Pink Peonies Collection…



Take Me To Paris Cuff | Scattered Crystals Ring

 I’m so thrilled to finally share my new jewelry line, Pink Peonies Collection! Above I’ve shared two of my favorite pieces from the collection but to see all of the styles, you can view the lookbook here AND shop the entire collection here!!!!

{today enjoy free U.S. shipping on your Pink Peonies Collection order}

I hope you love the collection as much as I do!

xo, Rach

xo, Rach
Pink Peonies Collection…
Pink Peonies Collection…
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  1. Hi Rach, congratulations on the launch of your jewelry line. What an amazing accomplishment, you much feel over joyed by reaching this milestone in your career! I truly love each piece, the line is beautiful, elegant, and feminine. It definitely echoes your personal style. I think my favorite piece is the link cuff pictured above, maybe my hubby will buy one for me for Valentine’s Day (crossing fingers). Congratulations again, and I hope you have a fabulous day! XO, Maria

    1. Mer-

      It doesn’t weight two pounds, I just fixed that. For some reason when the site came out of beta testing it added that. :)

  2. I love it all, Rach! GREAT job! I think my favorites would have to be earrings and the linked cuff. I’m so happy for you. Congratulations on your launch!

    P.S. Saw you launch featured on WWD this morning! ;)

  3. Congrats on the collection! I have been waiting since this morning (UK time) and I am so happy for you. You have done amazingly and the prices are amazing too! I am not sure wether you ship to the UK… But I will be in the US next week for 3 weeks so I am hopping to buy some goodies for myself.

    The website is amazing, feminine and classy just you.

    Congratulations again and can not wait to see the future collections.

    All the best,


  4. Rach, your collection is simply beautiful!! I love every single piece. It really perfectly represents your style. The pieces are elegant, delicate yet sturdy looking and are all truly timeless pieces. What a wonderful accomplishment. Congratulations!! This really will be your year with a baby on the way and this collection to celebrate having accomplished. You are so young and yet have accomplished so much in the past few years since starting your blog, beautiful family, stunning and grand home, a popular blog, you must be SO proud of yourself! Although I am a woman of faith, I have at times let fears get in the way of accomplishing certain things in my own life, thank you for serving as a great role model for women of all ages to forge ahead and achieve their dreams!

  5. Your collection is stunning!!! Your talent created modern yet classic pieces! I love that they do emulate your personal style. The tassel necklace and earrings are so stunning!! The pave bracelet is a gorgeous statement piece that is the perfect size. Also, I was hoping you would create your own version of the modernized pearl necklace and it is unbelievable!! Love it all! Congratulations on this huge moment in your career!

  6. Congratulations, Rach!!! It has been so much fun following your blog, and this is such an exciting time for Pink Peonies! I love the classy and girly feel to the collection!


  7. Hi Rachel, I was wondering if you could provide any input on where your jewelry is made? Also, are the collections limited to a certain quantity? I really like the bracelet!

  8. I was very excited to see your jewelry…..absolutely beautiful Rach!! Nicely priced too! My best wishes for your continued success!

  9. This collection is absolutely beautiful and chic. Well done! Making a collection of any sort takes lots of time and dedication (i know this to be true). So proud of you!!!! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some shopping to do ;)

  10. Every piece is gorgeous! I especially love the scattered crystal cuff and ring! Can you talk more about the collection? How it came to be, what was your inspiration behind these pieces, etc.? Would love to learn more than “Here’s some beautiful jewelry.”

    Thank you!

  11. Wow!! What beautiful jewellery! Rachel you’ve done an amazing job. The whole collection is absolutely stunning – what a talented lady, you should feel very proud :-)

  12. I just started following your blog a couple months ago and I really enjoying reading your posts! Congratulations on your new jewelry line, it is absolutely beautiful! My favorite is the Take Me to Paris cuff!

  13. Congratulations on your jewelry launch Rachel! In the next collection, can you do a shorter earring and a ring in size 9? Thanks! Also, you have a couple misspelled words on your jewelry site…would be happy to proofread for you next time if you need an extra pair of eyes…I teach English for a living so I am a good editor :) !

  14. Hi, I’m really interested in buying some of your jewelry but for some reason im restricted to see the shop in the link??

  15. I love this necklace! I tried to access the shop site, but it says restricted. Is the shop no longer? I’d love to purchase it. Thanks!

  16. Hi! Im a long time follower of yours on instagram. Im in love with the jewelry line you created a while back. Im very interestd in purchasing the “scattered crystal ring with pink stones”. However i cant find any link online to purchase :(
    Please let me know how i can purchase it online. Thanks so much
    Xo Chay Dewick

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