Family Pajamas


Jackson’s Pajamas – Thermal Fitted Two-Piece Pajamas

Jackson’s Hat – Faux Fur Pom Beanie

Drew’s Pajamas – Thermal & Flannel Mix Pajamas (will be available to shop today)

Rachel’s Pajamas – Thermal Pajamas

Rachel’s Hat – Faux Fur Pom Beanie

Rachel’s Socks – Slouchy Ribbed Socks

Isla Rose’s Pajamas – Thermal Fitted Two-Piece Pajamas

Dash’s Bandana – Tartan Plaid Pet Bandana

Home Accents:

Tartan Plaid Throw – Tartan Plaid Blanket

Tartan Plaid Pillow – Tartan Plaid Accent Pillow

Plaid Stocking – Plaid Stocking with Faux Fur Trim

*Men’s Holiday Pajamas are currently being stocked, we apologize for the inconvenience. Items will be live on Nordstrom once they are available.*


xo, Rach
Family Pajamas
Family Pajamas
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2 thoughts on “Family Pajamas

  1. I actually just ordered our family these. I love the red and white stripes for everyone and am excited to get Wilder into a pair this year! These plaid pjs come in green and navy and red and black. So cute if your kids are toddlers or older.

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