Favorite Tradition // Festive Jammies…

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Festive jammies have always been one of my favorite Christmas traditions from the time I was a little girl. Every Christmas Eve we have a delicious dinner and a mini talent show, then before bed my grandpa reads us The Christmas Story from the Bible and after we get to open one gift (which is always matching pajamas for me and my sisters). Today I’m sharing some of my very favorite festive pajamas for Christmas! What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?

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xo, Rach

xo, Rach
Favorite Tradition // Festive Jammies…
Favorite Tradition // Festive Jammies…
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    1. Yes definitely! I’ve been SO sick :( It’s fading off though. It feels like each day I feel a little bit better but during my first trimester it was really bad. That’s why the posts slowed down (don’t worry though I’m picking back up).

      Thanks so much for reading my blog!!


  1. cute post! and congrats to you and the hubby! such exciting news.

    love all the pjs but really love that wreath! where did you find!? perfect holiday decor.

    1. I just googled it, it’s just a stock image. I’m not sure you can purchase it. I just added it to make the board look more festive :) If I see it somewhere online I’ll let you know.


  2. I love this post because it is the first time I have ever heard anyone having this Christmas tradition! For years we all give each other new holiday jammies, put them on Christmas Eve and then open one stocking present. I got a rush of joy and anticipation reading this about what jammies I am going to get this year. I am going to send my daughter this post for hints! Some of you met my granddaughter in my Thanksgiving post, I get the honor of getting her her first Christmas PJ’s.
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  3. J.Crew pajamas are the cutest and I have to have that mug!
    Hope you are feeling better soon – pregnancy flies by fast. The baby will be here in no time! Congrats:)


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