What kind of camera do you use?

 For lifestyle or family photos I use the Canon Rebel with the 50MM 1.2 lens. For my outfit photos I use the Canon 5D Mark II camera.

Who Takes your photos?

My husband Drew take 90% of the photos you see on my blog. When he is busy I use a few local Utah photographers.

I want to start a blog, do you have any tips?

Be consistent. Be yourself. Be confident. Be patient. Write what you’re passionate about. Content is Key.

What do you use to edit your photos/create collages?

Photoshop and Lightroom.

Why did you start a fashion blog?

I’ve always had a love for fashion, ask anyone who knew me growing up. I was always the outlandish dresser (sometimes good, sometimes bad). I danced in high school and in college and always ended up designing costumes or being involved in the fashion side of dance, I guess I just gravitate towards it. When I got married I started a ‘journal blog’ to document our first year of marriage. We went on a vacation to Greece in May of ’10, when we returned home, I blogged about it and began receiving comments from women I didn’t know, asking me to post where I got my outfits. That sparked the idea to begin what is now Pink Peonies!

Why did you name your blog Pink Peonies?

My favorite color is pink and my favorite flowers are peonies. My wedding was full of both pink and peonies, it seemed fitting to my personality and style.

How Many Siblings do you Have?

 3 sisters, we grew up in a house full of girls! My older sister has life and style blog, Ivory Lane. I’m kind of obsessed!

How tall are you, how tall is your husband?

I’m 5’6 he’s 6’5, you can read a fun article about that here.

What is your fitness/eating routine?

I don’t really have one. I don’t deprive myself but I don’t splurge. I love making green smoothies in the morning full of spinach and fresh fruits. As far as working out goes, I run (when I have time).

What is one beauty product you can’t live without?

 My lipsticks!! Right now my favorite combo is Bodly Bare and Snob!

Where were you married?

 I was married in the LDS Salt Lake Temple.

Hello Gorgeous,

You are now being redirected to Nordstrom…

xo, Rach