My Go-To Mac & Cheese Recipe…

Happy Tuesday!! I’ve been wanting to share these photos for a long time and I’m finally getting around to it! I have to be honest, seeing these photos taken in my old kitchen literally brings tears to my eyes. We miss it so much!!! But our new home is well under-way and we are excited about it!

One question I get asked a lot is what my kids like to eat and what meals I like to fix them. Honestly, both Isla and Jackson are great eaters!! They both love eggs, spaghetti, and especially this homemade Mac & Cheese recipe that I make them at least once a week (I made them boxed Mac & Cheese once and they hated it because they were so used to this recipe!). I love it because it’s super easy, it’s a healthier option compared to boxed Max & Cheese and it’s a hit with adults too!


Mini Bowtie Noodles (these are Isla’s favorite!!!)

A little less than half a cube of Land of Lakes Salted Butter

Cache Valley Colby Jack Cheese (this is my favorite brand – the more the better!!!)

A dash of salt

1/3 – 1/2 cup of Skim Milk (depending on how runny you like your Mac & Cheese)

How To:

Boil the noodles then strain and put back in pot. Add butter and 3 handfuls of cheese (or however much you want!). Add milk. Stir together and add a dash of salt. Serve and enjoy! We sometimes like to add grilled chicken, too!

What are some of your kids’ favorite meals? I love to try out new recipes so leave your favorites in the comments below! And don’t forget I’ll be doing my weekly Q&A in tomorrow’s Inspiration Wednesday post. So any questions you have, ask me in the comments and I’ll choose a few to answer!

Photography by Lindsey Orton.

xo, Rach
My Go-To Mac & Cheese Recipe…
My Go-To Mac & Cheese Recipe…
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53 thoughts on “My Go-To Mac & Cheese Recipe…

  1. This comes at the perfect time as fall has finally decided to show up in canada! It’s so chilly out there this morning that mac and cheese for dinner will be perfect! my kids are a little older than yours but I find they still like a lot of the meals they enjoyed when they were young. Shepards Pie made with farmers market ingredients or a taco bake. It’s just ground beef cooked with taco flavour seasonings and toppings on top, more like a shepards pie than tacos but you still get a southwest flavour. xx Rox-Anne Celebrating This Life

  2. love these cute photos rach! this recipe looks too good! and for next q and a I would love to hear about some of your favorite designer handbags and some dream ones!

    thanks a ton! say hi to that cute fam for me :)

    xoxo_ Abby

  3. Hi Rach,

    Definitely going to cook your Mac & Cheese this week for my family. It looks so great!
    Thank you for sharing the recipe and the lovely pictures.

    A thousand kisses from the Azores

  4. great post and pics Rachel. has something changed on your end with regards to your email posts? one of your followers commented about it on Saturday. I am also one of those who are not getting your email posts anymore either. can you please confirm? have followed you for a while and love your what you do. would love to start getting them again.

    1. Hi Brenda,

      Thank you for letting me know!! We actually just solved this issue this morning so it should be going out now! Every day I have a new post it should go out at 6am. Let me know if this isn’t the case!

      xo, Rach

  5. Great rEminder thaT most Boxed meals/baked goods are so simple to make from scratch and alWays taste so much better homemade! Also, the sense of accomplishment felt when we feed our babies the way our mothers aNd grandmothers did is so worth the extra bit of effort. ?

  6. This sounds so much easier than my homemade mac and cheese recipe! I can’t wait to try it.

    I also love the photo with Isla and her lipgloss. That is precious!

  7. Rachel, i have been so curious since the time both you and i had babies whether you followed the sleep train methods? Did you rigorously stick to it? Was it a gentle way? I know in your families you have a lot siblings and i wonder if there are any rules of thumb of dealing with inconsistent kids sleep? I wish i knew the secret it looks like whatever it is, must be working:) thank you!

  8. Its s so important to make things from scratch for your kids if you have the time! Af after reading the research study that was done on mac & cheese and the high-level of chemicals in them I will not feed my children boxed mac & cheese! not even the organic kind! Ho however when I make them noodles from scratch I use dairy free butter and gluten-free noodles. Great post you should do mOre recipes

  9. Great recipe and looks easy too!
    As a busy working mom of a 13 month old, I am still trying to find a consistent time to workout. I aim to workout in the early morning around 5:45-6:00 AM, but my little one wakes up between 6:00-6:30 am, and hitting snooze until then sounds like the better option on most days. I would love to hear about your little ones schedule and morning routine.

  10. Hi Rachel – These photos are so sweet and The mac looks delish …I don’t blame your little ones for choosing your homemade version over box! My husband has a weakness for mac & cheese so I’ll be sure to give this recipe a try.

    On an unrelated note, I have something slightly urgent that I would really appreciate your advice on! I emailed/dm’d and it’d mean a lot to hear back. thanks so much! xx

  11. This is easy Rach! No baking it just right on the stove top. Mac and cheese is my weakness. I agree that box stuff is no way ??‍♀️Perfect. Is that a Utah cheese I’ve not heard of it before? ?

  12. Loving your blog and insta story. Here is a question for your Q&A:
    Do you want more children and if so how many more?

    Love you Rach!

  13. Hi hun. I love to cook. An easy recipe everyone asks for is my chicken SHNITZEL recipe aka a jewish recipe. Take CHICKEMLN cutlets and wash them. Pat dry. Have 2 bowls. SPEINKLE ONION POWDER GARLIC POWDER CUMIN ITALIAN seasoning BOTH SIDES. 1 of italian bread CRUMBs and One of egg whisked. Take CHICKEn coat a little mayo which keeps it moist SECRECT on BOYH sides of all VHICKEN. Dip In egg breadcrumb egg BRADCRUMB or do it ONce. You can even mix a little dijon mustard and mayo on cHICKEN.Can
    bake or fry. I bake 350 for 15 or so minuted and broil for 2 minutes CATIOUSLY. All ovens are diff so do what u normally do. Can even sprinkle SEASME seeds. I also add cumin, very little of cinnamon and nutmeg and TUMERIC, a lot of SWEET PAPARIKA found on amazon a little of the following pepper red pepper flakes for ADULY version and a bit more of garlic powder onion powder. I than add lots of breadcrumbs and 2 EGGs. Roll and fry on the sides. For tomato sauce 2 cans tomato sauce can one tomato paste one JALEPENO one whole diced onion 4 to 5 GARLiC cloves a little nutmeg cumin and CINAMMON a lot if GARLUC powder onion powder sweet PAPARIKA regular PAPARIKA . I add oil to my pot and first put the crushed GARLUC in for 2 minutes or so then onions then SPUCES then tomato sauce and sprinkle a bit more SEASOning FORTASTE. And let simmer for a Hour or so and than bake THR meatballs in sauce for 15 on 350

  14. What is the name of your island countertop? I LOVE IT! We are building and this is exactly the look I’m wanting.
    Thank you!

  15. I made this recipe The day you posted it for my 2 year old’s dinner. I had everything in my fridge already and it was so easy! Best of all, she love it! Thanks!

  16. okay so i already left a comment on here but i had to come back and leave ANOTHER comment because i just made this mac & cheese for my kids lunch today and it was a huge hit! i even ate it and i loved it! so thanks for sharing! i can’t believe how easy it was to make and so much better for you than what you get from boxed mac & cheese! you should share more simple recipes you do for your kids! this was a huge help!

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