Rachel Parcell Spring Collection…


^^ Versaille Tulle Skirt

^^ Amour Dress In French Blue

^^ Paris Garden Skirt


^^Paris Garden Top

^^ Provence Lace Dress


^^ Dutch Flutter Dress

^^ Blushing Bell Sleeve Dress

^^^ Peony Blossom Pleated Skirt

^^ Shea Crepe Top

^^Velvet bow in Blush // Velvet bow in White

Happy Monday!! I’m so thrilled to share with you the Rachel Parcell spring collection. For this collection I was inspired by French gardens and architecture. Each piece is, of course, feminine, romantic and classic- the signature Rachel Parcell aesthetic. Each piece can be beautifully worn all spring (and summer) and would be perfect for Easter Sunday, spring baby/bridal showers, brunches or any other special event. Also with this collection are two velvet bows, one blush and one white, that match each piece so you and your little can coordinate!

We design each piece with all the amazing women who read Pink Peonies in mind so I would love to hear your feedback. Let me know which are your three favorite!!

I hope you love them as much as I do and thank you for all your support!

Images by Jana Williams.






xo, Rach
Rachel Parcell Spring Collection…
Rachel Parcell Spring Collection…
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38 thoughts on “Rachel Parcell Spring Collection…

  1. STUNNING ? I once made a comm on your insta that i was taking acree And just drooling oVer those tiny peeks. I literally started finding more things to sell on my poshmark, to get more mOney. I wanted to get the enti collection. How could you ever juat choose one or two items?!? You do amazing work- thank you for all the hard work you put in. You should be very proud of youraelf. And i might add you look beautiful in all of those pictures. Happy new week and launch day.

    1. I accidenteally used auto type so it messed it Up, but this was what i was trying to say…(I once mAde a comment on your instagram that i was taking screen from all your sneak peeKs)and started drooling…

  2. this spring collection is absolutely gorgeous. I am blown away. I am in love with the blushing bell sleeve, the amour dress and the provence lace dress. your designs are so beautiful.

  3. i absolutely Love everything!! i spent waaay too much this morning. lol. the pieces are so feminine and beautiful. congratulations on another great collection!! i cannot wait to receive them.

    xx niki

    1. Thank you! We are working on getting international shipping and will announce it on social media when we do. Thank you for your support!

  4. i Love the bell sleeve dress. I must add that the photo with you and your daughter is absolutely beautiful. thanks for sharing.

  5. I am so in love with the spring line!! Will you consider making your skirts/dresses shorter for us petite ladies? I would buy more if I didn’t have to hem the lengths to these fabulous pieces!


  6. This collection is incredible. I purchased the provence lace dress and the amour dress. I can’t wait for them to arrive! Fingers crossed i was one of the first 150 orders!

  7. Hi!
    I just ordered the blushing bell sleeve dress! I had a hard time deciding what to get! Everythibg ks beautiFul. What shOes are you wearing with the blishing bell sleeve dress in your shoOt?


  8. Great collection! Love the paris garden Top – any chance it will be restocked? Couldn’t believe my size was sold out already.

  9. I love the matching skirt and top set! I have the daisy matching set, which I love and always get compliments on, so I may have to get this set as well! Congrats on the launch!
    xo – Ana Luiza

  10. Hi
    I love your dresses!
    Your white dress i see on nOrdstam i was going to order for my daughters birthday. Will it come in your RP box from there?
    Thanks 😊

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