Family Ski Day and What to Wear…

The first week of January we spent time as a family skiing. We went to Sundance and put kids in half day ski school. They loved it! Most ski schools you can start them at age 3-4. After, we made a reservation at one of my favorite restaurants, Foundry Grill. It is right up at Sundance. Upscale yet casual Cozy cabin atmosphere and the yummiest food! Their hot chocolate is amazing too! I have had a ton of questions about all things skiing. I have included everything in this post! My Moon Boots are hands down, the comfiest and warmest snow boots I have ever worn and they are a must buy!! They put Sorel to shame! All of our outfit deals are linked below.


Favorite Ski Resorts in Utah:


Deer Valley

Park City

Snow Bird


A few quick tips:

Thermals: Get thermals!! They make all the difference! The right thermals really do keep you and your kids warmer than just wearing normal leggings.

Hand warmers: We put hand warmers in the zipper pocket in our kids gloves, definitely do this to help keep their little hands toasty! I added some hand warmers to my gloves too and they do add more warmth.

Wool Socks: We all have wool socks. This is a must!! Your toes will get too cold if you don’t wear the right socks, and wool is the trick! I’ve linked the brand the whole family wears.



My Look::  Thermal Turtleneck: Free People | Thermal Leggings: Under Armour | Snow Boots: Moon Boots | Snow Pants: GOLDBERGH | Leopard Coat: GOLDBERGH | Beanie: Moncler | Goggles: Amazon | Wool Socks: Amazon


Isla Rose’s Look::  Jacket: The North Face | Mittens:  The North Face | Goggles: Amazon | Snow Pants: Amazon | Snow Boots: Jcrew | Helmet: Amazon| Thermals: Amazon | Wool Socks: Amazon


Bear’s Look::  Jacket: The North Face | Mittens: The North Face | Goggles: Amazon | Snow Pants: Amazon | Snow Boots: The North Face | Helmet: Amazon| Thermals: Amazon | Wool Socks: Amazon



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xo, Rach
Family Ski Day and What to Wear…
Family Ski Day and What to Wear…
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5 thoughts on “Family Ski Day and What to Wear…

  1. hi, Im going With my husband to park City In february. Any RESTAURANT recommendations? I did a search on your blog, but didn’t see aNy. We’re staying in canyons.
    P.s. love your blog. Just started reading about 6mos ago.

  2. Merino Wool (like your socks) is actually the best base layer out there for skiing. It will keep you the warmest and has antibacterial properties, which keeps away the smell, unlike synthetic fabrics. Wool also absorbs moisture from your body and keeps you dry. The 250 Merino Wool base layers from Smart Wool are the best and most popular ski base layers out there, but there are tons of other companies that carry Merino wool base layers for skiing, Kari Traa, icebreaker, rei, odlo, patagonia, Arcteryx, etc.

    When it comes to keeping warm and skiing, there is more than just a good base layer. For the coldest days.the 4 layering system is recommended.

    Base layer, fleece or softshell, an Insulation piece (this could be a down jacket on coldest days, or synthetic fill puffy or synthetic fill puffy vest) and then your outer shell.

    In your case your coat is already insulated, it is a down fill jacket. So you could skip the insulation piece or just make sure your insulation piece is a synthetic fill, not another down fill.

    However, using a down jacket skiing will not hold up on powder days or weather days. They are not waterproof and will not keep you warm or dry. The best all around PERFORMANCE ski jackets are waterproof (I prefer gortex) hard shells, with ventilation zips to allow more breathability and powder skirts to keep the snow out. They are meant for the harshest conditions and keep you warmest and DRYest. I would always recommend at the very least a waterproof ski jacket, As down jackets alone are only good for cold and dry, blue bird powder, no weather, etc.

    When you live in utah I hope you ski the powder days. That is some of the best powder out there.

  3. Hi Rachel, what size do you wear in the ski pants? I want to get them but the White ones are almost sold out in all sIzes. Black ones arE still aVailable in most and thinking of getting those.

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