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I’ve been looking forward to this day since April. I am so excited to share with you a very special project that the Rachel Parcell team and I have been working on for months and is near to our hearts.

Late one night when I was a few weeks away from delivering my baby boy Jackson I couldn’t sleep so I was scrolling on Instagram. I was on the Explore page and came across an image that immediately caught my eye. It was a picture of a baby boy laying in a hospital bed hooked up to cords. My heart sunk because no baby or child should have to go through chemo or be stuck in a hospital bed. As a mother I instantly felt sick for whoever the parents were of this sweet baby, that they had to watch their child suffer. I clicked on the image and found an Instagram account of a man named Steve. The baby in the image was his son, Hayes, who I learned was fighting a massive brain tumor and undergoing chemo. I spent that night scrolling back and reading each and every post, up until the most recent post – the photo of sweet Hayes laying in a hospital bed.

The next thing I knew it was morning. I had fallen asleep with my phone in my hand reading this family’s story. Shortly after I had Jackson and got busy taking care of a newborn and a 16 month old. It rocked my world so all of my time went to my two babies. After several sleepless months I was scrolling on the Instagram Explore page again when I saw Hayes. I quickly clicked on the image; praying to find he had battled and defeated his cancer, praying that this family’s life was back to normal, praying that his mom didn’t have to bare the torture of seeing her baby suffer. As I read his mom, Savanna’s Instagram I laid in bed sobbing. Her sweet Hayes had passed away in December. I was devastated. Drew was sleeping next to me and I had to get up and go to the other room so my sobbing wouldn’t wake him. For some reason their story just reached out and grabbed me! I remember praying that whole night for the Tate family, especially Savanna, to feel peace. I felt so heartbroken for her I didn’t even know what to do with myself and I couldn’t fall asleep. I knew I needed to do something for them so I laid in bed thinking of how I could help. Then it hit me! I DM’d her on Instagram and asked if she would want to design a dress and have the proceeds go to the Hayes Tough Foundation that she and her husband created in Hayes’ honor. That’s where this all began and I feel honored to be apart of honoring Hayes and to help other families suffering from childhood cancer.

Please watch this video below to learn about sweet Hayes, his amazing mom Savanna that I’ve had the privilege of working with over the last few months, and about the Savanna Tate dress we designed together. This is not about the dress, it’s about Hayes and the Hayes Tough Foundation and helping others in need. By purchasing this dress you are getting something for yourself but you’re also giving money to an amazing cause. 100% of the proceeds of this dress will go to the Hayes Tough Foundation to help children who are suffering from cancer and their families. Childhood cancer is the number one cause of death for kids. More needs to be done for these children and their families who have to bare this devastating burden, so please take a moment to watch the video. You can also go here to help or donate anything (even just $10) to help these children and their families.


xo, Rach
Rachel Parcell x Hayes Tough Foundation…
Rachel Parcell x Hayes Tough Foundation…
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34 thoughts on “Rachel Parcell x Hayes Tough Foundation…

  1. Thank you rachel. as a recent breast cancer survivor it’s so frustrating to see campaigns where to little of the actual proceeds go towards the end goal. 100% is so great!

  2. This such a heartbreaking story and it is so kind and heartwarming that you help with your donation! It makes the world a better place and is so inspiring!

  3. As a new mom to a little mom (7 weeks old today!) this is so heartwarming to see!
    I can’t imagine what they went through and rachel you are an angel for doing this!!! Wishing you the best!!!! xoxo

  4. this is so inspiring, Rachel, and such a nice way to contribute to such a well-deserving family and cause. Sending love to Savanna and her family.

    Briana | youngsophisticate.com

  5. Bless your heart! This is an awesome way to spread the love and attention toward a heartbreaking story of one family’s fight against childhood cancer. My closet is overflowing with too many clothes so instead of purchasing one of these beautiful dresses, I have donated the price of the dress to the Hayes Tough Foundation. I wish you and savannah the best of luck in spreading the word about this particular cause and hope Hayes’ family finds peace and love this holiday season despite their undeniably huge loss.

  6. I have fOllowed you for years but have never commented. I cannot read this post and not say something. It is amazing what you are doing. Your generosity makes me an even bigger fan of yours! This is truly a beAutiful thing yoh are doing and i love that you are using your platform and brand to make A difference. Amazing, truly amazing to Give 100% of the proceeds to their foundation.

  7. sold out in my size already! great cause. I lost a grandfather to brain cancer last year, and can’t imagine having to go through it with a child. much love to you and hayes’ family.

  8. Hello! My name is shannon deasey and i am from minneapolis, mn. I am a big faN of your blog and wkdm and was touched bt your dress and work for hayes’s foundatikn and his family. I am a triplet (two boys and a girl) and am a cancer survivor. My brother is also a cancer survivor, I have never met a family with such a similar story and was both heartbroken and inspired by their story. and we have done a lot to be involved with foundraising and the pediatric cancer community. I am even working as a nurse now on a pediatric bone marrow transplant floor. If there is any way i can get involved or help with this cause i would love to. I would love to be put in touch with the family theough you so they know i am serious. Thanks for all the positivity and great Things you do! Would love to be in touch.
    Shannon (deasey.shannon@gmail.com)

  9. Wow Rachel this is absolutely incredible. You are an amazing person for reaching out to this family! You two designed such a beautiful dress and i hope and pray that the tate family can find the peace and healing they need after enduring such a tragedy.

  10. I bawled reading this post! as a mother this is my absolute biggest fear. i find savanna’s strength so inspiring. no child should ever have to go through that. my heart breaks for the tate family. thank you for using your platform for such a good cause. beautiful post rach! i am heading to purchase this dress as we speak

  11. Omg rach!! I want to tell you that i foollow you since a long time ago! And you are the one that neVer gets unfollowed because you inspire me, Your style for me is unique and gorgeous so everyDAy I get inspired from your amazing pictures to get Dressed. Please continue dOing this because i can see that you love this and you are so good at this! Im just Writing this because you Have to Know how inspiring you are, and how bleSsed we are for having such an inspiration! Have a nice and beautiful Day!!

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