In the Kitchen with Blue Apron…

white-traditional-kitchen-with-marble-counter-tops spring-dinner-recipe-ideas white-marble-kitchen white-cabinet-kitchen-with-marble white-kitchen-marble-backsplash blue-apron-home-delivery-meals white-kitchen-with-marble-backsplash blue-apron-mealsSweater: Vince | Earrings: Nordstrom | Watch: Michele

Plates: Kate Spade ℅ | Gold Flatware: West Elm

Earlier this week we got another delivery from Blue Apron and I was pretty excited about it! Something about walking around a grocery store and trying to find ingredients for dinner just doesn’t sound that much fun right now. I think I’ve officially hit nesting mode because lately all I want to do is stay home. It was pretty nice to skip the grocery store run all together this week and have three fresh and healthy meals delivered right to my door step!

I’ve talked about Blue Apron a lot on my blog but if you’re new here and you don’t know how it works go here to read all about it in my first post.

On the menu for this meal was Banana Leaf-Steamed Cod with spiced rice, yu choy & coconut. The mix of flavors was incredible, like nothing I’ve ever tasted. I’m a major fan of fish so this dish was perfect (and only 500 calories)!

Blue Apron is offering two free meals to the first 100 Pink Peonies readers to sign up. You can go here to redeem the offer! Happy cooking and if you give Blue Apron a try let me know what you think!

xo, Rach

Brought to you by Blue Apron.

Photos by Emily Egan.

xo, Rach
In the Kitchen with Blue Apron…
In the Kitchen with Blue Apron…
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100 thoughts on “In the Kitchen with Blue Apron…

  1. This looks so delicious, and what a great concept. I can understand how it is probably getting more and more difficult for you to grocery shop and cook. This is a nice break for a yummy meal. Thank you so much for sharing. I hope you have a great day, and a lovely weekend! XO, Maria

  2. Hi Rach – love your blog & I read it everyday. Was wondering if you could do an upcoming post on maternity fashion must haves or maybe some tips on how to register for baby items or even how to decorate a nursery?? I am newly pregnant and absolutely clueless when it comes to maternity shopping for basics… On how to register.. And where?! and also how to begin planning a nursery! Thanks and thanks also for giving me something to look forward to every day… Your blog is my absolute favorite. Xo

    1. Hey Brooke,

      You and me both! I feel clueless on the registry part. I’ll ask my sister and see if she has any tips and let you know! As for maternity shopping, Asos has a great maternity section and you can always find something cute at Gap too! I love the Paige Denim maternity jeans as well.

      I just found a bunch of cute accessories for the nursery at TJ Maxx and find new ideas for nursery decor on pinterest :) Oh and Look on Lad of Nod. They have really cute nursery stuff!

      Hope this helps. Thank you so much for reading my blog :)

  3. This sounds yummy! Be careful Rach with fish while pregnant! Most fish is farm-raised instead of wild caught. Larger fish contain a lot of mercury which is harmful all around but especially for a growing fetus. When I was pregnant I took a fish oil supplement (Fish is sourced from Norway) and had independent tests that showed no traces of PCB’s, mercury, and other harmful chemicals. The best fish (which don’t sound glamorous) are the smallest like sardines and anchovies. Just a thought since you mentioned the dish contained fish. It’s such a shame that our oceans are what they are today that it’s hard to enjoy fish anymore. :(

  4. Hi Ravhel, I usually don’t comment, but I wanted to let you know that you are holding your chef knife improperly. By placing your index finger over the blade, you don’t have proper control over the knife and your grip can slip. These knives are very sharp, so you risk giving yourself a nasty cut.

  5. Looks Yummy!! I would love to try them but they don’t deliver to my area in Nebraska :(. The food looks so good :( and the thought of not going to the grocery store is amazing!

  6. Hey, Rachel! This looks incredible…I am thinking that I definitely need to give Blue Apron a try. Where did you get the circular cutting board? It looks great, and would love to purchase it for my kitchen. Thank you! :-)

    By the way, your blog is always awesome, but it is has been especially on point in 2015. I really look forward to your posts each day.

  7. Hi Rachel! Your blog is my absolute favorite! It’s one of the first things I read in the morning. Can you tell me what lip color you are wearing in this post? Thanks! Julie

  8. I just love your blog! I have bought countless items you’ve suggested and you never steer your readers wrong! What are your thoughts on the West Elm flatware? I’ve been debating updating my cutlery with the gold, but am concerned about the hand washing aspect. Do you always hand wash yours and have you seen any of it tarnish over time? Thanks so much! I can’t wait to watch (from afar) you become a Mom. I’ve got a 6, 4 and 2 year old and love this life!

    1. I’ve had mine since August and they haven’t tarnished at all but I do hand wash and only use them for Sunday dinners or dinner parties I host. I don’t use them as my everyday flatware :)

      Hope this helped!

      Thanks so much for reading my blog!


  9. Would you share with me what brand and color your kitchen fixtures are? My husband and I are remodeling our kitchen and I love your fixture colors.
    Thank you,

      1. Hi! Did you get all your kitchen fixtures from waterstone? Could you share where you got your cabinet pulls and handles? Thanks so much!

        Did you change your island light?

  10. Rach, I went and bought the La Mer but I think they gave me the wrong cream. Is there a big difference between the soft cream and the regular cream?

    1. There is a difference. One is lighter than the other. I sampled both and ended up loving the Creme de La Mer. I would get a tester of both see which one you like better for your skin! :)

  11. Hi Rach I absolutely love your blog! I was wondering how many place settings of the Kate Spade dishes you have? I recently bought 4 but can’t decide how many to get. Thanks!

  12. Hey Rach.

    Your posts are always so interesting I love everything you share with us. I was wondering if you could tell me which color are your waterstone faucets?

    Thank you.

  13. Hi Rachel! I know this is an old post but I absolutely love your kitchen! Its gorgeous. Would you mind sharing your cabinet and wall paint colors? Its so hard to find just the right white and you did an amazing job decorating and designing yours. Its so bright.

  14. Hi Rachel! I know this is an old post but I absolutely love your kitchen! Its gorgeous. Would you mind sharing your cabinet and wall paint colors? Its so hard to find just the right white and you did an amazing job decorating and designing yours. Its so bright. Thank you!

    Congrats on your new baby by the way!

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