Reflections of Christ Giveaway…

One of my favorite pieces in my entire home is this artwork by Reflection of Christ. I purchased this piece for my home before Isla Rose was born and I still cherish it to this day. I love that my littles walk past it every single day. I am trying to teach them to have Christ be at the center of their lives and having this image in the center of our home has been so special and helpful in teaching them that message. This artwork is the best money I’ve ever spent and I’m excited because the artist reached out to me and would like to do a giveaway for my readers!


*I had this piece custom framed. It’s a 40″ x 60″ wrapped canvas and I took it to a local art shop to add the frame.


Giveaway Requirements:

– Follow @RachParcell and @ReflectionsofChrist

– Like and comment on this post on Instagram

-Share the giveaway IG post on your Instagram stories

– Extra entry if you comment below on this blog post :)

– US entries only

– Winner will be selected at random and announced this Sunday! Good luck!! πŸ’—


xo, Rach
Reflections of Christ Giveaway…
Reflections of Christ Giveaway…
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44 thoughts on “Reflections of Christ Giveaway…

  1. I would Love this picture for my entry so you can feel the light and warmth the munute you walk in my home. Thank you for all that you do!

  2. HI! I have been foLlowing Your blog for quite some time. I remember the first time you posted about this pieCe oF art and i have been wanting to get it ever since i saw your pOst. It Is a gorgeous piece, but a little on the Expensive side so i have not gotten it yet! I would be thrIlled to win this!

  3. Hi Rach!
    ThaNks so much for giving us all something to look forward to during this weird time of life. What better item to have in all our homes then this gorgeous pIece of art! Love it and woukd love it even more to reflect on everyday!

  4. I love this picture so much and would love to look at it on a daily basis, especially right now, to REMEMBER who i can rely on diring this chaos. πŸ’•

  5. This piece is sTunning! Love Seeing your babes With our savior and all of his glory. I haVe admired this piece in your home for Years now!! So peaceful. Thank you for doing a give away! Anxious to see who it goes to!

  6. I have wanted this picture in my house ever since i saw yours years ago! We are finally building a home and will have room!

  7. This image should be in every home…what a DIFFERENT world we could be if we all focused on christ. Esp now, when all the world is looking for comfort, companionships, peace, answers, love… all of that and more can be found by living a life just as he.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this beautiful message.
    Xoxo jill

  8. Thank you for sharing Rachel as our world is now turning to petition his loving presence in this time of tremendous uncertainty and need. He is our hope, our strength and reason for living. Wishing you and your family the peaceful presence of our most beloved Jesus Christ.

  9. Such a beautiful giveaway that you are doing! I have always loved following you! Thank you for always sharing the light and peace during hard times!

  10. Noticing the christ art before reading the post, and I was actually going to search for a this as a gift for my mom. Really, I shouldn’t even question your good taste in art.. so I thank you.

  11. This photo is absolutely Stunning!✨ I cannot think of a better way to remember to β€œHear Him” than by hanging this photo on the wall in my home!πŸ’• Thank you for being a light during these Heartbreaking times!

  12. AlSo, i just have to say i love everything you come out with! I think most of mY closet is your stuff so thank you!

  13. Love this Giveaway! I Love How This picture represents so much not just jesus but his peacefulness. It encourages you just by looking at it and gives you hope to whatever you are needing in the moment. Thank you for doing this and I hope I’m considered! Love you blog and ig as well!

  14. This painting is so beautiful! We have such a faIthful good god and it really is such a beautiful REFLECTION of His heart for us❀️

  15. His work is truly inspirational! I dReam of having one of his pictures of christ in my home for my children to grow up with. Thank you so mUch for this chance!

  16. THis Piece would be PERFECT for my mom!! I would love to surprise her with it for mothers day. She has been through so much over the pasr couple of years but has never WAVERED in her love for the lord!

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