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^^ Front door color is Iced Marble (I thought we chose Quiet Moments but went back and looked it up so if I told any of you Quiet Moments I was wrong. It’s Iced Marble by Benjamin Moore)

^^ This oval window is my favorite detail on the entire home!!

^^ All brick exterior and for paint are deciding between Dove Wing, Soft Chamois and Gray Mist (all by Benjamin Moore). We are going for a soft and creamy color. The color in this picture looks a lot whiter than it is in real life.

^^ Dasher Boy exploring his new soon-to-be new home! 

^^ Windsor wood windows in the color Linen

^^ Can’t wait to swim in our pool! Isla Rose and Jackson have been doing so well with the swimming lessons this summer and I know they will enjoy the pool even more next summer!

Happy Thursday! It’s been awhile since I’ve written an update! We took these pictures a a few weeks ago and it’s crazy to see how much has changed since then. You can see more updates in my Instagram stories!  We celebrated our front door being installed a few Sundays ago by stopping by to take some pictures. For the front door we actually decided to go with metal instead of wood. I was worried about the wood warping especially with the sun hitting on it during the day. In Utah a metal door will hold up better anyways but what I love is that from far away it still looks like wood.

A lot of you have been asking we will be moving in. We are hoping for the end of September! I’m getting so excited and anxious to call this place home. We have been working closely with Alice Lane to design the exterior and interior and I am so happy with how everything is coming together.  We look a lot closer to being done on the interior than we do the exterior. Next week I’ll be sharing an update on the interior!

Ask me all of the questions you have in the comments and make sure to come back next week for another update!






xo, Rach
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39 thoughts on “House Update…

  1. Hi Rachel, it’s fun watching your house progress! Just wanted to give you a paint testing tip. The reason you can’t tell that the colour you are testing is more cream than a true white is because there is no white around it. Always take a true white like Chantilly lace and paint all around your test sample, that’s how you can get a true read of what it looks like. I would also pick an area between your windows so you can really see it properly instead of just slapping it up on the middle of the house. Hope that helps! Love your blog, it’s my favourite! x Maria

    1. Maria,
      I have followed you for years and like your comment. You have helped me and so many, many people.
      Rach, incredible house. Your house posts afe my favourte of all your pists.

  2. absolutely gorgeous rach!! i gave drew a shoutout on insta earlier for a job well done on the master fireplace. i’m so excited you’ll be in before the holiday madness! i have one question for you…. from your first build to this build, did you cut costs in certain areas so you could spend a little more in others? for example, you didn’t have a wash area for dasher boy in your first house.. did you scale back on furnishings in another room so that could be added? I know I take inspiration (on a much smaller scale) from your decor and I’m curious as to where you would (or have) cut corners.

  3. A huge congratulations and i must say its already looking so amazing. well done. my question is, what can you advise a young family that isnt wealthy i must say but has been dreaming to buy a piece of land and build their own spot. its been my dream for years but looks impossible. your advise will be much appreciated. thank you!

  4. Gorgeous & love the update! I would love to know the name & brand of your painted ceramic or porcelin floral tile floor. It is beauTiful! Thank you!

  5. LookinG gorgeoUs! Were looking for lots to start buidling on in northern california And would love to hear all your advice on building a home. WEre obviously going to have an architect do up the plans, My husband is a contractor And im pretty good about the details but iS it worth it to work with a designer? Are drawers better in the kitchen than cabinets? Any other advice you can give us would be greatly appreciated! Thank you

  6. What a beautiful home! I love seeing these updates and the behind the scenes design process. I’m definitely living vicariously through you all! My favorite paint color is Gray Mist. Curious to see what you end up choosing!

  7. Loving the updates and proGress! It all looks amazing, cant wait to see iT finished! Thanks for sharing coLors. This might be a ling shot, but bY chance do you REMEMBER thE paint color of the wondows on yOur old house?

  8. Oh my goodness!!! The exterior of my home is Dove Wing – it is board & Batten witha brick skirt. My front door is iced marbke – but, we took it down to 50%. Ive used it many, many times since for my custom home clients!! Cant wait to seethe brick painted!

  9. Its been so fun watchinng the hOuse come together!! What was your inspration for the design? I absolutely love your pantry floor! Will you be showing us the whole interior when its FinishEd?

  10. I’m super curious about this whole painted brick idea as no one in my area does anything like this. If one is going to paint or Limewash on a new build, do you just pick an inexpensive brick and not worry about the color or shape of it? Is your mortar considered an overgrout? I’d love it if you shared some information about this process in your next post. This is so exciting and beautiful!

  11. i Am looking for some iNspirTion on how my new home and came across ur blog. Your house is so beautiful!. And this is a bit belated but i am crazy over this top that you are wearing here. Can i know wHEre i get get it? Thanks so much!

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