home. sweet. home.

Drew and I just moved into a new home and I just love it! Now I need to decorate it! I am totally obsessed with Alice Lane Home Collection! There is just one problem… It is very $$$$!! One day I’ll be able to decorate my dream home in all Alice Lane (hopefully)! I got my living room and entry way inspiration from Alice Lanes blog.

I love how this rooms colors are very neutral with a hint of blue.

These two beauties are from my sweet husband Drew! He bought them for me for my birthday! They are still being shipped but I can not wait for the addition to our cute home!
This chair is amazing! The idea is to add two of them to the family room.. We’ll see if Drew goes for it..
Perfect peice to go over our kitchen table
Love the saying and the pillow
I already have this lamp! I absolutely LOVE it. It’s new home is the end table once it arrives can’t wait!
Both my mom and Emily have this beautiful picture of Christ it is one of my favorites!
These fun candle sticks are from Zgallarie I need them in my house

This chest is so gorgous! Perfect for the entry way. Love it.

I have a lot of work to do on the house and I’m going to have add peices slowly but I can’t wait to get started! I’ll post the finished result in about 5 years when it is done ;)
xo, Rach
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7 thoughts on “home. sweet. home.

  1. Raci,

    Check out my fave at Horchow.com. I love the end tables your getting! So cute. Don’t get the Z Gallerie antler candlestick holders. I loved mine until the boys decided to use them as weapons! No theyre not so fabulous:(. Also check out roomservice.com

  2. I love all these pieces! Especially the chandelier. Ballard is one of my favorites. And I would buy everything in Alice Lane if I could afford it! Cute blog!

  3. Those candle sticks are the business!

    I am sure and hope by now you have been able to get your Alice Lane Home Collection home.. :)

  4. You dreamed big and looks like you got your wish! Except for the fact that what you have today is far more beautiful than the inspiration pics you shared. Blessed girl!!

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