Living Room Reveal…


It’s here!! Today I’m so thrilled to share with you the reveal of our living room designed by GateHouse No. 1. I think the thing that I love most about this space is that it reflects my personal style so perfectly. It’s been a space where we sit and talk with friends and family for hours and has made our house feel like a home (and once I get around to putting family photos in all those frames it will be that much better ;).

I hope you find some inspiration for your home through these beautiful photos shot by Heather Telford. Thank you so much for all your sweet and kind comments about our home, it really means the world!

In case you missed it, be sure to check out the design portion of our living room reveal.

xo, Rach

living-room-design-lee-industries geometric-ottomansfrench-writing-desk coffee-table-accessories-elle-decoryellow-lab-puppy hot-pink-accent-chair-lee-industres gold-candle-holders-fireplacefrench-chaise leopard-accent-chair grace-anthroplogie-book navy-velvet-tuffted-sofa pink-peonies-on-coffee-tablenavy-blue-tuffted-sofa-lee living-room-home-elle-decor leopard-throw-pillow brass-peace-sign hot-pink-velvet-accent-chair leopard-accent-chair-lee-industries grand-herringbone-fireplace

 When I post photos of my home I to get tons of emails and questions about the furniture, accessories and paint colors so I’ve provided all info below if you’re interested.

All upholstered goods are by LEE Industries c/o.

To find a LEE vendor in your area you can go here.

Velvet Sofa: #3772-03 | Fabric: Vienna Navy with a natural finish on the nailhead trim

Animal Print Chair: #1723-01 | Fabric: Cheetah-Stone

Tufted Club Chairs: #1758-01 | Fabric: Farrow-Silver with an antique brass finish.

X-Base Ottomans: #9168-00 | Fabric: Deco-Navy with standard natural nailhead trim.

Pink Velvet Wing Chair: #1603-01 | Fabric: Winthrop-Blossom with platinum spaced nailhead trim and weathered gray finish on legs.

Floral Pillow: Fiona Blossom fabric with Seville Natural Eyelash Fringe

Animal Print Pillow: Cheetah-Stone fabric

Neutral Pillow: Carlisle Aspen fabric with Sheer Glazed Sea Foam Flange.

The rug, mirror, chaise, desk and all accessories can be found at  GateHouse No. 1 (contact info: 801.225.9505)

Wall Color: Ashwood by Benjamin Moore

Trim: Dove White by Benjamin Moore

If you have a question about anything that wasn’t provided above you can leave it in the comment section below.

This post was brought to you in partnership with GateHouse No. 1 and LEE Industries.

photos by Heather Telford

xo, Rach
Living Room Reveal…
Living Room Reveal…
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339 thoughts on “Living Room Reveal…

  1. Your home is truly beautiful! I love the elegance yet it still remains so cozy and inviting. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say: I love every detail!! Congratulations on this beautiful room. I know many memories will be made here with family and friends. And that is truly the most important thing of all

  2. WOW I have been waiting for this a long time! You have done an amazing job with your home it feels so cozy and family orientated yet so chic! I love the open space in the lounge/ kitchen even if sometimes the food smell irritates me but like I said so family orientate I love to be in the kitchen when the hubs is in the lounge we can still talk :)

    Beautiful job I love it all so much.



  3. I have loved your home interior space since you began posting the building process!! It has come together beautifully! What’s the name of your rug? I just love the colors and pattern.

  4. WOW… Is all I can say. Well you said to ask questions :) so where can I find that large print of Christ, and your fireplace who was the installer? Thanks

    1. Hi Rachel! I’m totally in love with your house great job ! I’ve a question but it’s not for your living room. May I ask where Can I find those beautiful roman shades you have in your bedroom please !! Thank you so much !

      1. Thank you!! I had to have them custom made to fit my windows. Do you live in Utah? If so, I can give the number to the designer :)

        1. Hi Rachel,
          I also love your roman shades. Unfortunately I don’t live in Utah, would you be able to tell me what brand and exact color is the material that was used for the shades. I live in NY and was hoping to find the same material. Thank you very much!

          1. Edina,

            I have no idea what the exact color is or the material, I do know that it’s some type of linen blend and they are the no sew roman shades. I showed my window treatment designer a photo that I liked off pinterest and she made them look almost exact. I bet if you showed your designer a photo of mine she could match them for you!

            Sorry not the most helpful answer, let me know if you have any other questions :)

          2. Hi Rachel,
            Thank you very much for your response. You said its a no sew shade, so I looked on pinterest and find few that calls for a mini blind to use when making the shade, Is that how yours was made? Is your cordless? Sorry for all the questions, but I really love your roman shades.
            Thanks a lot,Rachel!

        2. Hey! I was wondering if tou could give me the number of your designer so i can call her about the roman shades in your old house. Thanks!

  5. Gorgeous! I love the photos.

    Where did you get the lamp on the desk with the gold base and the candle holders on the mantle? Looking for something exactly like that and haven’t had luck! Thanks!

  6. I love your huge fireplace! My only question is, is it useable? The styling makes it look like you don’t plan on using it for fires. It would be a pity not to take advantage of copying up in front of it on cold winter days.

      1. We are planning our house build. I have been searching for fireplace mantle surrounds just like the one you have. Our Family Room is rather large and has very high ceilings. I’ve seen 2 different pics of your fireplace (during construction/completed) and was wondering if you’d be willing to share dimensions and those of the room.
        It could give me reference point when meeting with the drafter and builder.

  7. Absolutely love! Everything is spot on…what a beautiful room! May I ask where you got the Christ painting? It is one of my most favorites and I love the size of yours! Thanks!

  8. This room is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home. I want to transform my living room and use navy and white and you did it so elegantly. It is beautiful.

  9. Hi Rach!…
    This is amazing… i love it all!!!
    But I’m wondering if you could tell me where you got the large photo and frame of Christ. Its perfect.
    Thanks xo

  10. Hi Rachel,

    Living room looks fabulous!!!!

    Where is your daybed / chaise from? I’m so in love with it and have been for a while. Would love to know where you purchased it.

    Thank you,

  11. Gorgeous. Truly. I’d been waiting for the reveal and was excited when I saw this post. Your style is lovely. Beautiful but inviting. Love the mix of modern, classic and little French. I’ll be ‘borrowing ‘ some ideas for my own home. Can’t wait to see more of your home. (Especially the kitchen, hint hint ;)

  12. So pretty, Rach! I love, love, love the gray chairs! However, I’m curious to know, I see mostly your style, but feel that Drew had no input in the design of the living room. Did he choose or provide any input or did he let you take over?

  13. I have never found a picture of Christ that I have connected with. This one is stunning. Do you mind sharing the artist or where I can get one? Thank you!

  14. The navy chair color is fantastic. Your staircase handrails are exquisite and like, like many others love the Christ picture. I understand decor is your area, but I must say your house looks and feels like it is JUST YOURS. It is entirely feminine, not family or even husband/wife catered. Where is Drew’s space in YOUR house?

  15. This is the most divine space. Truly it is absolute perfection. Could you please please let me know where the coffee table is from? I really hope it wasn’t already mentioned above but I am DYING to know! I would be so very grateful. Again, this space is amazing. Thank you for sharing!

  16. Rachel,

    I love your posts I have been following your blog for some time now. I wanted to ask you about the large portrait hung on your wall, is it custom made? It is absolutely lovely!


  17. Absolutely love your living room! I am speechless… Your living room has inspired me to revamp my space. Thank you for your post!

  18. I absolutely LOVE this! That paint color is fantastic, I used that same color in my apartment. And that pink chair! The whole thing is very well put together! So in love!

  19. Stunning. I agree, more pictures of your kitchen and exterior, please. Is your fireplace wood burning or gas? Do you mind sharing the vendor and name of your kitchen hardware and gorgeous railing?

    Thank you!

  20. I love everything especially the pink chair. If my living room is like that, I would rush to go home all the time, hah. Thanks for sharing :)

  21. Hi Rachel! Your living room is spectacular! The blue velvet couch is to die for!! What is your flooring? Its perfect! I love it! Thanks!!

  22. How is your sofa with Dash? We have a white golden retriever and I was thinking her fur would make the sofa white! You like yours with your dog so far?

  23. Hi Rachel ! Can you please tell me where you bought the Gold Peace Sign Hand on the fireplace? The room is just lovely !! Thank you !

  24. Rach! It’s like you read my mind! I was telling my husband just the other day how I wanted a royal blue tufted sofa with grey/neutral color accents chairs. Seriously! I love everything about the room. It looks amazing! I truly hope that you and your family enjoy it for many years to come!
    o, Maria

  25. Rach! It’s like you read my mind! I was telling my husband just the other day how I wanted a royal blue tufted sofa with grey/neutral color accents chairs. Seriously! I love everything about the room. It looks amazing! I truly hope that you and your family enjoy it for many years to come!
    xo, Maria

  26. Rach!

    It’s like you read my mind! I was telling my husband just the other day how I wanted a royal blue tufted sofa with grey/neutral color accents chairs. Seriously! I love everything about the room. It looks amazing! I truly hope that you and your family enjoy it for many years to come!

    xo, Maria

  27. Rachel, your wall paint color is beautiful.

    When I recently looked at Ashwood by BM it seemed much, much darker. Did you lighten the color with tint or something? Your walls seem so much lighter than the paint chip I have. Your help would be appreciated, I love the lightness of your walls and I’m looking at my paint chip scratching my head. :-\

  28. I love what you and your designer team did with your living room. Truly, you hit it out of the ball park. My favorite touch and decorating piece is the Jesus portrait walking on water. I love it!!! What a beautiful art piece. May the love of Jesus fill your life, home and marriage. God bless and enjoy your new home. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home ideas with us.

    Great post.

  29. Beautiful room! Love your blog!! I have been looking for a similar coffee table forever. Do you mind sharing where it is from? Thank you!

  30. Absolutely stunning! We totally have a similar sense of style. Your home is beautiful and definitely has elements of my dream home. Thanks for sharing with us!

  31. Hey… So like others, I love the reflections of Christ canvas. I noticed you told everyone where to find it. Thank you, just wondering where I get it framed? The gold is amazing? Can you share?
    Thank you!

  32. Just wanted to say it looks lovely. I especially like the navy velvet sofa! Just curious, would you ever consider sharing your floor plans or maybe doing a house tour so we could see the general layout of the the spaces?

  33. This is beautiful. I especially love the blue velvet couch, although it will not be that colour soon if you let that dog keep sitting on it! haha! I have a yellow lab too and all of our furniture had chunks missing out of the bottom half and everything is covered in hair.I’m sure it was just for the picture though. We have now a designated “LEVI” chair that he can sit on.

  34. Love those paint colors. I’m in the process of picking paint right now. Pulled out my Benjamin Moore paint decks and can only find a White Dove and a Dove Wing…..Is it one of those perhaps? Or am I just not seeing a Dove White?


  35. This is just beautiful! Would you please share info on those gorgeous wood floors? I would love to know the type of wood and stain color — they look absolutely amazing!

  36. I had dark blue sofas before I got my white lab. I can’t stand the hair on the dark wood floors or the furniture. How can you take it on brand new furniture?

  37. Love your design! I am looking at getting new hardwood floors and love what you’ve picked. Can you share what type/color/brand your floors are? Thank you for sharing!

  38. Your house looks amazing!!! I love the pops of color, and the soft neutrals mixed in. It seriously looks like something out of a magazine, or Charlotte from Sex In The City’s place. I mean that in the highest regard. She is probably my fave, and I loved how her condo was decorated. Love how you decorated your home. :)

  39. The room is fabulous! Fuschia and cobalt blue are my favorite colors!! Can I move in !! Can we see the rest of the house?


  40. Rachel!!! Holy crap, your house is gorgeous.
    I have a question for you.
    Does Dash shed?
    If so, what have you found to be the easiet/best way to deal with it? Our pup Julian is a lab too and sometimes it drives me nuts, just wondering if you have any secrets haha?! let me know

  41. Beautiful! Can you tell me the brand of the chandelier above the sitting area in the living room. You can see a small portion of it in the mirror over the fireplace. Exactly what Im looking for. Thank you.

  42. Hi Rach,
    Love your home! Did you purchase this custom home from Desiree from Decor de Provence??? In Utah? Lucky…that home is fabulous and you have added a little glam to this old world home. Enjoy!

    1. No my husband actually built our home but her home is right down the street from my in-laws and we feel in LOVE with it so we used it as inspiration. :)

  43. This is a lifesaver. I am considering using your paint color in my house. What type of exposure does the room have? Mine is north. And does the color take on a different hue at night? Thank you so much for your reply.

  44. Hello, Simply beautiful. What a Happy space. May I ask if your flowers are real and or silk. I have searching for a real looking pink peonies banquet . Where did you get your flowers? Thank you, Kelly

  45. Love, love, love your living room. Beautiful. The brass tray with leather handles really caught my eye, but I couldn’t find it on the GateHouse website. Where did you find it?

  46. Can I ask where your coffee table is from? I just love your living room reveal. My husband and I are buying a new house and I am planning on copying a lot of what you have here from the club chairs, to the rug, to the ottomans. So glad that Lee Industriies has a few distributors near me in Chicago!

    1. Yes! Working on it, it’s still not finished but once it is, I’ll definitely do a reveal!

      Thanks so much for reading!



  47. So beautiful! Where can I find the rails for the stairs? I love the stairs and rails. Can you tell me the builder name and floor plan on your home please? We are building a home and I love this layout and floor plan. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

    1. I would like the info as well for the spinals and railing. We are also building a home and your living room has truly inspired me to create something with a WoW factor ;o) Thank you in advance for the information and for inspiring us.

  48. Your home is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing! I live in Northern Utah (Logan area) and noticed that you mentioned that your husband built your home. Does he do consultations? I would be very interested if he offers something like that. And, one last thing… is the gray fur throw shown included as part of the accessories from Gatehouse or is it from somewhere else?! Thanks so much!

  49. Also, I would love to know where you had your beautiful canvas of Christ framed (gold frame) if you don’t mind sharing that information, as well. Xx

  50. I love the airy feel mixed with the amazing upholstered pieces. I have to find out where your white marble coffee table is from? I’ve been looking for something similar for awhile and keep coming up short. Mind sharing? Thank you!

  51. Hi Rach,

    Your home is gorgeous! I enjoy reading your blog. I am remodeling my new home in Madison, WI and I am having the hardest time finding a good walnut color wood floor. I really like your floors…do you mind sharing what your floors are and where you purchased them?



    1. I actually don’t have the style number of this rug. If you call Gatehouse no.1 (their number is on their site) they can give you the style name and vendor info, even order it for you if you like. :) Hope this helps!

      1. I just ordered it! Thank you so much for your inspiration and amazingly beautiful taste!!! Just ordered a blue suede chair from a gallerie as well! Your vision mixed with mine is actually coming to life! Thank you!!!!

        1. Jaclyn im dying over the rug. So jealous you ordered it! Could you share the name and vendor? I live in CA so I’m hoping i can find it here.

  52. Hi Rachel,
    I know this post is a while back, but I’m hoping you can answer a question for me. I follow you on Instagram & love what you’ve done with your new home. I have tried your paint color Ashwood & it seems darker than in your pictures. I know a lot of designers lighten shades by 50%. Do you know if your paint was made a percentage lighter? I would really appreciate it if you could tell me! Thank you!

      1. I’m painting our new home and also found that ashwood was really dark. Were you able to determine the percentage that the color was lightened?

    1. Hi Rachel,

      I have the exact same question –about to paint our house and I love the look of ashwood and white dove together, as seen in your beautiful home!! Looking at the colour swatch though, ashwood looks darker and quite green. Please let me know if you find out if your colour was lightened at all!


  53. its absolutely amazing!!! i love every thing about it, its just perfect!! congtrats!! i wanted to know where is that side accent table from (gold and mirrored glass) next to the navy couch???
    i saw it on different website…dont remember where…
    do GateHouse ship to Canada? hehehe!!
    love your blog!! thanks for all te inspirations . :)

  54. Hello Rachel, I came across pics of your closet. It’s so beautiful. I’ve bern trying to find an ottoman like yours for my closet. Can you tell me where you purchased it?
    Thank you

  55. Omg this room is unreal, love it. Do you mind sharing where the coffee table is from? I have been searching endlessly for one i love–and i love this!

  56. Rachel – I love your house! Do you know the color stain of your wood floors? Or did you get pre finished floors? I am about to stain ours and love your color!


  57. Can you pretty PLEASE tell me where you got the Jesus walking on water framed? Did you buy the wrapped canvas or just the canvas print? Thanks!!

  58. You have a a beautiful home! I’ve been looking for a chaise lounger similar to yours to furnish our newly constructed home. Do you mind sharing your source?

  59. I was just so curious how much doing your house cost. I love everything you have done with the natural light and installing the kitchen, not to mention your design style. I am looking to doing something very similar and am curious about the cost. Love your home!

  60. Oh my wow!! SO gorgeous! Please, I HAVE to know where you found your faux peony arrangement?! I’ve been searching for a good one for about 6 months now!! Yours is total perfection. HELP :))

  61. Love the relaxed but chic look of your home! Great job!!!! I was wondering where you got your front doors from? And also what paint color you used on your kitchen cabinets. Also, if you could tell me what manufacturer you used for your stairs. We are currently shopping for items for our dream home so any information would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you so much and again fantastic job and congrats on your lovely home!!!


  62. Rachel, your home is gorgeous, and I absolutely love your coffee table! I was bummed when I didn’t see the details for it on this post! Would you mind sharing where you got it from? Thank you!!

  63. Hi Rach!

    I know this post is older, but I was wondering if you could answer a quick question. You mentioned Drew made your fireplace, but where did you get the herringbone pattern inside the fireplace? Are they sheets? I’ve had the hardest time finding them – any help would be so appreciated!

    thanks so much! :)

  64. I love your stairs. Can you please provide any information you have about the banister and the rails? Much appreciated

  65. Hello Rachel,
    First off I was to praise you for you stunning taste in decor and fashion! You are a true original modern day fashion icon! Secondly you are such an inspiring mother! I’m a new mother myself and I look to you as a mommy role model! Ok my question… What kind of staircase do you have? What is the name of the company? Thank you so much for your time and for sharing your beautiful life!!! -XXOO Elise Davenport

      1. I’m also interested to know where all the hardest is from for your stunning staircase! Please let me know! I’m redoing mine soon! Thanks!

      2. Rachel, I guess a couple of us would like to know who built your staircase and railing – Would you mind providing the contact info. We previously contacted you, but have not heard back and I know that you are extremely busy, but would appreciate your help. Wishing you more success and thank you for your time

  66. Your house is so amazing. Where do you buy the art. I love the one in the living room of Jesus. Do you mind telling me where you purchased it.

  67. Sorry to bother you on an old post but. ..
    Where did you get the chaise chair lounge in front of the windows? We were recently in Newport, RI visiting the mansions and several of them had a VERY similar chase.
    How is the couch holding up to fur baby’s sheading? I am a mom to a golden retriever and chocolate lab?
    Thank you!

  68. Do you know if the gold peace sign accessory shown on your fireplace is available to be sourced and purchased? Or would I need to reach out to GateHouse No. 1?

  69. Rachel, beautiful home! My wife and I are DESPERATE to find out any info on that chaise lounge you have… a name, make anything. It is exactly what we need, but we can find it ANYWHERE!! HELP!!

  70. HI RACHEL!



  71. In love with everything, the flowers on the table are they real or silk? Im always looking for artificial flowers that look almost natural! Thanks

  72. Hi Rachel, you have such a stunning home and thank you for sharing! I am redoing my staircase and I was wondering where the metal rods that meet the wood for your staircase are from? Thanks!

  73. Hi Rachel – I love your marble coffee table, I’m looking for one just like it. I saw a few comments asking where you got it, but didn’t see a response. Are you able to share where it’s from?! Thank you so much!

  74. Hi Rach!

    I just love your railing along your stairs! Can you tell me what it’s called and who makes it?

    Thank you!!

      1. Hi Rach,

        I know you no longer live here but I’m dying over your hardwood floors. Do you or Drew happen to remember the stain/type? Thanks!!!

  75. Hi rachel, i know you this post is from a while ago, but the painting on your living room wall. of the man and the water, is that a painting of god? if yes, could you tell me where you purchased it from or who painted it? it is truly beautiful. Thank you!

  76. I love your home. It is truly stunning. I know your husband built your fire place. But would you be able to tell me is it all stone? and where did you find your brick at for the inside? Thank you!

  77. WheRe did you purchase that picture of jesUs at the shore? Theres a sonG About that (in spanish and English); makes me cry.., thank you.

  78. Gorgeous gorgeoUs!!! What are tHe dimensions of your fireplace!! I love love it so much. And wHat is it made out of stone? If so where did yiu get such a girgeous piece?

  79. YOur fireplace is amazing. We are building a modern farmhouse and have a 10 foot wide space to create a fire place/hearth. I was going for a different look until i saw yours!! Stunning. If it’s not too much trouble, could you tell me the approximate dimensions (I see that it goes up forever, but how wide is it and how tall is your mantel? Thank you in advance!

  80. Hello there ,

    I like the look of soFa above, and woul like to know whether you have shop in london/uk . Being able to see the sofa , espe fabric and sofa’s frame .

    B. Goodarz

Hello Gorgeous,

You are now being redirected to Nordstrom…

xo, Rach