !!! And your family is so cute !! I loce the outfits !! ???❤️❤️❤️? ( instagram:@mimicamaila)

  3. The fourth is my favorite holiday!! These pictures are so darling! So glad I’m not alone when I make my husband and little boy match for holidays! Enjoy your fourth festivities!! ❤️???

  4. LOVE your 4th of July post! The flag in the background is ?? and your Fawn Design bag with matching outfits is adorable. Makes me want it all!!!

  5. Happy 4th of July!! These are adorable!!!! ? Loving your whole look. We’ll be in our town watching the parade and BBQing. So fun.

  6. I love the outfits!! ??? your kids are the cutest!! I love the way your dress your kids, they always look adorable, I always go to instagram page to get inspiration for my little girl outfit, cause Isla always looks adorable!! The diaper bag is everything ??. Awesome post girl!! ??????

  7. You and your little family are SO cute! Goals?? My husband isn’t a fan when I try to make him take a bunch of pictures with me as well! Haha

  8. Love your sweet family & blog!! I saw your Instagram giveaway with Fawn Design and would LOVE to win a Poppy bag!! I saw your post awhile back with it and loved it >> hinted at my husband to get me another fawn bag for Mother’s Day, but in Poppy and they weren’t available anymore when I went get him the link ?. Thanks for the awesome giveaway, Rachel!!

  9. Your sweet little family is beautiful! I hope we get to hear about some of your family’s traditions here soon :)

  10. Love the Independence Day photo shoot! What a great idea! I might be inspired enough to shoot some pics tomorrow of my boys.

  11. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win one of Fawn Design bags!! I LOVE your Americana pictures!! And your dog is adorable ☺️

  12. I love the partriotic family photos! 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. I love getting together with family. We usually have a pool day and then go watch fireworks at our mall!

    Instagram *theleonards15*

  13. Oh my goodness Jackson’s gummy smile is just the sweetest!!! 4th of July is my favorite holiday because of all it represents for our country and how it gives us a beautiful summer day to spend with family. My husband and I started a new tradition of going to the 4th of July LA Galaxy soccer game and we stay for the fireworks after. We are so excited to welcome our little 9 week old daughter, Mia, to the tradition tomorrow! :) our first holiday as a family of 3 :)
    Happy 4th to you and yours!

  14. Your family photos are very cute. Love how simple and easy they are to create (although I don’t think I would’ve thought about it) yet they are soooo cute. Your outfits are on point and love your fawn design bag (currently have my eyes set on one lol)…happy 4th of July ??

  15. Loving the outfits! Can’t wait to bake the dessert too ?? Thanks for giving us modest options, and something for the whole family.

  16. Adorable!!!! Love this idea of a giant America flag hanging outside your home! Also would love to win one of the Fawn Design backpacks you are wearing ❤️❤️

  17. Love the poppy fawn bag! Missed my chance to buy one, thank you for the opportunity to win one! Very cute family photos ?

  18. Such cute pictures!! You have a darling family, seriously so cute! I have a little Isla as well, she’s just 4 weeks old though :) Hope you guys have an amazing holiday!

  19. I absolutely adore these pictures! This is my first 4th of July with my son. I can’t wait to make traditions for him and I. I love your blog and look forward to reading more of your blog.
    Happy 4th to you and your family!❤️❤️

  20. No idea what happened to my previous post as I do not see it posted ? Anyways. Your family pictures are supper adorable ?? Love your fawn design and hope I am the lucky winner. I’ve been eyeing one for a few days already. I had seen them before but didn’t know the brand until I went to my bf’s bother work picnic and spotted one and googled it. I immediately fell in love with it and even went and return the bag I had just gotten like 2 days before (hadn’t used it) so I could convince my bf to buy me one lol. Good luck to everyone and hope you and your family have an amazing 4th of July. Thank you for the giveaway.

  21. These pictures are so cute! Love all the matching outfits! I’ve been curious about the freshly picked sandals for my little one. They look so cute on!
    Have a great 4th of July!!

  22. I love your blog! So glad i found it through the fawn design insta! Hoping I win to snag one of these beauties before my son is born ❤️❤️

  23. Love your style AND fawn design diaper bags! I’ve never had one and now that I’m pregnant I want one so bad! I just lost my baby girl in January and I wanted a fawn design diaper bag, but unfortunately never made it that far. Now I’m almost 3 months with my rainbow baby! God is so good :) Thought it was cool y’all teamed up bc I follow both of y’all and I loved seeing you carrying one of their bags! ❤️

  24. Your family is absolutely adorable! And I’m totally making those s’mores tomorrow. I’m 20 weeks prego and I NEED them ?

  25. These pictures are to die for! So cute! I would love to be considered for the Fawn Design bag! I’m due with my first baby in September and am trying to save up to buy a Fawn Design diaper bag but getting one for free would be even better!!

  26. Pick me for the giveaway! I would absolutely love that fawn bag to carry all the stuff my twin’s require!!

  27. Love your beautiful blog! I looove this gorgeous backpack as well! I tagged 10friends on each picture and followed…crossing fingers to win!?❤️?? Happy 4th of July to your beautiful fam!

  28. I love the Fourth of July because it’s an excuse to celebrate our country! It’s such a special holiday! I also just love everything about your families patriotic outfits! Darling!!

  29. You have such a beautiful family & the cutest dog . Thank you for the opportunity on winning the Fawn Design diaper bag . This would be a big blessing for our family now that we are expecting baby #2 . Instagram @becoming_theabells

  30. This 4th of July will be personally, my first without my son and without fireworks (which I’m totally bummed about because I adore fireworks and our first 4th of July not being together). My son will be spending time with his father who is undergoing some hardships at the moment. But I would just like to say that you have a beautiful family and I love all the patriotism! It’s adorable!

  31. Thank You Rachel for sharing your ideas and pictures on how to celebrate the 4th right! ? Beautiful family you have! I hope to win the giveaway…fingers crossed ?

  32. I stumbled across your blog because of the fawn design giveaway and I am SO glad I did! I’m a sucker for cute kids, fashion, and family so I think this blog is right up my alley! Not to mention that pink peonies are my absolute favorite flowers..and they’re in season!! Recently I’ve found that all of my favorite companies are Utah based, so much talent in your area! Anyways, love the blog and will enjoy following along!

  33. I LOVED watching your instagram story of your fam celebrations! Your smores dessert looked amazing, and I can’t wait to take my littles out for festivities as well!!

  34. Leaving comment for extra entry on giveaway! Is this where we do it? Love your sweet family and your patriotic outfits. Absolutely adorable.

  35. You guys are the cutest!! Love that you included your dog in the shoot… And so drooling over that Poppy bag! ??

  36. I LOVE these pics! Your daughter’s overalls are spot on :) So jealous of your #fawndeisgnpoppy! They sold out before I could snag one.

  37. LOVE the big flag pics. So beautiful! And what is it about s’mores that is SO 4th of July?! I did s’mores brownies last year and they didn’t disappoint! :) Hope your family has a wonderful holiday!

  38. Just found your blog from fawn design! So cute! Hope I win the bag! Fingers crossed. Have a great 4th of July! ? ??

  39. July 4th is also one of my favorite holidays!!! ??❤️?? I will confess, I initially only hopped on your site to enter the fawn design giveaway, but once I saw your precious 4th of July photos I was very intrigued and signed up for the email subscription. My husband is in the military and will deploy shortly after I give birth to our very first baby in October. We always cherish this holiday, as it is near and dear to our hearts! Happy Independence Day!!!!

  40. I LOVE every single picture and your 4th of July story is so super sweet. Your children will appreciate all the hard work you put into making memories. The huge flag for your house is AWESOME! Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating!!

  41. great family pictures!? love the red diaper bag!? also i would love to have pictures like these with boys in the future! ?

  42. That s’mores dish looks incredible! I’ll definitely have to try it! You have the cutest little family and I love following along with your adventures together. ?

  43. Your family is so darling! I especially love the little overalls!! I just found your blog and I think I’m going to love it :) thank you for the chance to win that amazing diaper bag!

  44. LOVE the festive outfits with your matching bag!! 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays! I need to get a big flag like that too! Love it!

  45. Loveeeeee these pics! Your family is the cutest! Jackson’s shoes and Isla’s bandana are my fav!! Y’all have a happy 4th!!!!

  46. Thank you so much for the fawn design give away!! I’d love to win I hope I do. Anyway thank you again ?

  47. Awww I love love love your fourth of July family pics!!! So adorable. Have a great one!
    @mrs.kim_pos on ig.

  48. My husband and I recently found out we are pregnant! This will be our first baby and we are so excited!! I loooove the dawn design bags and would be so happy if I won this giveaway it would be the perfect bag to go along with our cute babe!!

  49. Isla’s outfit… I can’t even! So stinking cute!! I am hosting on the 4th. My husbands family comes over every year. The kids love the pool and it’s just a nice relaxing (fun) day for everyone. I’m making patriotic rice krispie treats (wish me luck) and I’m going to attempt to make your sweet treat above. (again, wish me luck) I hope you have a great 4th!!

  50. The Fourth of July is one of my absolute favorite holidays and I’m DYING over these family photos!!! My husband is in the military, so Independence Day has a very special place in our hearts and your photos will definitely serve as inspiration for our first 4th next year as a family of three (we are expecting our first in October)!!! I initially visited this site for the fawn design giveaway, but I’ll definitely be following! ??❤️??

  51. Love this!!! You guys coordinate so well, such a beautiful family!! Love the fawn design bag! It’s my dream baby bag ❤️

  52. We are staying home and grilling out in the backyard with family! We will also watch our local town’s 4th of July parade on TV.

  53. Love all these pictures and your families coordinating outfits! One of my favorite things to do for holiday as well! ?❤️ Dying for one of the poppy fawn design bags! Hope you have an amazing Fourth of July! ??

  54. This photo shoot is the greatest!!! And that fawn bag is to die for! With my growing little family I’m trying to start traditions my family never did and this photo shoot has definitely made the cut, hopefully we all cooperate enough for it including my teething babe. And the recipe has already been screenshot ❣️ Hopefully I have it all perfected for an amazing fourth next year!

  55. Just entered your giveaway. Love you blog and this bag looks amazing. Baby boy #2 due in December. Would love to win this bag!!!

  56. Fourth of July is my favorite holiday! Your family is so darling! I hope you have a wonderful fourth ?❤️

  57. You’re family is the cutest!!! Love the photos!! We will br kicking back at the pool and BBQin’ celebrating the 4th!

  58. I love this bag! It would be prefect with having toddlers and a baby to come! Thanks for the chance! Entered over on IG @raising.little.ladies_

  59. We spent part of the weekend on our boat and today we went to the zoo–where the fawn could have totally come in handy.

  60. Your family is the cutest! Love your coordinating outfits! Ps love fawn diaper bags and would love to have one!

  61. Happy 4th!! What an absolutely adorable family!! I love the flag, makes for the perfect backdrop for this shoot ❤️❤️ And oh mercy me that smores dessert is everything I need and don’t need at the same time lol!

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