Life Lately {via Instagram}…

tibi-chucky-pink-sweater^^ Hot cocoa and a cozy sweater for a gloomy day.  { Sweater | Bag | Jeans }


^^ Snaps from my recent trip to San Francisco. { Sneakers | Pink Heels | Leopard Clutch }


^^ Dressing room snap from the pre-opening party for Nordstrom Rack San Francisco. { Bag | Heels | Jeans | Lips }


^^ Scarlet red lips + fresh scents. { Lipstick | Candle }


^^ Airport style, SF bound. { JacketHat | Bottoms | Bag | Glasses }


^^ The new house getting it’s paint job, primer is up!


^^ Emily and I featured in the Feb issue of People Style Watch mag. { Glasses | Wallet }


^^ Capri, my niece, and I goofing around before dinner at my sisters house.


^^ Desk mess + Selecting our hard wood flooring.


^^ Lazy sunday morning. { sweater & pj’s sold out }


^^ Jewels on display.  { Tray | Watch | Lipgloss }


^^ Working on a collab with RL + Taking in beautiful Sundance.


^^ Sneak peek of my closet in our new home. { Design by Alice Lane Home Collection }


^^ Fresh blooms on a Saturday Afternoon

A few Instagram snaps of what I’ve been up to lately. Follow along, @rachparcell. Happy Friday everyone!

xo, Rach

xo, Rach
Life Lately {via Instagram}…
Life Lately {via Instagram}…
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53 thoughts on “Life Lately {via Instagram}…

  1. Would really love to see more of your house as it develops and while you decorate. LOVE those kinds of lifestyle posts.

  2. Hi Rachel!
    I have been a very dedicated reader of your blog for a long time. You, many other beautiful fashion blogs, and friends and family encouraging me to do it for years, have inspired me to start my own! Its very scary but very exciting! I would love for you to check it out. Its I call it Kelsey’s Closet. I would love your advice and any tips you have. Feel free to email me at I’m still learning this whole website thing and how to work my blog. My main question at the moment is, how do I put my intsagrams blinking on the side like you have. I would really love your help!
    Thanks so much! I cant wait to hear from you!
    Love, Kels

  3. Hi love, glad you posted this- you IG will not work for me! It always says 0 posts and when I try to hit follow it turns green then instantly turns blue again! I also can’t find you when I search I only can when someone tags you but again, none of your photos load! I was thinking maybe some other people are having the same issue- or maybe you blocked me? not sure why you would block me lol… you may want to check into IG!!

    Xx @Kiermellour

  4. first time on your blog and i already know i’m going to be obsessed.


  5. Oh my gosh, I just found your twin! She’s a fashion blogger in San Francisco and you guys look identical! You guys even have the same style! I saw her on posh mark and totally thought it was you. Her blog is Crazy!

  6. Hey Rachel, I am a fan but I think lately your readers have been a little shocked at your new fixation on designer stuff. Long time readers can remember when what you wore was Ann Taylor and regular things. I know the designer stuff helps you compete with other bloggers but because it wasn’t your original brand it just looks weird and like you’re superficial. It’s not impressive at all. In the past three or four months you’ve had thousands of dollars of stuff spent on designer shoes and handbags. What made your blog great before wasn’t that you could afford designer things or not but that you didn’t wear a lot of designer things. Not sure what happened to you or your brand, maybe you won the lottery or you are now making more money than in the past but it’s why you might be hearing a lot more backlash about the obsession with expensive designer brands. You’re a great inspiration.

  7. Wow, your bag is $800 more than our monthly mortgage! Your priorities need some serious evaluation. I will not be following you anymore. ..

  8. As someone who lives in San Francisco – please proof read and spell the name of the city correctly. It’s incorrect here twice…..

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