From Workout to On The Go…


Jacket: Zella | Leggings: New Balance (similar style here)  | Shoes: APL (similar style here)| Sports bra: Nordstrom | Water bottle: S’well (similar bottle here) | Glasses: Saint Laurent

Happy Thursday morning. I hope your week is going well so far! I’m currently in NY with my mom. It helps having her here, even though I miss my babies and Drew like crazy!!! I somehow don’t feel as homesick because I have my mama here with me. I’m such a homebody so whenever I leave out of town I always get a little nauseated (so annoying, I don’t know how to kick it other than to go back home) but we are having fun and having her here helps! I’m a grown women and still need my mom haha!

Ok let’s talk about fitness wear that can transition into your day look. I workout in the mornings before my babes wake up. I come home, make my protein shake, drink it while I answer emails and then I’m waking my babes up, feeding them breakfast, getting Isla ready for pre-school, running out the door to carpools and meetings, etc.

I don’t have time to get dressed most mornings so I usually stay in my workout clothes (It works for me because I don’t sweat enough in my workout to have to take a shower immediately after to go in public). I always try and purchase a workout look that can double as a day look so I still want to look cute, pulled together and somewhat presentable if I need to run to the office for a meeting, lunch date or errands.

I can’t workout in a lot of layers, it makes me feel claustrophobic so I always end up in a crop top and after I throw a cute jacket over. Here’s how to get a workout look that can double as a day look!

Cute Jacket: This is a must! It can be light weight but it’s going to be the statement piece of the look. Black is always my go-to. Start with a black jacket and then from there you can add more color.

Sneakers that are functional but cute: There are a lot of cue sneakers out there. Not all of them are functional. There are a lot of functional sneakers out there, not all of them are cute. My favorites for working out and running around the town are APL’s and the Nike both cute, both functional!

Hat: I don’t have a hat on here but a cute hat is always a good idea, especially to cover un-done hair.

Leggings: Black is always my go-to. So flattering and just works with anything! I usually don’t wear shorts because I don’t want to be running around in tiny shorts all day, especially if it’s not warm. I can wear the leggings all day and feel comfortable and covered. Perfect for chasing my kids around! Right now my favorite legging or tight have some sheer mesh on the bottom. Such a fun detail!

Do you all stay in your workout clothes during the day or do you get dressed and ready daily? If you do please tell me your secrets!! ;)

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xo, Rach
From Workout to On The Go…
From Workout to On The Go…
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17 thoughts on “From Workout to On The Go…

  1. Hi Rachel,

    I started following you on IG after Katherine HieGel shared her Bbg journey and reFerreD to you as her inspiration – so i started following you too?

    I would love to see some more posts from you describing your oWn fiTness journey from the beginning until now, when did you struggle, did you follow the Programme a 100%…

    I am a mom of two liTtle girls and a fulltime career, and i realLy stUggled finding the motivation to start bbg, but i started 5 weeks ago AnD it is great. Thank you for the inspiartion, i love reading your fitness posts On ig and your blOg?
    As i Already Wake up at 6 o’clock every morNing to get ready for work etc, i have to work out in the evenIngs, therefore i only manage 0-2 cardio and three resistance work outs a week. How did you start out? Did you manage three Of each a week in your first round of bbg? and how Do you manage tOday?

    I am also struggeling quite a lot with tHe Diet part of the program. I try to eat healthy but during the weekends i find it almOst impossible to stay away from chocolate. How did you handle the diet during Your first round of bbg? And do you often Indulge in something “forbidden”?

    I am strUggeling Quite a lot and would love some posts where you tell about your fiTness journey – tips a struggles. You managed to really do it and i find mySelf queStionng if i am dought it RIGHt.

    Thank you for your great inspiratIon.

    Alexandra, Denmark

  2. I don’t know how you dont sweat enough after a workout! I always shower after. I hate the feeling of having gross sweaty hair and then having it dry on me. Black is the staple to my clothing. Love the shoes! Normally i don’t go for white shoes, but those are ???

  3. Rachel, your Workout posts have been such an inspiration for me! Can you talk more about the post-partum exercises you did (or the BBG modifications) for your diastasis recti and how long it took you to correct it? Thanks!!

  4. That’s weird, just 6 days ago in your secret deodorant sponsored post you said “I NEED a deodorant that offers faster, extra effective protection for everyday life and when I sweat through a tough workout (BBG and my cardio classes which are super intense!!!).” today you’re saying you don’t sweat enough to have to change from your workout clothes. which is it? I bet your friend kayla itsines doesn’t appreciate you saying her workout isn’t difficult.

    1. It is difficult. I never said it wasn’t. But there is a difference between sweating so much that you are dripping and have to take a shower. Utah is a dry climate so here I don’t sweat like crazy, I still sweat but on days when I don’t have time to get ready I don’t stink so I can get away with staying in my workout clothes. I’m not the only person who does this. Also- deodorant is essential because I would stink if I didn’t use it and then I really wouldn’t be able to wear my workout clothes all day on the days I don’t have time to get ready. People like you have an agenda, you’ve decided you don’t like me and you will literally pick apart and twist anything I say. Why don’t you unfollow and stop looking at my stuff. It’s not normal to be so mean to a complete stranger, let alone take time out of your day to leave such a rude and condescending comment.

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