Summer essentials: Headed to the pool…


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Happy Wednesday everyone! In honor of summertime and this warm weather we’ve been having lately, here’s some must-have items for heading to pool or beach or anywhere to cool off. I’m currently dreaming of a beach somewhere ;)

Xo, Rach

xo, Rach
Summer essentials: Headed to the pool…
Summer essentials: Headed to the pool…
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  1. I am probably repeating what someone else has already said but anyway….after 3 babies that loved to be held ALL the time we found 2 things helped to give us a little sleep and time to get things done. First the bouncy seat worked wonders. I would put it where the baby could still see me and I could talk to the baby. They all loved that constant motion. The other one was harder, the pediatrician told me that some babies need to cry themselves off to sleep. I found this heartbreaking. But one exhasuated night I put the little one down and she cried for about 5 very long minutes and then off she went. Some nights much longer and I would get her and give her some snuggles – but most nights she just needed to cry it out and then fall asleep. But my favorite mom story of all time was when after her 5th baby, my close friend told the doctor her 2 week old was sleeping through the night…the doctor said “no – you are the one sleeping through the night” Enjoy the snuggles too!!!

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