Introducing: Rachel Parcell Spring Collection…

rachel-parcell-springwhite-dress-pink-peonies-clothing-line^^The Embroidery Anglaise Dress

pink-peonies-clothing-line-blogger^^The Blushing Pleated Midi Skirt + Isla’s RP x Free Babes Bow

pink-peonies-floral-dress^^The RP Classic Dress in Floral Bloom

rp-peplum-skirt^^The Organza Peplum Skirt

rose-garden-lace-dress-rachel-parcell^^The Rose Garden Lace Dress

lace-midi-pencil-skirt-rachel-parcell-3^^The Peony Pink Lace Pencil Skirt

rp-clothing-line-1^^The Everyday Dress

pleated-midi-skirt^^The Peony Pink Pleated Midi Skirt

rachel-parcell-clothing-line-12^^The RP Classic Full Skirt + Isla’s RP x Free Babes Bow

I can’t believe that my clothing line has finally launched!!! Head over to to shop the spring collection! Also if you’re a mama of little girls and want your babes to coordinate with your Rachel Parcell pieces, I’ve designed a mini collection of baby and children’s bows for Free Babe’s Handmade. You can view that collection here!


Thank you SO much for all your support over the last week leading up to the launch. Love you all!!

xo, Rach

Photos by Jessa Kae.

xo, Rach
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214 thoughts on “Introducing: Rachel Parcell Spring Collection…

  1. Congrats Rach, been following you for quite awhile. I will have to get one of your dresses and try it out! I’m excited you carry a size XL! xoxo

  2. Congratulations Rachel! You have done an amazing job- I love every single piece of the collection, and it’s so very you! You should be proud of yourself, what an amazing achievement.

    All the very best- I’m sure they will sell like hotcakes! And hopefully you’ll have international shipping soon, too! :D

    xx Madeleine

    1. Thanks Madeleine!! We will see, it’s super exciting and scary all at the same time haha. Thanks for your love and support!! And yes I hope to have international shipping soon too!!

      Xo Rach

  3. Congratulations on your collection! It’s gorgeous! The skirts are perfection- feminine and beautiful! I cannot wait to twirl in my pleated midi skirt!

    1. Oh my gosh you will LOVE it!!! And you will look amazing in it :) Be sure to share how you style it by tagging @rachelparcell in your instagram pic. Can’t wait to see what you think!

      Xo Rach

  4. Congrats Rachel!
    These dresses and skirts are gorgeous. Can’t wait to see more!
    PS I’m 3 1/2 months pregnant and I’m now secretly wishing for a baby girl so I can get these cute bows ;)

    xoxo, Lisa-Marie

  5. Rach, these are AMAZING! Obsessed with the pink lace skirt and the classic RP dress. I might buy the lace skirt for an upcoming bridal shower my mama is planning for me!!! You are so talented! Xx ash Ann

  6. Congratulations! ! I love every single piece!
    My fav is the blush lace dress ??.
    Quick question, in your opinion do they fit on the smaller end or do they run big?
    Just a lovely lovely collection !

    1. Thanks so much Heidi!!! Everything fits pretty true to size except for the Organza Peplum Skirt, it runs a little small. I have all the measurements online so hopefully that helps :)

      Xo Rach

    1. Thanks so much Nikki!! And I’m the same way – I love both of the colors of the pleated skirts so much for different reasons! Let me know which you decide on ;)

      Xo Rach

  7. Beautiful clothing line. I am in love with the RP classic dress in floral room. Wish I could afford it on a college girl budget.

  8. Oh my gosh – I LOVE ALL!!! What an amazing accomplishment! I can’t wait to buy one – just not sure which one. ;-)

  9. Congrats Rachel! The entire collection looks absolutely stunning. I am so excited for you as you enter into this new chapter. Thank you for inspiring me Rachel. Good luck to you as you experience this new adventure. 

  10. Can I say Isla is actually getting too much attention??? My eyeballs are drawn to her in every pictures. She’s the cutest baby ever!!!!

  11. This collection is seriously dreamy! I love the universally flattering cuts, perfect pinks, and feminine feel! Truly, everything from the product to the website is styled and designed so well and cohesively! I only hope that in time you will launch even more extended sizing, so that a girl like me (a size 16) can get in on the action. Congrats on this huge step, you should be immensely proud!


  12. I’m so excited for you Rach!!!! Your line expresses your personal style so perfectly! I’m in love with it all! The white dress is so stunning! The detail and fit is incredible! The Everyday black dress is perfection. I love your take on the LBD for spring/summer. The length makes it so effortless and perfect for so many events. I’m dying over your skirts- the different silouettes and fabric! Your line is definitely embodies femininity, class, and modern elegance! Congratulations!

  13. I love your collection!! Everything is so pretty and I can’t wait to get my peony pink lace skirt! It will be the perfect thing to wear after I give birth in a few days!! I also love the white lace dress and I was wondering if you will be restocking it since it’s sold out? I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

    1. We will hopefully be restocking it soon!! Keep checking back :) And best of luck to you and your new babe!!!

      Xo Rach

  14. Hi Rach! I love your collection…so classy and feminine. Will you be offering petite and XXS sizing in the near future?


    1. Thank you Linda!! As we grow we hope to be able to offer more sizes – thank you so much for the suggestion!

      Xo Rach

  15. Love the collection! One of the dresses I wanted was sold out. Looking forward to your next collection. Congratulations!!!

  16. Hey Rach!

    I already ordered a dress this morning but I think I’m going to make a second purchase for the blush pleated skirt! Is there a zipper on the back?

    Congratulations on this gorgeous collection!

    1. Oh which dress did you order this morning?! Ya the blushing pleated midi skirt has a zipper in the back.

      Xo Rach

  17. This entire collection is absolutely stunning, I literally want every single piece! Huge congratulations on your AMAZING collection, the clothes are fabulous for any feminine, classic woman during spring. When I’m older, one of my goals is to launch a clothing line like you have, and yours is above and beyond! I have to know, which piece is your favorite, or the one you would most likely recommend? I’m eyeing the “RP Classic Dress in Floral Bloom”, the “Embroidery Anglaise Dress”, and one of the pleated skirts (but I can’t decide which color!) Thanks for being the perfect role model!


    1. What a sweet comment!!! Thank you for your love and support Peyton. It really does mean the world :) Ah I don’t know if I could choose a favorite… but I do LOVE the Organza Peplum Skirt and the RP Classic Dress in Floral Bloom because of the custom floral print :)

      Xo Rach

  18. I am VERY impressed with your new collection! I remember meeting you at J Crew a few years ago- you have come so far so fast! I love how classy each piece is, you have a real talent. Congratulations!

  19. Gorgeous! Love how feminine all these pieces are. Do you mind sharing where the tops in this post are from? They pair so beautifully with your skirts!

  20. I love the whole collection!!!! Just curious is the black everyday dress going to be restocked in the x small??? All the pieces are absolutely beautiful!

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