Twirling in Florence…

dolce-and-gabana-white-dress-luisa-via-roma luisa-via-roma-style-lab-dolce-dress dolce-and-gabana-pink-purse luisa-via-roma-style-lab white-dolce-dress luisa-via-roma-style-lab-florenceDress:  Dolce & Gabbana (love this similar style in lace) |  Bag: Dolce & Gabbana  |  Heels: Dolce & Gabbana | Lips: YSL Rouge Pur Couture #7

Happy Monday everyone! Today I’m sharing my last look I styled from Luisa Via Roma. I love how feminine all the details of this outfit are!!

Last week on my snapchat I mentioned that my sisters and I were throwing around the idea of creating a YouTube channel, and I’m super excited because we’ve decided to give it a try! For our first video we will be doing a Q&A with all four of us, that way you can get to know us better! So to get started we need your questions… comment below with any questions you have and be sure to leave your name. Can’t wait to share our first video with you!!!

xo, Rach

xo, Rach
Twirling in Florence…
Twirling in Florence…
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142 thoughts on “Twirling in Florence…

  1. This dress looks stunning on you…I hope they let you keep it! Good luck with your YouTube channel…I would encourage you to use it to promote sisterhood in all it’s positive attributes because you seem to genuinely love your sisters and the world needs more love! My question for you is: What is your professional goal for 2016?

  2. Yay! Can’t wait to see your YouTube video. Love your family , especially Isla Rose & Dash boy. My question is how you & Drew met?

  3. Hi Rach,

    Looking beautiful, as always!

    I’m looking at the shoes online and they look slightly different in your photos. Are the souls of the heels white? I am debating between the pink and the nude, but they both seem to have this snowy bottom look. Can you confirm?


  4. Wow! I have to say this is probably my all time favorite look of yours! Stunning!!!! I would love to know yours and your sisters healthy lifestyle tips especially as a mom!!

  5. Gorgeous outfit! I think some questions I would like to know is, how do you try to incorporate your family life into your blog and which of your sisters are you most like?

    xoxo Rachel

  6. Questions: 1) Your best advice for shiny hair and clear skin? 2) Which clothing brand(s) gives you the best quality without breaking the bank? 3) I’m so jealous of your very slim legs —is it genetic for you all, or are there any exercise or eating tips you all have? 4) If you could only use 3 handbags for the rest of your life, which ones would you choose?

  7. Hi Rach,
    Absolutely love the outfit! White is my favorite color! I love how you always dress so elegant and classy. You are truly an inspiration.
    I think it’s great you and your sisters wants to starts a YT channel. I would love to ask about, how you stay this slim as a mom? But somewhereI guess its your genetics since all you sisters are slim as well :).
    I love love to know your favorite skincare and makeup products :).

  8. Love this look! A question for your YouTube video…

    When you are not using a DSLR camera for your outfit shoots, what do you use to take your pictures? Do you just use your iphone? Or do you have another trick to making your Instagram pictures look so good? :)

  9. Hi Rachel! IMy question is how do you deal with negative comments? Also now that you have your baby girl, how do you deal with all the people that have negative things to say about you or your family? Thank you! I can’t wait to watch and I love your blog and your sweet precious baby girl!

  10. Oops forgot my questions! If you could pick anywhere in the world to live where would it be? Any travel destinations on your bucket list?

  11. You look beautiful– that dress is amazing!

    For the Q&A– I’m from Miami, and will be visiting Salt Lake City for the first time real soon. Which malls and/or shopping centers should I visit, and can you recommend any restaurants?

    Also, I’m obsessed with your lashes and brows, can you give us deats?!

    Thanks so much, can’t wait for the video!

  12. Love the outfit! I was just wondering about your traditions growing up. If there is anything special you will pass down to your children one day? Or if you will make new traditions with your own families. Just curious as I am starting my own family and looking to incorporate meaningful or fun traditions!

  13. Love everything about this white dress!!!! The dainty bag is perfect! I’m over the moon excited to hear that you will be doing a YouTube channel with your sisters! I just adore how close you guys are and all the precious moments you get to share together! You are all so classy yet hilarious when you get together! I would love to know how you all make sure to support each other with your different endeavors and busy schedules. How do you make sure to keep the sisterly bond one of the top priorities? If you could take an extended weekend getaway with just the four of you, where would you go and what would you do for fun?

  14. For a Q&A I think it would be fun to hear all four of your education backgrounds (and aspirations), as well as how you met your husbands :)

  15. Firstly, I LOVE the twirling look ! The pops of pink are perfect match for the pure white dress !

    Secondly, since I am following both you and your sister Emily, I would like to know who came up with the idea of fashion blogging and how the people around you ( mostly your family ) reacted when they first got the news ? Are your sisters Megan and Amy interested in blogging in the future as well? If not, what would they like to do for a living?

    P.S. I hope we will get a few Isla Rose moments on the “sisters” videos as well :)

    xo, Andreea

  16. YouTube Chanel so happy for it
    What app do you use to edit your pictures on your iPhone?
    How do you edit your pictures and what programs do you use on your Mac?
    I like how chic, white an elegant your pictures are. I need tips to have the same effect

  17. Q: You all wear lipstick so well and I’ve recently been experimenting with some bolder choices, I’d like to know you favorite lipstick brands and formulations. Thanks!! Can’t wait for the the video!

  18. Rachel,

    1.Why did you decide to choose fashion as a career?

    2. How do you stay up to date regarding fashion?

    3.How do you describe your personal style?

    4.Are you going to have another child?

    Gracie Perrault

  19. You look absolutely stunning, but may I ask what wrong with all the shoes in this and the other Italy posts? are they making you wear protective rubber stickers?

  20. Love this look and obsessed with you and your sisters! So excited for the sister YouTube!! Do you girls have any high school advice? What are your favourite quotes??

  21. Love! cant wait to see youtube video as well

    How did you and Emily come to live across the street from eachother? Do you like it? Do your parents live close as well?

  22. You look beautiful! I’m so excited for your YouTube video! You and Emily are both bloggers- did y’all start about the same time? Do both of your husbands take your pictures and did they get into photography because of your blogs? Y’all have such a wonderful, close family bond- how do you stay so close while also balancing work and friends?

  23. Love your style and your looks are amazing but totally out of my price range. Would you do a look for less or even consider thirft shopping. I would love you guys pick a current look and then do a thrift store challenge.

  24. Everything about this outfit is perfect!!!! I especially love the photos of you twirling around!! Can’t wait to check out your You Tube channel, it’s been something I’ve been thinking about doing as well to supplement my style blog! xx yael

  25. This is without a doubt one of my all time favorite looks of yours! The photos are so fun! Drew did a gorgeous job of capturing each shot!
    I’d love to know more about Emily and your homes. My hubby and I are going to redo our kitchen soon and I’d love to know things you can’t live without and things you wish you did when building your homes.
    Love your blog, Rach! It’s one of my all time faves!

  26. Love this post. Beautiful dress. You would look good wearing a paper bag though!!
    Hmm… question: when you are out doing your you nail every picture? I recently have started taking fashion pics and half the pictures I look so silly! And I just wonder if even people that have been blogging for years have so many bloopers?! Also, any tips for aspiring fashion/beauty bloggers? I don’t have many followers yet and from what I understand just keep posting and have quality content? Sorry for such a long message!! Love ALL of your posts.


  27. Hi Rach! I’m Bowie from Macau. I got a question for you. Since you have 3 sisters in your family, I want to know how old are you guys (four of you) and what kind of character you play when you are in the middle age of the 3 other sisters? I have 2 sisters and I’m very lucky to be the middle one. I become the closest sister of them and they always share their thoughts, clothes and shoes with me because my clothes and shoes size are in the middle of theirs as well. Would you like to tell me what do you think to be a middle one sister?

  28. Hi Rachel,
    My question would be for Megan & Amy…
    Do they also want to be fashion bloggers? and if not what are their career aspirations?

    Love the idea of the YouTube channel… Will be tuning in :)


  29. Just thought of another one… Could Emily do a video of her walking closet….
    Yours is amazing so now I’m dying to see hers!!! ;)


  30. These photos from Florence are so beautiful! I love the looks you styled! It’s killing me though, what’s on the bottom of your shoes? Is it something to protect the soles during the shoot or something? In some pictures it looked like a metallic sole, but in others it looks like it was added.

    Thanks! And I’m super excited for the youtube channel!

    XO, Maci

  31. Love this entire ensemble!! Can’t wait to see your YouTube. I would love to know what beauty secrets you share between the four of you. Also if you could share any blogging tips for starters.

  32. Hey Emily, Rachel, Megan, and Amy!
    Can you tell us how you grew up and your family traditions? Would love to know more about you guys! Love you all! Follow me on Instagram: kdla99 :)

  33. Ahh, love this dress! So dreamy!

    I am totally excited for your youtube channel, you girls are so adorable and stylish. My question is what advice would you give to someone who has started their owjn fashion/lifestyle blog? And what are your favorite blogging tools?

  34. What did you guys study in collage?
    How often do you get to hang out?
    And do you fight often? And how do you guys handle it if two are fighting? How do you solve problems?
    Greetings from Germany

  35. Enjoy following both you and your sister’s blogs!

    1.) What happened to your jewelry line, as the link is no longer working?
    2.) Can you and Emily tour your favorite rooms in your homes?
    3.) What are each of your haircare routines? What are each of your favorite haircare products that you actually use on a regular basis?

    So can’t wait to watch your channel!

  36. I love the idea of the YouTube channel I mean we need a Closet Tour, House Tour, Nursery Tour, Morning routine, Night routine.

    Names and ages of you and your sisters?
    Tips for hosting a BabyShower for someone. (for your sister as well)
    do you wear hair extensions? (for your sister as well)
    If you can go to just one concert which one would it be? (for your sister as well)
    What do you all do for living?
    Relationship status of all of you.
    favorite online store to buy clothes from. (for your sister as well)
    what phone do you all have?
    what pets do you all have and names.
    Hos does a regular day looks like right now for you all? What do you do and stuff.
    what religion are you?
    favorite sport for all of you?

  37. The YouTube channel would be wonderful! Here are a couple questions:

    All of you wonderful sisters seem like you are on the road to success. Did your parents help teach you about business, or how to start your own job?

    If you could attribute your success to one thing that you’ve done, what would that be? I’ve started a business and feel anxious for it to be a success.

  38. A lot of bloggers and IG people are using stretching apps to make them look taller & thinner etc. Do you and Emily use these apps and if so why?

  39. Hi Rach! I love your page. My question: Is Dasher from a breeder? He seems like such a sweet and gentle boy with your baby Isla Rose. I’ve noticed on your snapchat that other members of your family have yellow labs too. Are they from the same place as Mr. Dash? Thanks! xoxo

  40. Hi Rach!
    I love your blog and your sister’s (Ivory Lane.) I have a few different questions. 1) Have your other two sister’s ever considered starting a blog? 2) Who take’s your pictures and do they travel with you to different locations? 3) What is it like living in Utah?

  41. Questions
    1. Favourite travel destination?
    2. Favourite musical artist?
    3. Favourite season?
    4. Favourite blogger besides your sister?
    5. Favourite retail store?

  42. A little late with this, but: who are your style inspirations (modern day — don’t go all Audrey Hepburn on me). Also, please tell Drew that he’s an awesome photographer.

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