In the Kitchen with Blue Apron (2)…

I love to cook at home but sometimes I run out of new recipes to try or I just don’t have time to make a run to the grocery store. I’ve previously posted about Blue Apron on my blog and today I’m excited to share with you another meal of theirs I recently made for me and Drew.

In case you’re not familiar with Blue Apron, It is a service that delivers fresh ingredients to your home weekly along with recipe cards for three healthy, delicious and unique meals (really when you’re finished making the meals you’ll feel like a gourmet chef). I only need to make dinner for two people so when I meal plan for the week and go to the grocery store, I always end up throwing away SO much food because both Drew and I can’t go through it fast enough before it goes bad. I love Blue Apron because they deliver exactly what I need for each meal so there is no wasting involved!

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Top: J.Crew | Bracelets: David Yurman (herehere), Nordstrom | Lips: YSL #31
Plates: Kate Spade ℅ | Flatware: West Elm
For this meal, I made Basted Flank Steaks with Beet-Freekeh Salad. I LOVED it!! One of my pregnancy cravings has been red meat so this meal totally hit the spot! Both Drew and I have never tried a beet salad before so it was fun to try something completely new! This recipe came from Chef John Adler at Franny’s in Brooklyn and some of my very favorite restaurants in the entire world are in NYC so it was definitely a treat to be able to cook a dish that came from the big apple!
If you’re interested in trying Blue Apron, the first 100 Pink Peonies readers to sign up here will recieve 2 free meals! Happy cooking!
xo, Rach
Brought to you by Blue Apron.
Photos by Jessa Kae.
xo, Rach
In the Kitchen with Blue Apron (2)…
In the Kitchen with Blue Apron (2)…
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61 thoughts on “In the Kitchen with Blue Apron (2)…

  1. Such a great concept especially when you have a super busy work schedule I need to look for something like this in my area!

  2. This is not meant to be a rude comment but I was wondering if you have an editor for your blog. The pictures look professional but the writing has a lot of grammatical and spelling errors. I am not referring to this blog specifically but it is something I notice when I read your blogs. To maintain a professional image you should find an editor who can correct your posts without changing your voice.

    1. Paige, your comment wasn’t rude at all. I’m always up for constructive criticism.

      I wish I had an editor but unfortunately I don’t. I write these posts late at night and always proof read but I’m sure there are a lot of errors I miss. Maybe as my blog continues to grow I’ll hire an editor but for right now it’s just me so I do the best I can. Hopefully the images make up for the bad grammar ;)


      1. In line with that comment. you spelled “steaks” incorrectly. Since that is the main focus of the article, and you’re being paid to write this post, an editor would make sure you keep the readers and the sponsors happy by not butchering the spelling of the product you are selling.

        1. I write these posts late at night and sometimes miss errors, I probably should get an editor. Thanks for the suggestion and thanks for reading my blog :)


  3. Rachel….always a great job posting on your blog.:) I think you are very on point with what your readers are hoping to see next! Anyways, I am enjoying it all the time. That said, where are those napkins from!! They are perfect!

    1. I got them from Anthro about six months ago, not sure if they still have them but it’s worth checking :) Hope this helped


  4. Would love to hear how you’re liking your marble countertops! They get a bad rap but are so beautiful and I’m trying ot make my own decisions about whether or not to go w/ Calacutta Gold!

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