Gifts for my Littles that are in my Shopping Cart…

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I’m trying to get all of my Christmas shopping done by early this week and above are items that are currently sitting in my shopping cart (I already have that pink J.Crew coat for Isla Rose, so so cute!!). It’s always hard for me to narrow down/come up with present ideas for my kids so I thought I would share some ideas with you in case you needed a few more things.

One present I’m really excited to give them is a little sleep-over fort. We have a playhouse that Drew built for them in the playroom and right now the house is  empty. Drew and I are going to set up a little fort for them on Christmas Eve so it’s magical for them on Christmas morning . I’m planning on centering this moon to the inside of the playhouse wall, then stringing these star lights on the ceiling. We’ll also set up two of these little sleeping bags with stacks of books surrounding. This is their big Santa gift and then we’ll do some smaller gifts under the tree from me and Drew. I can’t wait to see their faces!!

Any more toy ideas? What are you getting your kids from Christmas?

Also these markers I added are AMAZING! My kids both like markers better than crayons and these ones are invisible unless used on the special coloring page they come with…SOooo you don’t need to worry about getting markers on their cloths or your furniture!!

xo, Rach
Gifts for my Littles that are in my Shopping Cart…
Gifts for my Littles that are in my Shopping Cart…
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6 thoughts on “Gifts for my Littles that are in my Shopping Cart…

  1. My daughters had a similar cash register that they played with year after year! They are 16 and 20 now and we still have their little cash register as they don’t want to part with it!!

  2. So so cute!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Please take pictures of the playHouse setup (for your bloG or inStagram). I am so curiOus To see the endresult ☺️

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