Introducing: The Everyday Shop…

^^ Autumn Rose Ruffle Top

^^ Misty Blue Ruffle Top

^^ Cozy Knit Cardi

^^ Anytime Ruffle Tee

^^ Pink T-Shirt Dress | Cozy Knit Cardi

^^ Autumn Gold Pocket Cardi

^^ Boho Top in Crisp White

^^ Beige Butterfly Top

I am SO excited to finally announce the launch of The Everyday Shop!! It’s the newest addition to and will live on the site under a separate tab from the Rachel Parcell Collection.

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and we’ve been working on it for months to make it perfect for you! The Everyday Shop is a curated “boutique” of hand-picked pieces by me and the Rachel Parcell team that are affordable, comfortable and versatile. It’s the place that has cute, staple pieces you want to wear everyday!

As you know my Rachel Parcell Collection is occasion-wear for church, weddings, showers, events, etc. Every piece from the collection is drawn by hand and we have a technical designer create all the CAD’s and patterns. We create the pieces from scratch by hand selecting fabric, having custom prints and custom colors unique to only the RP Collection.

But now with the launch of The Everyday Shop has instantly become the one-stop shop where you can purchase both elevated, feminine, custom pieces AND cute and casual pieces that will work with your budget. It’s the best of both worlds!

Be sure to follow along on Instagram (@rpeverydayshop) and as always, let me know which pieces are your favorite and any feedback you have! Thank you for your constant love and support. Happy Shopping!!

xo, Rach
Introducing: The Everyday Shop…
Introducing: The Everyday Shop…
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74 thoughts on “Introducing: The Everyday Shop…

  1. Congrats – can’t wait to add a few of these staples to my collection of your work dresses. I was looking around the site this morning and also wanted to thank you for showing the pieces on a variety of body types. This helps so much since I am personally a little taller and a lot curvier than you. I think its wonderful that you are showing that all types of women can look beautiful and also helps me with sizing and fit as I make my selections. Thank you!

  2. LOVE IT! Your clothes are beautiful, but for my lifestyle, your original Parcell line was more of a special occasion and not every day wear. Your new ever day wear is perfect for my lifestyle (mom of 2). The chunky knit cardigan is to die for!

  3. I really love a lot of these pieces! But I’m a bit confused – you talk about how the pieces of your line are one of a kind and designed by your brand. But then these ones aren’t? They’re curated? So who are they made by? Just want to make sure I’m informed before I buy anything. Thanks xx

    1. Hi Lex! Absolutely! So everything part of the Rachel Parcell Collection (so everything up to this point) is 100% designed by me. We wanted to add The Everyday Shop (which I specifically state are curated but not designed by me, but that I love) so we could add more casual, laid-back pieces at a friendlier price point! So The Everyday Shop is not part of the Rachel Parcell Collection, it just lives on the site in a separate tab.

      I hope that answers all of your questions!! But going forward as we add more pieces, everything added to the Rachel Parcell Collection will be same as before, designed by me. And everything added to the Everyday Shop won’t be. Does that make sense? Let me know if you have any other questions, I’m happy to answer! I definitely want you to be informed and feel comfortable purchasing!

      xo, Rach

  4. I never comment but I just have to say, well done! The collection is very cute and I like that you are catering to everyday pieces and budget. What I really LOVE, LOVE, LOVE is the models! Seriously! I am not a big girl but it is so nice to see how the clothing fits women of all shapes and sizes. And it is really wonderful to see a collection that is equally flattering all women. Thank you!

  5. Your makeup is absolutely flawless in these photos!!! But more importantly these new pieces are absolutely gorgeous..I love how simple but chic each piece is. My favorite tops are the burgundy ruffle sleeve and that white sweater. Congrats on all your success with this clothing definitely shows that you put your whole heart into each piece you make. Cant wait to order some of these new pieces!! xoxo

  6. LOVE it all!! I have had my eye on the Rose Ruffle top since you wore it on your IG. I just ordered 3 pieces in Medium, praying thats the right size!! I looked earlier this morning, and while I was thinking the small size of the ruffle top sold out. You’re such a lovely girl. Love your style. Love your clothing lines!

    Lisa (MamaBasil)

  7. Love your rpEvery Day Collection, nicely done. I also love to work with different fabrics for various craft projects I like to do for my children. However, I feel limited by the amount of fabrics available at the stores in my area. Any advice you can offer as to how to get access to more fabrics/textures?
    Thanks for your time,

  8. yay yay yay! lovely pieces, just ordered two shirts and I’m already checking the mail because I’m so excited!! Love this, Rachel. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  9. Where do I begin with how deeply I appreciate you showing your clothing on different body types?!?! Being able to see the same article of clothing in different sizes, on different types of bodies, is not only immensely helpful for the consumer, but inclusive for all! Kudos to you for being progressive in your marketing! This makes me soooooooooooo HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!! (And the clothing is adorable!)

  10. I love the new line! Everything is gorgeous, but I am bummed to see almost everything I wanted to buy is already sold out in size small. How often will you restock?

  11. Rachel, I can’t begin to tell you just how excited I have for your Every Day shop! The pieces are gorgeous and all those sweaters and long cardi’s are tugging at my heartstrings! I cannot wait until the weather turns cooler so that we can wear them here in Arizona! You seem to have the magic touch when it comes to business and fashion. Everything you do is amazing! Loving the new collection! ♥♥

  12. Love that you’re adding more affordable pieces to your line. Please restock the Misty Blue Rudfle top! And congratulations on the Everyday Shop’s success!

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