Running Update…

^^ The four of us trained together for months for the Pink Series Half Marathon

^^ St. George Half Marathon with Drew’s family and my dad!!

^^ Top: lululemon | Shorts: lululemon | Socks: Utahrun | Shoes: Saucony | Headphones: Beats Wireless

^^ 10K turkey trot on Thanksgiving morning!! One of my favorite traditions!

^^ Frolicking on the beach (Drew was totally making fun of me!!)

Swim Top: Seafolly | Swim Bottom: Seafolly | Shorts: Victoria Secret (similar style here, here and here) | Sunglasses: Saint Laurent (also here, similar less expensive style here) | Earrings: Nordstrom | Lips: Soar liner and Snob lipstick by MAC

Running has become one of my favorite things to do! I grew up going to races with my dad; he’s always been into running and we’ve both always loved the atmosphere. I learned at a young age that running can be enjoyable and something you crave. I caught the runner’s high and have had so much fun doing races over the years!

This year I’ve really gotten into it! I started BBG in May (go download the SWEAT app in the app store!! I started the original BBG Program Week 1) and then started training in July for my first half marathon since having my babies. I have to be honest though, the first few weeks of my training I hated every second of it. While I was running I would ask myself why I had signed up for this but I kept with it and didn’t let myself give up and now I love it!! I crave running almost everyday and really have a runner’s high!

Since October I’ve done two half marathons and a 10k and right now I’m currently training for another half that Drew is surprising me with! All he will tell me is that it’s around the time of my birthday, which is 8 weeks away, so I’m keeping my training up for this mystery half!

Below are a few of my most frequently asked questions when it comes to running…

What do you eat before you run?

Pre-workout and a Treetop Apple Sauce Pouch!! My favorite pre-workout on race days and long run days is C4 red flavor. I eat peanut butter toast or a KIND bar before a long run or race.

What do you use to track your miles?

My Apple Watch. It tracks my miles, my time and my pace so I know exactly how fast I’m running!!

What shoes do you like to wear when you run?

Shoes are SO important!! You need to buy a 1/2 to a full size larger than what your normally wear. You want plenty of space between your toes and the tops of your shoes. I wear the Saucony Freedom (also here and here). Most Nikes won’t cut it because they don’t have enough support. I wear my Nikes for BBG but never to run!

Also, socks are SO important too! Don’t run with cotton socks!! These ones are my favorite (also available here). I never run in anything but these socks! They are a compression sock and specifically made for running. Each sock is designed for a left or right foot so it really helps support your feet and helps prevent blisters.

What training program do you use?

I’ve used the Hal Higdon Beginner Program before but right now I’m using a plan that my dad and sister created while they were training for the NYC Marathon. I also use BBG to help me in my training. Resistance training is so important!! You need to strengthen your muscles to run faster and stronger!

You’ve mentioned before that you’ve had some knee problems. What are they and how do you deal with them? 

Before I had babies I did two half marathons but I had knee problems. I started doing BBG in May and it really strengthened both my legs and has helped me run faster and not have injuries. My knee hurt me for a few days after my last half marathon but I rested, stretched and rolled it out and it’s totally fine now.

What do you do with your phone when you run?

I either just take my Apple Watch or I wear this bra and put my phone in the back pocket. I forget it’s even there while I’m running!

What’s your weekly schedule like?

Monday: Run/BBG, Tuesday: Run (sprints on treadmill or track), Wednesday: BBG, Thursday: Run, Friday: BBG, Saturday: Long run, Sunday: Rest.

Any tips for training for a half marathon?

My biggest tip would be to follow a program exactly, stretch and warm up before every run! I warm up by walking a 1/2 mile before each run and then stretch for 5 minutes. One thing I want to note is if you are training for a half marathon you need to be very careful. You can’t just go run 6 miles if you’ve never run before. Your knees and joints will hurt. You need to follow a program and follow it exact or you will get hurt. Your body needs to acclimate to the miles. Your first week the miles are low and over the 12 weeks they slowly increase; that’s for a reason!

There’s a little running update for those of you who are interested! If you have any other questions for me leave them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Thanks for stopping by!! Have a wonderful Wednesday!













xo, Rach
Running Update…
Running Update…
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73 thoughts on “Running Update…

  1. You said you hated the first two weeks of getting back into training – how did you stick with it to get over that hump? I aM finding thaT the hardest and i love ruNning!

    1. Find a group of friends or somebody to run with who will hold you accountable and make it more enjoyable for you! Honestly just pushing through – whatever you have to do – is key!!! You can do it!

      xo, Rach

  2. This post could not have come at a better time! After a run this past weekend I experienced the worst runner’s knee and knew I needed a good pair of running shoes. I’m definitely going to check out the shoes you recommend! Also, that running bra is genius!!

  3. Hey Rach! I’m also a runner and ran my first half marathon back in may. i wanted to know what you supplement with during the long run? Do you use gu every 4 miles as recommended? or the gel blocks?

    During my run i noticed that gu was really starting to gross me out so i’m always open to hearing what other runners use during their long run day.


  4. i would like to get in shape again and feel good physically and mentally. I dont even know where to start. Can i start doing bbg by myself. Im mentally and phy drained from the daily aftermaths of hurricane Maria and keeping my family well. Thanks, Rebecca from Puerto Rico

  5. Hi Rach,

    With bbg and running, do you modifY some of the workouts? Or do you do it exactly.

    Ie i find as soon as i do the jump lunges il have knee Issues on my run.

  6. I love this post rachel! Do you recommend any particular Utah races? Im on the east coast but Would love to do a utah half marathon!

  7. These are great tips so thanks for the post. I’m cuRrently a college student and i want to improve my Time. What are you doing to lower your time? Also, what’s the biggest advantage of getting the BBB Program vs. following a program designed on your own?

  8. Thanks so much! Love this post! Keep these fitness updates coming! After my 3rd baby i am now grtying into running longrr distances and hope to do a halF next yr! I need some inspiration/tips to Keep going!

  9. Hi rach! I was wondering if you could share how you split up your bbg workouts. For instance whIch days do you do arms/abs/legs/etc?

  10. You are such an inspiration. I love your blog!

    What time do you get to bed at night to ensure your body is properly rested for early morning training?

    Thank You So Much


  11. Looking great! Good for you! Also important to note for those who are interested in running that they should have their gait analyzed and have shoes selected at a specialty running store. :)

  12. THanks for posting This, im trying to find timE for me to work out, i aLso have two kids but i just cant get my butt to wake up in the morings to go work out. What really helped you?

  13. Thank you so much for this Running update. You have motivated me to get back out there. Do you have any advice for someone who ran half marathons 7 years ago but has ran since. Started doing Bbg because of you.


  14. Hi Rachel. Thank you for the tips for shoe size and socks. I had no idea you have to buy a larger size but it makes sense.I was inspired by your 2 marathons and am starting slow with running. I do pilates and yoga DAILY but never any long distance running.

    I want to do a 5k in the future and am trying to inprove MY time. I started at over 10 min per mile… And am struggling at just under 10 min now. I want to get down to 9 min or lower, how do you improve your TIMe?

  15. Loving these workout posts!!! I ran my first race, which also happened to be a half marathon, earlier this year and i’ve also definitely caught the running bug. Since then i’ve run another half, a 10 miler, a 10k, and a handfull of 5ks. I’m also training for my next half in march! I’ve always known that resistance training is key when it comes to being a faster and more efficient runner, but i never really knew what to do and didn’t really feel like anything i tried was making a difference. your post on bbg motivated me to buy the bbg program and start again (i tried the app for a few weeks last year but didn’t stick with it)! So far I’m 2 weeks in and loving it, and even got my sister to do it with me too!! So thank you for the incredible fitness INSPIRATION; i can’t wait to see how the addition of BBG improves my running (and overall fitness too!!)!

  16. I was sO excited about this posT! I’ve been trying to up my workouts aNd this is all the information i was looking for. Thank you for sharing your eXperiences and RECOMMENDATIONS with us!

  17. I have recently gotten into running also! I started two years ago and have enjOyed it ever sInce. I love hearing your Story and your training regimIne!! I definitely want to check out BBg now. I have Done two ruNdisney half marathons and they are a ton of fun and put together so well!! They are perfect for famalieS, you and drew Should look into them! :)

  18. Hey Rachel!

    you truly are my inspiration right now. i just had my first baby 6 months ago and i’m trying to get back to the runner i once was. i used to run half marathons and now i’m struggling with dr and pelvic floor problems. i’ve been having a hard time finding a program that i can modify so i don’t hurt myself. i downloaded bbg because of your recommendation and am currently on week 7. i totally see a change in my body and i’ve lost almost all of my weight. did you experience any post baby problems that led you to have to modify your bbg program? if so, how did you do it!

    good luck with your next half!

  19. you make me want to run now rach. I’VE NEVER wanted to before. i’m a COMPLETE novice.i may need to start walking then build up to a jog, then running. i’m not active at all. hearing you talk about getting a nice high from running your body craving it, this may be the missing key to getting me out of my “funk” i NEED TO MOVE MY body. thank you for sharing this hun♥.

  20. Thanks for the info!
    I am just curious……on the days you say BBG, do you mean the resistance training. Just wondering how to incorporate the bbg program into my running routine. Thank you agan!

  21. Is there a pOst tHat goes over tHe tRaining proGram that your sIster used to train? Really enjoyed hearIng how happy running makes you feel!

  22. HI RACHEL! DO YOU HAVE ANY MOTIVATING PEOPLE YOU FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM? also, what do you listen to while you are running??? always looking for new things to motivate me! :)

  23. Thanks Rachel! I just started the NRC training program for a half marathon, and I’m starting from the couch. i’m about 2 weeks into training and this was immensely helpful. I’ve been running in nike frees and cotton socks, so I bought the sneakers and socks that you recommended right from your links. It can be hard to find cute athletic gear! thanks for sharing your journey and this gives me hope that I can actually survive a half marathon if I stick to the program.

    1. I think that is a great question, since the food one eats is key to dropping pounds and gaining definition. I would also like to know a typical daily/weekly meal plan!

  24. Hi rach!

    You have long legs like I do.. when you first started running, did it feel like your legs would give out first? Like before you even broke a sweat? I have zero muscle tone and am wondering if that’s contributing to my legs wanting to give out before I hit the 1 mile mark. when you say stick to a program in the beginning, would/does that include intervals? do you do intervals or can you run a full half without stopping?

  25. I know you are so goid about posting where Your outfits are frOm. In the picture of you wearing the black long sportsbra or crop tank..where is tgat frOm? IVe been looking all over for some of those exact tops and cant find them???? And you look amaz ?

  26. Thank you! that’s super helPful. I’ve always wanted to run, but have never made it through the first two Weeks. But! I bought bbg during the sale after seeing you mention it on ig! I’m Excited!

  27. Hi Rach!

    When I ran a half marathon I also chose to wear lululemon shorts. Throughout training they worked fine and then when race day came I had terrible chaffing on my thighs were the material rubbed. Has that ever happened to you? Do you recommend any creams to stop that from happening?

    1. BodyglIde.

      Also, i diSagree with the Fact that you cant wear niKes. That is such a blanket staTement. Ive worn niKes for years including numerous full maratHons. EVeryone is different.

  28. Actually nike was created for runners. They sponsor the best runners in the world and most college track and xc teams. They dont just sell the nike free or fly knit which werent made for Running long distances. The nike Vimeros are the #1 SELLING running shoe Ever. I also
    LovE mizunos.

  29. This post vame at a perfect time, ill be running my first half marathon this saturday. I have a 16 month okd and im 16 weeks pregnant. Have you ran a race while Pregnant? Im worried im going tO have to use the restroom one Too many times and that Peanutbutter tOast wont be enough! Thanks again fOr your insight!

  30. Hi rachel,
    Great post!
    What foundation or BB/CC do you
    Wear when you choose to work
    Out in makeup ?

    It always loOks so natural!
    Ps… do you have any good hair tie tips? Mine always falls out on the Treadmil

  31. This is such a great running post! Definitely one of the very best I’ve seen from bloggers when it comes to practical advice. Also, you look amazing!

    Briana |

  32. I love how you always tell us when your husband is making fun of you ? my husband would be making fun of me too lol. You guys have a cute relationship and he seems like such a thoughtful guy to surprise you with a half marathon.

  33. congratulations on the half’s and 10k’s. As a runner who now sticks to 5k’s (after running track/cross country in hS and college), it’s very impressive. I do have to say though your advice about running shoes is off the mark. Nike makes very good running shoes (as evidenced by the number of professional runners who wear them). I ran track & cross country in high school and college, and nike were the only shoes i wore. but really it’s more important to find the shoes that work for you, no matter what the brand. Also Not all people will go up a half-size. The best thing to do is go to a running store nearby and be fitted for shoes. the staff will examine your gait (stride) and take into account your height, weight, fitness level, where and what you’ll be running and make a suggestion that’s best for you.

    If you’re new to running, try the run/walk method: run for a minute, walk for a minute. When you can do that without laboring, switch to run 2 minutes/walk 1 min and so on until you can run 30 min. don’t try to push yourself too hard too fast.

    good luck in the next 10k!

  34. Thanks for the grEat insight rachel! Ill have to try apple sauce power packs before i workout. I had a question about BBG, when you first started how many times of the 4 exercises were you able to complete in 7 minutes? I feel im pretty in shape, and im in my 3rd week- and i feel im not doing enough rounds of the exercises. Thanks!

  35. I hope when you say stretch beforehAnd you mean dynamic stretching. Static stretching before activity actually increases the cHances of injurying Yourself.

    Also, nike makes some great Running shoes. Everyone is different as expErty suggest, going to a running store to have an analysis done to find the right shOe should always be done.

    Just some helpful advice for Others.

  36. Hey Rachel! You’re such an inspiration! Just a quick question — on Days that you run and do BBG, do you run before or after BBG? Also how often do you do the HITT classes?

  37. Wondering if you find the BBG workout repetitive? I downloaded it and didnt like how theres only a few exercises repeated over and over. especially just starting out i noticed it on arm day the most, i didnt have the muscles to do push ups so many times, ect. Just curious your take on that! THanks!

  38. What version of bbg do you do? I’m trying to start with my bestie, but i want to make sure i sign up for the correct program.


  40. Hi rachel! Thanks for sharing your running progress! I’m a mom of two little boys, same ages as your babies and have been following you for years! I’ve also found serious refuge and enjoyment in running and was hoping you could share and post your Dads half marathon running guide! would love to follow it! Thank you! <3 xoxo

  41. Do you find bbg to be repetitive? SO far I’m only on week 3 but slightly annoyed that the exercises are all the same! Curious your thoughts and I’m curious to know as the weeks go on if the exercises just continue to repeat or if she brings new ones into the mix! Thanks!

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