Going Neutral…

long-cashmere-cozy-sweater black-ray-ban-aviators black-rockstud-valentino-tote charcoal-grey-skinny-jeans ray-ban-black-aviators nude-christian-louboutin-so-kate-pumps grey-rag-and-bone-teeCardigan: Nordstrom | Tee: Rag&Bone | Bottoms: J.Brand, old (similar style) | Heels: Christian Louboutin (similar style under $100 here) | Bag: Valentino | Glasses: Ray-Ban | Earrings: Nordstrom | Lips: Liner-Boldly Bare by MAC, Lipstick-Madere by NARS, Lipsgloss-Turkish Delight by NARS

Today’s look is all about neutrals! Pair a cozy cardi and basic tee with boots during the day and heels for a night out!

xo, Rach

xo, Rach
Going Neutral…
Going Neutral…
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158 thoughts on “Going Neutral…

  1. Very beautiful outfit. I love the combination of grey and beige and the heels make an otherwise rather simple outfit a lot more chic!

  2. How in the world are you not wearing maternity pants? I’m 20 weeks along with my first and there is no way that I could wear anything with a zipper or button right now.

    1. Cate,

      Congrats on you pregnancy! My days are very numbered in my regular jeans, I have to tie a hair elastic around the button because I can’t button them anymore haha! I’m holding out as long as I can on wearing maternity jeans because I can’t find any washes I like. :)

  3. Hi Rachel, your pregnancy style is so awesome! I’m curious if you have any tips for wearing jeans with a baby bump? It seems like you may still be wearing non-maternity jeans and as a fellow pregnant lady I’m curious if there is a trick to it? Congratulations on your expanding family.

    1. Thank you! A year ago I would wear clip in extensions sometimes but my hair has shot down since then so this is my natural hair! Could be because of all the prenatal pills I’m taking?


  4. Love this simple, neutral ensemble and your hair looks amazing! But I need to know, how are you still fitting into those non-maternity jeans?!? I’m only 18 weeks and have resorted to maternity jeans and leggings at this point. I too am very slim and only have a belly, but the non-maternity jeans just don’t come close to closing…

    Please share your secret!

    1. Margo!

      Congrats on your pregnancy, so exciting! I randomly still fit into my jeans that have stretch in them. I can’t button them up anymore so I just a hair elastic around the button and button hole to keep them closed. I’m having a hard time finding washes of jeans I like that are maternity so I’m wearing my regular jeans until I absolutely can’t!

      Where do you buy your maternity jeans from?? I need help!



      1. Thank you so much!

        I was doing the hair tie trick for a while too, but maternity jeans are just soooo much more comfortable. I actually bought the store brand ones from Destination Maternity. They are sized XS-L and I purchased the XS. They fit great and look like premium denim {I work for a luxury retail company and my coworkers are surprised at how chic they are!}. I got the full paneled – over the belly – ones, which are great for the cold winter we are having in NJ, and have plenty of room for my belly to grow.

        For side panel, I really like J Brand. Those are great when you are wearing something tighter so you can’t see the panel.

        If you come across any other chic maternity wear gems, please send suggestions my way! I’ll do the same :)

  5. Are you wearing maternity jeans? Since your belly has grown do you use anything in particular when you wear your normal jeans/pants? Thanks!

  6. Just happened upon your website while looking for kitchen inspiration for our new home…you are adorable. Would love to see more photos in the Home Interiors section. Congrats on the little one :)

  7. Oh Rach iam so happy you are pregnant ,you look so cute.My english is not good because i speak only french iam just trying to speak in english.Congrats!

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