Happy Birthday to my Isla Rose…

p2 - 1 p2 - 2 p2 - 3p2 - 4p2 - 5p2 - 6 p2 - 8p2 - 10 p2 - 9 p2 - 11 p2 - 13 p2 - 12^^the day we found out the gender of our baby (Jackson) who was in my tummy. I was only about 14 or 15 weeks here and SOOOO sick.

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^^ Dress: Rachel Parcell | Heels: Christian Louboutin | Lips: YSL #7 lipstick and Soar liner by MAC | Isla’s Dress: Gap (similar style here and here) | Isla’s Shoes: Nordstrom | Isla’s Bow: Wunderkin Co.

p2 - 23

It’s Isla’s second birthday today and I’m feeling a mix of emotions. Mainly wishing I could freeze time and keep her my little girl forever.

I can’t possibly put into words my love for this spunky human. I love everything about her. Her scent, her eyelashes, her laugh, the sound her feet make as she runs around the house as fast as her legs will carry her, her cheesy smile, her voice when she says yes or no or mama or dada, her growls when she gets mad. There are so much more but we would be here all day if I listed them all out to you.

I’m so grateful and beyond blessed to be her mama. I don’t know what I did to deserve her. She has my whole heart (and I know I can speak for Drew and say she has his too).

Isla Rose, mama loves you and you probably won’t ever understand just how much until you have your own child one day.

Xo, Rach/mama

xo, Rach
Happy Birthday to my Isla Rose…
Happy Birthday to my Isla Rose…
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132 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to my Isla Rose…

  1. Oh Isla Rose, you DEFINITELY bring sunshine and happiness to this infinite space called the internet. You’ve certainly put a smile on my face and even made me bust out laughing more times that I can remember. May your light ALWAYS shine brightly. I wish you only the happiest of birthdays (and lots of cake)!! Hugs!!!

    1. I just Loved looking at these sweet pics of Isla Rose! I wholeheartedly agree with Erika ^^above that she brings sunshine and happiness to the internet and IG!!!! Hope she has the best birthday ever. I know you will make it a special and wonderful day for her!! She is the CUTEST GIRL EVER!! Happy Birthday to you, sweet Isla Rose!


  2. This post is sooo beautiful ❤ I feel like you are part of my family as I started following you even before you got pregnant with isla! May Almighty shower all his blessings on your family ?

  3. WOW she’s already two!! It’s incredible how time goes by… what a privilege it is have been able to have followed her growth since she was in your tummy (: i can remember all photos (that have been posted), as if they had been shared yesterday!!
    Congrats to you Rach, that bring this little human being to world aaand Happy Birthday to Isla Rose the most charismatic, fun and gorgeous “blogger baby girl” i know. God bless you <3

  4. Oh my goodness, I just Loved looking through these sweet pics of Isla Rose! Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl! She is honestly the CUTEST LITTLE GIRL EVER!! I know she will have a wonderful day, and you will make it special. Enjoy every moment with your sweet beautiful children! Happy Birthday to you, Isla Rose!

  5. As a mom of two who are 23 months apart I can say how busy you must be but Isla is literally the cutest girl on the web!!!! Absolute doll!!!! Happy birthday to your amazing little girl. You’re rocking this mom thing too :) xo.

  6. Aw, Happy Birthday, Isla! I can’t believe how fast she’s growing, Rach! I’ve been following your blog from before you were pregnant with her, so it’s really beautiful to see these photos again and witness her growth. Thanks for including us on your motherhood journey :) I know you’re having a great time celebrating her birthday week!



  7. She is the cutest thing and that cheese smile just kills me!!!! Such a sweet post and just what we needed to kick start our day. Isla girl you are so loved!!!!!

  8. Happy 2nd Birthday, sweet Isla! My son is 20 days younger than Isla, and seeing all her pictures just sends me back in time with my son; so many emotions!

  9. She is the cutest! I’ve loved watching her grow! Keep all of those photos (and snaps/instas) coming! Happy birthday to your beautiful Isla girl! <3

  10. It seems like only yesterday I started reading your blog when you just got married, followed your transformation to when you had Isla, and then Jackson, and now time seems to have just skipped because she looks so big and you have come so far. I wish you and Drew so much love, happiness and abundance. God bless you guys.

    1. I know!!!! Time is so precious :) Thanks for following along and sharing this journey with me!

      xo, Rach

  11. Oh, this brings tears to my eyes. Happy birthday sweet Isla Rose! We’re expecting our first baby (also a little girl!) in July, and I’m so giddy with excitement to discover motherhood as a mama of a baby girl.

  12. These are absolutely beautiful and precious photos ?? A mother’a love for her children is like no other. You are an amazing mom! ??

  13. Happy Birthday Isla Rose! It is such a joy to follow along and watch her grow! Thank you for sharing your amazing style and beautiful little girl Rachel! I hope she has the best day!

    Love from Virginia!

  14. Happy birthday beautifula isla rose?
    Hy rach,i am bharti from India.i’m following you from the date when isla born,i feel soo happy and referesh after seeing your pics,especially with your babies,my whole family loves your. Lots of love to isla and jackson from my side.happy birthday once again isla?

  15. Isla is lovelyy i have been following you much before you got pregnant with her and i have always wished the best for you. You have a beautiful family rachel may god bless you. Like always.
    Also you are someone i admire and look up to you are an incredible woman. Much love.

    Pragya :)

  16. happy birthday to your tiny little beauty!!! i love how openly and honestly you love being a mom to your sweet little ones. they are blessed little babes, for sure!!

  17. I came across your site as i was searching the internet and saw your daughter’s name is Isla Rose! My daughter’s name is Isla Rose as well! she will be turning 6 in in august and i cant believe it! Just wanted to say hello and tell you how i thought that was so cool they have the same name, I don’t come across too many Isla’s these days and a lot of people mispronounce it…I just tell them it’s like Island with out the “ND” ha!

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