Inspiration Wednesday…

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I love, LOVE neutral colors. I feel so classy and sophistacted when I wear a great beige, black or
light brown. As pretty as neutral colors are…I always still love a great POP of color, especially this
vibrant red, orange. I’m currently craving to buy a look like this. The Minnie pant from J.Crew is
only $79.00 + 15% off {student discount}, I think I might have to go purchase those 
{they have a cropped fit them that I love}. Oh wait, I already spent all my birthday money, 
hmm.. I guess those pretty little pants will have to wait until valentines day {honey, I hope your reading this;}
{p.s. the MAC lipstick color is Morange}
xo, Rach
Inspiration Wednesday…
Inspiration Wednesday…
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9 thoughts on “Inspiration Wednesday…

  1. This outfit is perfect in every way! I’d wear it in a second. I couldn’t agree more with the minnie pant! I love that it is cropped and that it comes in that amazing color! Ah.

    Also, I noticed that you received some recognition from Chiara from the blog, The Blonde Salad. Just wanted to congratulate you!


Hello Gorgeous,

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xo, Rach