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5th-and-mercer-long-sleeved-dress spring-time-pregnancy-style hot-pink-kate-spade-pumps hot-pink-pumps spring-maternity-outfit-ideas pink-peonies-fashion-blog long-sleeved-maternity-stretch-dressDress: 5th & Mercer | Heels: Kate Spade, old (similar style) | Bag: Clare Vivier | Glasses: Ray-Ban | Ring: The Pink Peonies Collection | Lips: YSL #7

Thank you all SO much for the name suggestions, you don’t even know how much it helped! Drew and I literally had two names that we could think of that we even remotely liked, and now we have a huge list of the most darling names to go through! You are the best and I can’t wait to share which name we choose very soon!

Hoping this look will brighten your Tuesday morning!

xo, Rach

xo, Rach
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137 thoughts on “Raspberry Lime…

  1. Hi Rachel, you look gorgeous ! How about Romi ? This name is becoming very popular again here in Paris.
    Love from Paris !

  2. I love this bright look Rach! Very pretty! I was on the fence about sharing my favorite baby name, but I’ll share it with you and everyone. I think it is kinda unique, and I already treasure it for some reason. It is the name I’ve already picked out if I have a little girl someday. ARIA. Definitely one of those names that you’ll immediately love or pass on. Can’t wait to hear what you and Drew decide on!

    xo, Maria

  3. Reading this post I can deduct that there is actually no outfit in the world that you can’t pull off. You look absolutely stunning and every aspect of this outfit is so flattering. You are an extremely talented artistic woman

  4. I know I’m late to the game, but for baby girl names for you: Lola or Pilar (pronounced P-lar). Those seem to suit your style, maybe? You should totally do a baby name giveaway. If you select one of the names we suggest, there is a prize! Just sayin…. ;)

  5. Hey Rach! You look so gorgeous in this color combo.

    Some name sugguestions for you:

    Harper, Ava, Juliet, Emerson, Violet, Elle/Ella, and Viviane are my fav girls names right now!

  6. I honestly didn’t know you were having a little girl! So exciting! I have loved seeing all of your maternity looks. My daughter’s name is Brielle and I think it is the most beautiful name in the world. I also have nieces named Anya, Emma, Lara (not Laura) and Kylee.

  7. Gorgeous color on you. You look beautiful in it.

    Have a wonderful day!


    Instagram: @stylishlyinlove
    Twitter: @stylishlyinlove

  8. Wow!! Each! You look so beautiful!! Random question do you wear anything under to help your back side looks better? I am 21 weeks pregnant with a baby boy. I want to try the Spanx maternity line. What do you recommend?
    You’re so lovely! Great color on your skin and with your hair color!

  9. I’m in love with your pregnancy style! It’s completely what I aspire to when I start trying for a baby next year. Your blog is a big inspiration for my own little side project. Xo

  10. I have followed your blog for a while now and have never left a reply. You’re amazing and so is your style. I just had to reply because I just recently heard 2 of the cutest girl names… Delayni and Cadence…best wishes.

  11. Rachel, I love your look here. I’ve had my eye on that 5th & Mercer dress for a long time, and found out recently that my husband and I are also expecting (!!!). How much did you have to size up to fit the baby bump? I want to wear the dress for a while (it’s perfect for work, events, church, etc.), and will probably just tailor it down to my regular size 2/4 after the little one arrives.

  12. Oh my gosh. RACHEL. You look amazing. I know everyone has just said that, but I hope you truly believe it! I had the weirdest bump ever, as it didn’t really ever ‘pop’ which left me feeling a bit fat and bloated for the second and third trimester (photos here: http://www.snapshotsandmythoughts.com/2014/05/the-countdown-39-weeks). I would have LOVED to look like you do when I was pregnant! Enjoy every last moment (as hard as that may be). xo

  13. Hey Rachel, Did you find this dress a little see through? I am trying to wear it for a baptism on Sunday and my underwear is very visible. Did you wear a slip with yours at all?

  14. I would like to suggest you my own name Pollyana!
    It’s a great name. I have always loved that my parents choose this name. And you Polly!

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