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  1. I love the look of a simple v-neck black tee paired with something fun. This skirt is incredible with its detail, texture and colors. Your choice of handbag & delicate sandals are perfection! Fabulous contrast of black & bright pink!!

  2. I wonder if you’ve taken a gander at what others on the web have to say about you? I’ve never seen anyone of the Christian faith so materialistic before like you and Emily Jackson. Apparently a lot of Mormons feel it is not Christ-like at all to broadcast all of your ‘stuff’ via Insta, blog, etc. I believe God blesses those who work hard but how are you living a life honoring God encouraging others to lust after and covet your lifestyle and create what nearly everyone who reads your blog will never have? Causing others to be jealous is as bad as a woman dressing in a lustful way to get the attention of men. The word’s out on your salary and how you earn it, several websites have now documented it.

    1. Lindsey,

      I take great offense to this comment. If there’s one thing I’ve learned through blogging, don’t believe everything you read online (including the article that was published online about my salary). While this space is focused on fashion to inspire women to find new ways to wear clothes they already have in their closet, that doesn’t mean that fashion is my main focus in life. My religion and my family are my number one priority and I have far more depth than taking photos of my outfits.

      With that said, I’m a person too, I have feelings, I have flaws, I have trials just like anyone else. I’ve never claimed to have the perfect life nor have I ever purposely tried to make anyone jealous of me. It’s simply a space to come and get inspiration, you are welcome to not visit my blog anymore if you feel jealous or any negative feelings towards it.

      I don’t appreciate you judging me. You can talk all day about my outfit choices, home decor choices, makeup and hair choices or something specifically related to something I post on my website, but please don’t attack my character, my intentions and my religion. It’s hurtful and you don’t know me.

      If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it all (or take it elsewhere).



    1. It’s OPI! I’m not sure what color because I just choose it at the nail salon. Next time I’m there I’ll see if I can find it again and let you know :)

  3. I’m liking the more casual, yet dressy summer vibe. Please keep in mind that you must always list a c/o item ( e.g. Scrabble necklace) ! You can’t pick & choose

  4. I have never bought anything that you have worn on your blog before, but I was sold on buying this skirt. However, I was so sad to only see size 00 when I went to purchase it. So sad! You look perfect in this skirt!

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