My growing girl…

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Isla turned one years old a few months ago and I seriously can’t believe how quickly her first year flew by. Time needs to slow down a little. I’ve been trying to soak in every moment with her because she is growing and developing so quickly. She’s a girl on the go now and loves to strut her stuff. She has this little booty shake when she walks that both Drew and I get such a kick out of, it’s the cutest thing ever!

Now that she is 14 months, we’ve started weaning her off formula/breast milk. I recently discovered the Stage 3 Gerber Good Start Grow toddler milk and have been mixing it into Isla’s bottles to slowly help make that transition. I think the probiotics in Gerber Good Start Grow toddler drink are really great for Isla’s tummy as we transition her more and more to table food. It’s so important to me that she’s still getting all of the nutrients she needs as she continues to grow and develop in her toddler years.

Stage 3 Gerber Good Start Grow has essential nutrients that Isla needs including Iron and Vitamins C & E, that I just found out even cow’s milk is lacking. I love that Gerber designed this toddler drink to give proper nutrients that are commonly missing from toddlers’ diets like Potassium. If you have a little one nearing their first birthday, check out Gerber’s website for more info.

 Since becoming a mom, I’ve quickly learned every mom has her own opinion of what is best to feed a baby/toddler. What works for one baby/mom, doesn’t necessarily work for another baby/mom. I would love to hear what you mamas feed your little ones for the transition from breastfeeding/formula feeding, but please keep it positive and kind. Unfortunately I’ve seen moms get into online fights over things like this and I truly believe that as moms we all need to support each other and love each other. At the end of the day, we’re all doing our very best and we need to stick together!

xo, Rach

Brought to you by Gerber, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

xo, Rach
My growing girl…
My growing girl…
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  1. Everyday is cherished with memories and happiness … Watching your loved ones grow older, try hard to capture those moments, they are the ones that usually makes you smile even on your most difficult days! :)

    Love the photo with DasherBoy, Mom & Princess Isla Rose together. Always a delightful feeling! :)

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  2. She’s growing up so adorable! Thanks for sharing! My little will be turning 1 in September, and I’ve been wondering how to make that transition, so I will definitely look into this as a way to ease her into cow’s milk!

  3. After switching my son to milk when he turned one, I learned from my friends that most didn’t give their child cow’s milk. Instead they preferred almond milk. This was all news to me! At 15 months (tomorrow!), he gets cow’s milk with his bedtime bottle, a smoothie with almond milk and spinach in the morning and water throughout the day. I found he started eating more solid foods once I stopped giving him milk at every meal. Like you said, it’s up to each mom/parent to figure out what they feel is best for their child. I think we all do the best we can with the information we have!

  4. Your sweet girl is absolutely beautiful Rachel! I’ve never heard of toddler milk before, thanks so much for the info! Our twin girls won’t be here for another few months, but it’s always so nice to prepare for later on down the road! And love what you said about all moms needing to be kind to one another, so incredibly true. Can’t wait to meet your little boy!


  5. Thank you for reminding mothers out there to be kind and supportive of one another. As someone who exclusively formula-feeds her baby and has since his birth, I know first-hand how combative conversations about what we feed our children can become. After struggling to conceive for over four years and having to resort to many failed rounds of fertility treatments before finally succeeding with IVF, it drives me nuts when people I’ve never met presume that I don’t love my child because I don’t feed him the way they would prefer. They don’t know me or the reasons behind my choices, but my little boy is thriving, and I have no regrets. Good luck with your little one’s transition!

    1. I don’t think people share opposing views on breastfeeding because they believe you don’t love your child, it’s probably more that wish to share with you the many benefits for both mother and baby. My number one reason for breastfeeding my child well beyond a year was for her personal benefit but a nice side benefit is that not only did I lose all the baby weight in record-time (probably not normal for most in 6 weeks time) but my child is one of the healthiest I know. Formula is man-made ingredients and chemicals vs. what our body makes specifically for our child. It’s like wearing a pair of generic jeans vs. a pair that was custom made for you. ;)

  6. I nursed my twin daughters but had to supplement with formula as I didn’t have enough to exclusively Breast feed. I then transitioned to baby food then soft regular food such as cooked veggies, fruits & easy to chew foods.

  7. I love this post- our babies are about the same age. My son was born 2/15- the first year flies! I have a 2 and 3 year old as well and time does seem to slow down just a little after they hit one. We actually kept feeding our son formula because I forgot to cancel my reoccurring order (twice!) which gave us a 6 week supply. Honestly I feel like whatever you choose- formula, toddler start, milk, almond milk, they all pack the nutrients your baby will need. One thing I have always done is give my children a tsp of fish oil each night before bed it is excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids that experts believe helps children’s brain development. I took it as well during pregnancy and breast feeding. And you are doing better than you think you are with the mom stuff- keep it up!
    Xo, Tara

  8. My baby will be 19 months old this month and I can’t believe it. I hate how fast the time has gone but with each stage, she can do new incredible things. I just discovered your blog and love it so thought I should introduce myself. :)

  9. We love to do green smoothies and put them in a kid camelback water bottle. That way my kiddo gets a serving of greens and carrots every day. I know you have been into making green smoothies as well. Its an easy thing that you can make for everyone in the family. Some times its hard to get those busy body to sit down long enough to eat a full meal. Its something that my son carries around and actually finishes.

  10. It does fly by too fast doesn’t it! It probably seems crazy that you’ll be welcoming another babe soon too!

    My son is a month older than sweet Isla, and when he hit about 13 mos we just quit the bottles old turkey (I quit breastfeeding at 8 mos). I really didn’t want to start a whole other routine with having cows milk on hand everywhere we went and his doctor said it was totally optional. It honestly only took him a couple of days before he stopped looking for it in the a.m. and night. He eats lots of dairy throughout the day and I actually tried giving him milk (his reaction was meh) and I even bought a thing of toddler formula but I’ve never opened it! Whatever you decide–good luck!

  11. Rachel,
    You and your sister Emily are two of the most elegant mamas I know. When I switched from Breastmilk to formula I suffered a lot of guilt because I actually can provide for my girl but I really don’t want to. From the second month baby was born, I suffered yeast infection on my breast. Since then, I had to restrict my diet to eggs, veg and rice only. No soy, no yeast, no fermented stuff. A piece of bread can send me to the lactation consultant right away. Life was so miserable and I wasn’t happy. After I stopped my breastfeeding my child, I feel much happier and I can do a lot more!! We always hear this: Happy Mama Happy Child!!!

    If you are making a transition, just do it and be happy about it.

    Just one question here, I suffered postpartum depression and it seemed it was so difficult to remain happy while being chained to breast pump or baby. My husband was not very sensitive to my needs and he wasn’t very helpful as a dad. We became very distant.
    How do you remain to be so happy and to be so in love with Andrew? Any tips?

  12. Hello Rach! I loved this post and I can’t believe how big isla rose is getting!!! This may be a little off topic, but I wondered where you got your robe from?

  13. Hi,

    Your daughters nursery is absolutely gorgeous!! It’s quite honestly, the perfect nursery I’ve imagined. Would you kindly leave brand/color information for your crib, drapes, rug and turquoise cabinet and light fixture? Sorry to ask so much, but, it’s stunning:) Enjoy those beautiful children.


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