Rachel Parcell Collection: New Fall Arrivals…

^^ Amy Wrap Skirt | Cabernet Ruffle Top

^^ Cabernet Ruffle Top

^^ Misty Pink Scallop Top

^^ Neutral Under-All Top

^^ Luxe Everyday Dress in Burgundy

Happy Monday, everyone!! I am SO excited because today we added FIVE all-new, super gorgeous pieces to our Rachel Parcell Fall Collection! These pieces launched this morning and I have a feeling they will go quick, so start shopping them now through this link!!

I know I say this every time we launch a new collection, but these pieces are definitely some of my favorite pieces yet! If I had to choose one favorite it would probably be the Luxe Everyday Dress in Burgundy. Our classic Everyday Dress is one of our best-sellers so we thought we’d bring it back in a luxurious silky burgundy, perfect for fall or winter! And this Neutral Under-All Top is a wardrobe staple, at least for me! I feel like a lot of the time I’m looking for an undershirt to wear and this seamless, snug, super soft under-tee is so amazing and something every woman needs!

I really hope you love the new collection!!! I’m curious to see which pieces are your favorite! Leave your comments below!

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!!

xo, Rach
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15 thoughts on “Rachel Parcell Collection: New Fall Arrivals…

  1. Hi Rach,
    I’m absolutely in love with every single piece you choose, so keep up the good work!

    As a person who is inspired by you every day, I would like to ask about your daily routine: How are your days? How do you manage everything around the house, take care of your two kids, work on your business, do your groceries, cook your family meals… So, I guess you could do a “24 hours with Rachel Parcell” post!

    Afterthought: I’ve noticed that you love “your” UTAH mountains, so I’m sure you will love to check the Azores, the place I live with my Family. Please let me know what your thoughts.

    A thousand kisses from the Azores
    Inês Calisto

  2. LOVE these pieces! Will you be restocking more sizes/styles from the everyday collection soon? Saw a fEw Tops i loveD but they sold out before i got the chance to get them. Thanks!!

  3. This is a really personal question, but curious if you have a favorite bra that is your go to. i notice that in all your photos wearing tighter fitting shirts that your bras just seem to fit better than mine ever do. looking to do an under garment rehaul! thanks!

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