Fourth of July…

pp pp3 pp5 pp6 pp1^^Dasher and my dad after the race

pool-side-look pp8 summer-maternity-bathing-suit ^^Swimsuit: Marysia | Hat: Club Monacopp9 pp7^^My gorgeous sister’s Megan and Lindsay

pp14 pp10 pp13 pp11 pp15^^Dancing around at the neighborhood firework show and BBQ.

pp19^^My sisters and handsome Canny Manny. He’s trying to escape his mama’s arms to go cause trouble with the Isla Rose

pp16^^Cutest romper I’ve ever seen!

pp20 pp17 pp18^^Drama mama. She was mad we picked her up for a photo. She was too busy dancing around with Cannon.

pp21Camera:  DSLR EOS Canon Rebel T6I  | Lens: 50f/1.2L USM

 The Fourth of July is hands down one of my favorite holidays, so many of my most precious childhood memories came from summer time and celebrating the Fourth with my family. Last year was Isla’s first Fourth of July and I took a bunch of photos on my phone that ended up breaking and I lost all of the photos. This year, I wanted to be sure to capture all of our family memories we are creating together and I’m backing them up on three different hard drives ;).

It’s tradition for my family and my in-laws to run the Freedom Run 5k/10k together. Since I’m majorly prego I just walked the 5k pushing Isla in the stroller and Dasher trotted along side of us. My father-in-law and dad train and run marathons together so they both ran the 10k (they are rockstars, especially my father-in-law who unfortunately has cancer, but he never let’s that get him down, he’s amazing). We all wake up at the crack of dawn, go run and then watch then after watch the parade and eat a MASSIVE brunch. After that, we always go hang out at the pool until it’s time for the neighborhood BBQ and firework show. It’s such a fun holiday!

All of these photos were taken on my Canon EOS Rebel T6i DSLR  with my 50f/1.2L lens. I’ve talked about my Rebel in a few previous posts and how much I love to use it to capture all of my family moments (especially because it has wifi). If you missed this post you can read some of my photography tips for taking frame worthy photos of your children and family.

xo, Rach

Brought to you by Canon.

xo, Rach
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36 thoughts on “Fourth of July…

  1. So much fun and festive feel to the photos … Even the little DasherBoy is decorated in patriotic touch. You and all your beautiful sisters could be twins twins twins! So much alike except your hair is a darker colour, that’s how I can tell that’s it’s you! So much fun & happiness! So beautiful! :)

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  2. Beautiful family! Thank you for sharing all of them with us. When is baby boy Parcell making his entrance? ? So exciting! Wishing you all the best! Pretty sure I’m your oldest follower lol, but love to see how you embrace family and God in your life. We need more young people to do this!

  3. I LOVE these photos, Rach! You look gorgeous in all of your holiday looks, but what I love most about them is how intimate they are and that you’ve chosen to share them with us on your blog. You have such a beautiful family and you can see that you’re all very close. I think it’s wonderful that your family and in-laws are very close, too. How awesome that both your dad and father-in-law train and run together. I’m sorry to hear that your in-law has cancer, I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers, for a miraculous heeling. Based on the fact that he runs (and such a long distance, too!!) shows how much of a fighter he is, which is VERY inspirational! Thanks again for sharing, beautiful, and I hope you’re having the most amazing day so far (you’re looking cuter and cuter as your belly grows!).



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