Rachel Parcell Valentine’s Collection…

^^Limited-Edition Romantic Lace Dress

^^Falling For You Lace Top

^^Pale Petal Ruffle Skirt

^^Luxe Everyday Dress in Orchid Smoke

Happy Monday!! Today our first Valentine’s Collection launched and I have been so giddy about this for months!! We started designing the Limited Edition Romantic Lace Dress back in May. We were sorting through different trims, just looking for inspiration for our winter collection when I came across an oh so romantic trim that was in the shape of hearts (see photo above). The 5 inch sample piece that was in our trim library was the sole inspiration for this entire Valentine’s Day dress. I combined our signature lace fabric in our signiture pink shade with a custom ruby red trim that overlays beautifully on the lace. It turned out romantic, feminine and classic with a bold color pop. I couldn’t be more happy with it, and that subtle heart neck trim (that we intentionally placed upside down, we didn’t want the hearts to be too obvious) gets me every time.

Also for the last six months my RP team and I have been working on custom collection boxes. Each piece takes about 6-8 months from start to finish and there’s so much hardwork and love that goes into each dress/skirt/blouse. We wanted your collection pieces to be delivered in the most beautiful and elevated packaging (would also make a great decor piece in your closet). Our specialty Rachel Parcell collection dresses, including this one will be shipped in our new boxes with a custom Rachel Parcell Collection hanger for your RP dress to hang beautifully in your closet. I’m literally so excited for this!! I hope you all love this new feature to the Rachel Parcell Collection.

Thie frist 150 orders of the Limited Edition Dress will receive a Valentine’s edition collection box (with red kisses all over), a collection hanger and a box of my favorite cake bites!! Ladies, send this to your hubby’s and tell him you want it as an early Valentine’s Day present ;).

Let me know what you think of all the new arrivals!




xo, Rach
Rachel Parcell Valentine’s Collection…
Rachel Parcell Valentine’s Collection…
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24 thoughts on “Rachel Parcell Valentine’s Collection…

  1. Wow! Congratulations dearest racHel! Another such a beautiful collection. You are a great inspiratIon in every way. Wish you all the best always x
    (Can you Please tell me how tall you are?)

  2. I have been a fan/follower of you since 2015 and i am obsessed with pink peonies and everything rachel parcell. you have not only creating a brand for yourself, but an image for young woman such as myself to look up too and become inspired. rachel parcell is the defition of timeless beauty, elegance, and class and is everything a woman should be.

    i just wanted to thank you for all that you do, your success inspires me every day.

    xo, annalee

  3. I ordered this dress and cant wait for it to come in! I just fell inlove with pink peonies and racheL parcell. I love what it represents, i love the style and i love the vibes from every aNgle. Aloha.

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