Coming Soon: Fitness Update…

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July yesterday! I’ve been getting a lot of requests to update you guys on my fitness journey, so I’m currently working on a post that includes everything fitness related from running to BBG to meal plans! So if you have ANY questions for me be sure to leave them in the comments below so I can answer them and include them in the post.

Stay tuned!!! Have a great Thursday!

xo, Rach
Coming Soon: Fitness Update…
Coming Soon: Fitness Update…
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  1. Omg so excited for this! You look so amazing rach! :) Been wanting to try a new program for a while now and i heard a lot of good things about BBG! loving all the swimsuits in this post! :)

    1. Thank you so much!!! I really love BBG!!! It’s a great program to start your fitness journey with!!!!



  2. I can’t wait for this!! I’m currently 23 weeks pregnant with my first and want to do bbg after the baby is born. You give me hope that i can be hot mama. you looked great before, and look amazing now.

  3. Hi,
    I would like to know About Diastasis recti and How you did the bbg with that? What mOves you had to change and how you Healed it. Thank you!

    1. Because of my Diastasis Recti I did have to modify the ab workouts to be a low-intensity work out!!



  4. Bbg- what equipment do you need? What surface do you need to do it on.
    Do you buy the Pdf or get it THrough an app?

    1. I definitely recommend the app!!! It is easy to follow and breaks down all the equipment you need!!! I use an exercise mat!!!



  5. Hello Rachel! Firstly, I love you and your blog, you inspire me so much to make positive changes in my life! Now, I would like to ask if you read any books that changed your mentality regarding food and/or exercise. Also, how did you make it a priority to find time for working out? For example, if a new interesting project showed up, how did you manage? Did you say no to some projects in order to find time for yourself? Thank you! xo

    1. Thank you so much!!! I started listening to Body Love by Kelly LeVeque on the way home from Colorado last weekend and have really enjoyed it!!! I made working out a priority by getting up at 6 AM before my babies woke up!!!



    1. Working out with my girlfriends and taking before and after pictures are two of the biggest things that help me stay motivated!!! I love seeing my progress through the pictures!!!



  6. Hi Rachel. I always love reading fitness updates, so i am looking forward to yours! just wondering -what is your body type without diet/exercise? do you tend to be naturally thin anyway? i sometimes think that context is important when people may try to adopt what you do but get frustrated if they don’t look as fit. how do you balance a healthy self-image with your regimens?

  7. Hi rachel, first time contacting and i must day you look amazing! My quez is is your workout program good for a 65 year ild woman. Thank you

  8. Hi Rach,
    I was wondering what equipment you recommend for the home gym to get the best results. Thanks for the help! Jen from Boise

  9. i know you used your sister running guide, and i would love to know how you incorporated her guide with bbg! Like how did you schedule everything? I signed up for a half marathon in september and im using her guide, but i’m not sure what days i should be doing bbg :)

  10. Were you breasyfeeding during this fitness routine? Or how long after breastfeeding or labor did you start? IM 8 week post partum and concered about doing to much tomaffect my milk supply

  11. Hi Rach!
    I am SO excited about this post! I started BBG after reading your last post and I have one more workout (week12 arms) to do tomorrow before I complete my first 12 weeks of BBG! I can’t believe I made it this far. It’s only fair to share that I didn’t do any cardio, just the BBG circuits. I was afraid I would quit if I did the cardio too! lol. I am excited to continue on this journey and do another round, hopefully adding in some cardio this time!

    question: I would love to know your tips for making this a lifestyle! I use the app and I’m looking to get more out of it. do you complete entire programs now or do you switch it up and maybe do bbg arms one day and then do power legs another day or something like that? (If that makes sense!) :)

    Thank you again for the encouragement and for sharing your journey!!

  12. OMG – I can’t wait for this post!!! You’ve been such a positive inspiration for me ♥
    My Questions: How do you stay consistent/motivated with your diet & exercise Regime? Are you naturally a morning person since you always seem to exercise in the AM before your babies wake up? I’m the complete opposite and have the hardest time getting up! Any Tips/Tricks for this? What Snacks keep you going through the afternoon? Are Any foods off-limits for you?

  13. I just have one questions -how do you get to work out when you’re sick? I have allergies and very often become a cold and I just don’t have the energy to work out those days. How do you find the STRENGTH to work out the days that you don’t feel too well.

  14. How long did it take you to get into eating healthy? Was it difficult to eat healthy? How fast did you loose the wEight?

  15. Rach! Im so glad you posted thIs because i havE a question before subscribing to bbg. I want to use the kelsey wells workout but do i need a gym membership for it? I have a treadmill and a few select sizes in free weights (15 lbs & 20 lbs) but no equipment and i dO Not have a gym membership. If i can do Her program from home, what other equipment do i need? Thabk you so much for your help! You look beautiful in both pics but glad you have more energy And confidence now!

  16. ive Gained weight arouNd my middle Lately. Probably because of stress. Any tips would be appreciated. Thank you!

  17. Hi Rach,

    First, you look aMazinG!! I have a couple of questions.
    The first is, how do you stay motivated? Have you alWays been so self disciplined. I feel like im always so good for the first month, then slOwly fall of the wagon.
    My last Question is what do you eat on your busy days? I Know its easier to eat healthy when you have lots of time, But most people dont. as a mom, business Owner, and all around superwoman you Make it look so easy!! Do you meal prEp? Or just pack ligh snakcs for on the go?
    How did you cut out the junk and move to a healthy diet? Was it cold turkey or slowly.

    I love all of your posts and you are such a fun and POSITIVE rolemodel to look up to!

    LoTs of love,


  18. Hi! Im so exited to read your post about your fittness journey Update! You have inspired me so much to starr my own! I am most curious about how you eat. Id love to hear what an average day looks like for you nutritionally! Also, how many days a week do you do BBG?

  19. What are your go to meals?
    do you credit bbg for your complete transformation?
    do you feel guilty when having a cheat meal or a rest day?

    thank you, keep it up you look awesome!!!!

  20. Wow cant wait for this.

    – did you lose most of your weight/gain muscle doing just bbg? Or did you always overlay bbg aNd running?
    – were you on a meal plan the entire time as well?
    – how did you start ruNning? Im starting from zero and have never loved running…
    – did you ease into your fitnEss routine or right off the bat jump in?
    – did you stop and start in the past? And if so, why did it stick this time?
    – how often do you work out?
    – are there food groups you absolutely Dont eat?
    – whats the hardest part about your health and fitness routine?

    Thank you!!!!!

  21. As a working mom like yourself, can you please include in your post what your day to day meals Look like :-)
    Thanks so much

  22. What meal plan did you follow? And how did you kick the soda? What energizes you during the day? I feel like i need a diet soda to get me thru most days! Thx

  23. You look amazing! I was so inspired by your fitness journey, that when I was cleared to work out again at 6 weeks after my second child, I began bbg stronger. I am now wrapping up week 6, and I have also been following fitness carli’s meal chart and learning how to nourish my body with good foods. I have never been so motivated and consistent, and I attribute a lot of that to positive women like you, carli, and the sweat app trainers.

    My biggest question is with diastasis recti: I have a fairly significant gap that I’m working to close up. I do a lot of side planks and some exercises that Kelsey Wells uses on her post-partum program. Do you have any other pointers that you believe made a difference in closing your gap?

  24. Hey rachell! I love Following your blog – your positivity iS contagious! Your posts alwaYs make my days a little brighter! My Question is about The nutrition side of your fiTness journey. what kiNds of foods do you eat each day? Do you count calories or carbs or anything? I’d love to see Examples of the kinds of foods you eat for bReakfast, lunch and dinner or something like that. Thanks so much! Xo

  25. I just wanted to start off by saYing that you look amazing! The way that you balance taking care of your childreN, running a comapny, and taking care if tourself is IncredIble! I just starTed bbg. I am finding it to be the most difficult to mantain a Healthy diet especIally dUring the summer Time. How do you manage eat right?

  26. Looking fabulous mama. Question, when work out. Do you feel any sudden pain in your c-sectioN area? If so, how do you manage to con your work out? Im still so scared to do anything.

  27. Hi Rachel! My question is diet related. Do you track macros? Or are you following a more mindful eating approach, like 80/20? Thank you!

  28. Oh, can you discuss about your experience with diastasis recti and what moves you may have done to help it go away. Also, can you touch on how long it took for it to go away?

  29. I would love to know what your diet is like. I find it hard to balaNce eating enough while woRking out to have Energy all day. Like maybe a food diary would be heLpful. And if it changes on bbg versus Long run days. ThanKs and love following your journey :)

  30. Hi Rachel! I love the sweat ap- been using for a couple months because of you, so thank you!! Did you buy clean simple eats? It is a bit expensive and i am not sure if worth the money. Also Do you use the shakes?

  31. Hi racheal,

    Can i just say, wow! Your TRANSFORMATION has been my motivation. Im a full time working Mom, and its just so hard for me to get on a workout routine. Watching your progress has really made myself to stop making excuses and do SOMETHING about it! I used to be a runner and loved how it made me feel. I just decided to take a leap and signed up for the big sur half marathon in monterey on november 11. Thanks for beIng so positive, and giving us gals a push in the right direction! Xo, desirae

  32. Thanks for sharing! Would you share more about your routine around your working Out since you also work and have two kids? Do you shOwer every day afTer your workout or stay in your workout clothes most of the day? Do you use dry shampoo a lot? I assume you dont wash your hair every day? I love working out but have trouble not making it a two+ hour ordeal with having to get ready for the day afterwards!

  33. I would love to know about yoUr meals. I am a nurse and alywas on the go but i really wnjoy cooking and having healthy delicious options for meals. As Well as the days you are incredibly busy (i work 14hr shifts SOMETIMES ) and figuring out how to Incor your workout after thOse days.

  34. Hello! Can you please share what snacks/tricks you had when the cravings showed up? Specially the night ones, those are my doom… thank you! Xoxo

  35. You inspired me to start BBG after my 3rd baby was born – i’m Currently on week 22 and its the best thing I’ve ever done! What would you recommend after 2.0? I know you’ve done PWR and Stronger, did you prefer one? Or ever start back at 1.0?

    Thank you so much, you’ve been an amazing inspiration and motivator!

  36. Hi rach! I was just wondering how tall you are! I feel like some of your outfits are super cute but im not sure i can pull them off, Since im pretty short (5’3).
    Thanks girl!

  37. Being a buSy moM and business woman how do you hanDle keeping your Nutrition on track. Do you meal prep? Does drew eat the same meals as you, what about the kids. I would love your advice on this.

  38. Hi rach! I was wondering if tou had diastasis recti after your c-sections, and if so how did you have to modify workouts?

  39. Hi rach,

    You are so darling!! I am inspired by your progresS! I am a moM of five and have been Doing bbg since january (because of you) but i am hesitant to do all the sets of the legs. Did you find Your legs “bulking” toO much at first? I am a similar height and size thAn you but i feel like J am getting stocky…any tips?!?! Do you do everything the app tells you or do you modify ot sometimes?

  40. So excited to read what you WRITE! I feel like my life is a constant battle between wanting to lose that last 10 pounds of baby weight and also wanting to eat ice cream, haha! Do you have easy healthy foods you grab when you are in a rush/too tired to make a healthy meal?? I find that when I get tired or run low on time, I just grab something easy and it usually isn’t healthy.

  41. How did you get so motivated to get started on this fitness journey and how did you stay motivated and consistant?

  42. I am currently expecting and im due in september. Im nervous after getting birth i wont be able to get back into working out. How can i be moTivated? Was it hard for you to begin your fitness journey?

  43. 1-what does BBG cost?
    2-do you feel cut off from your favorite foods? Or is there wiggle room for a little indulging every now and then?

  44. Thank you for doing this! I am super confused about the schehdle for bbg and what exercises to do when. Can you include that in your post? Thanks!

  45. Thank you for doing this! I am super confused about the schehdle for bbg and what exercises to do when. Can you include that in your post? Thanks!


  46. I am the type of person that can workout, it’s the motivation that i don’t have to keep working out for days and weeks. So what helped motivatE you to keep worKing out?

  47. Please tell me how you got the energy? I have a child Who is 3 and i want to be thin and healthy and fit. What works best for you? Maybe yiu have good tios

  48. Hi! Its so inspiring to see you through your Fitness journey. Besides staying motivated, one of the hardest things for me is Consistently eating healthy. I love to cook, and eat. How do you make healthy choices when other members of your family don’t eat the same meals as you (i.e. husband and kids)?? And still eat “familY meals” together?

  49. Hi Rachel,
    Was wondering if yOu could please share what you eat on a daily Basis,as well as bRands of food. Also on your eating plan can you have hummus and beans and dairy? If you have any pasta reciepes if you couLd share.
    Also do uou work out everyday? And for how long are your workouts.
    Thanks so much!


  51. Hi Rachel! Thx for sharing your progress you look amazing!! Im cuRrently in my 3rd week of bbg and im wondering how you fit in the running. Do you stick with the sweat app schedule (3 BBG, 3 Cardio, and 1 rest day)?? Thanks ❤️ Also what are your favorite things to snack on during the day? Xo

  52. Hi RaChel!
    Does the rest of your household eat As healthy as you? If not, how do you fight temptation? During the week, i find it easy to eat healthy but the weekends are so difficult with going out to Restaurants with friends, my boyfriend, etc. so my question would be how do you stay on tRack during weekends And in general when There is temptation?

  53. I would love to know what level of fitness you’d say you were at when you started BBG and how you modified during the first few weeks to accommodate that! My biggest issue with BbG is that it is so Difficult for a bEginner and i feel like i get discouraged by how difficuLt it is fOr me to comPlete a day’s workout. Thanks for the inspiration!

  54. Hey Rachel! Did you have a Diastasis RectI? If so, how did you get rod of ot while working out lther parts of your body?

  55. You look amazing rach! I’m so impreased with your dedication to your fitness and would love to know more about your jouRney! Specifically, how do you stay on track whIle still parTaking in family dinNers, birthdays, and other events where the foOd isn’t always healthy? This is My struggle!

  56. How did you get motivated? And how do you stay motivated? I just had my 4th and between trying to keep up with life and no sleep i havent been able to get myself to workouT.

  57. Thanks rachel for doing this–your fitness progress as a Working mom has been really inspiraTional!!

    Can you talk a bit about yiur exercise Modifications that you did while you had your diastasis recti? THanks in aDvance!

  58. HeY, i was just wondering diD you count calories in the beginIng. Also did you modIfy and complete bbg strongeR at home? Thanks

  59. Please share your Typical meals, portion sizes that you actually eat, and food timing!! So excited you are postimg this!! Thank you!! Xoxo

  60. Im sO excited to Read all about your story. Ive been following You for a wHile so I kInd of know what you have done but had a quesTion about calorie intake and Nursing?
    Thank you!!!

  61. I was wondering what your eating habits were? Such as when you go out and eat or your dinners with your family! Thank you for this post it is really inspiring!

  62. Hi Rach! I really look up to you and your lifestyle. Im only 22, but aspire to be as wonderful of a mom and wife as you are….and stylist :) im wondering what you listen to duRiNg workouts. I tend to lose focus and get bored, so i like to listen to new music or podcasts, but Ive been laCking interest in them lately and looking for suggestions! Thanks and love ya!

  63. Dear rachel, I am loo for to hear all the deta about your firne jo.
    I have one question: how old was your baby when you started sweat?
    Did you do a postpartum training or you started directly with bbg?

    (I started sWeat when my baby turned 3 months inspired by you anD Katherine H.)

  64. Hi Rach! I’ve loved following your fitness journey on insta and find it so inspiring. When you first began bbg, how did you manage delayed onset muscle soreness (doms)? I started bbg but was actually too sore to move In the days following my first few workouts! It threw the timing all off when i couldnt stick to it strictly. I dont know if i should do easier versions of the exercises AND STICK to the timing that they give, or do the workouts as is and space them out so there’s more time to recover. Does it get easier as the weeks go on, or are you constantly sore as the weeks get more difficult?! It seems intimidating, but i’d Really like to try again. Thanks for your Advice and i look forward to reading your blog post X

  65. Hi Rach,

    I’Ve tried running a lot of times but Hate it and give up, did you like running from the beginnig? Any tips? Thank you so much

  66. Rachel, thank you for inspiring me with your BBG intro in one of your post. I did 2 rounds of BBG 1.0 and now doing bbg2.0 first round. i also run twice a week. i have seen a big improvement. its not as great as yours though.
    i would like to know if you do any other work out other than bbg and running.
    do u ever have cheat meals.
    how do you handle stress? meditation or so?
    is meal plan really do able on long run? dont you get bored eating the same food every 2 weeks or so?
    is protein powder really necessary?
    it would mean a lot if you answered my questions.
    awaiting your reply.
    You are beautiful and an inspiration.

  67. ID love to know about your meal prep and how You incorporate it with famiLy meals and what snacks uou eat between meals.

  68. Hi Rachel,
    My fitness question Is is about the workout program you’ve been using, I believe it’s called the BBG/Sweat app. I am not currently using the app, but have looked at it in the App Store and I am wondering if you could provide more details on how the app actually works and how you use it and how you can see others using it as well for different scenarios.
    Thank Yo you and I look forward to your upcoming post.
    Warm regards,

  69. Hi! Just wondering if you still use the same PreworkoUt/ are still liking it? Thinking of trying iT but i cant Remember the brand

  70. Do you count macros or Just eat mOstly clean? I discovered iheartmacros through your blog aNd wondered if you do that along with Bbg.

  71. I love your posts and i will be a mom of two in a week or so and am looking forward to getting back in shape. I definitely want to use the bbg program but dont have the time for leaving the house to go to the Gym. Do you use this program mostly at hOme? If so, do you use any specific weights or bands to use bbg? Also- if you could include like a ‘running 101’ thaT would be so awesome! Ive so enjoyed following you snd your story. Youre killin it!

  72. Hi! I loved your last blog about this topic and can’t wait to read more. How long after having a baby did you start the app? I’m about 3 weeks post partum and looking forward to trying it out. Also (and this might be more beauty related than fitness) but did you get any stretch marks from your babies? And if so any recommendations on the best way to ease those up a bit? Thanks!

  73. I started using bbg but find myself not able to complete More thN one lap on each circuit. Do you do multiple laps? Or do u work Yourself up to doing that? Also, how do You manage to eat healThy with 2 Little ones? I have 3 kids And its so hard to make different meals fir everyone!

  74. Please share your secrets about how you started running long distance and how to become better at it.. I can only get through a mile running straight. Also would love to see meal plans and a what I eat in a day along with this post! :)

  75. Hi rachel! First of all, you look amazing and your hard work paid oFf!

    As a mom myself, i find it hard to find time in the day to work out. What times do you work out? And can you Share with us some of your recipes that help you stay lean?

  76. Hi Rach’
    Just wondering how tall you are and what size in cloyhing Do you wear. Are you a size 23 in jeans?

  77. Dear Rach, I Love your fitNess posts. I Startwd mY fitness journey february this year, after havinG seen your fitness journey via Kaylas updates. I am Currently on BBG round 2 week 19. I always get my 3 work outs done and try to go for a 5 km run 1 to 2 times a week and i Eat quite healthy. My problem is that i have not reached to goals i had hoped for yet. I have such a sweet tootH and strUggel with that every day. My two small grils wake us up almost onCe an hour every nIght so my sugar craVinhs are extra difficult to overcome. What do You do to fight sugar cravinGs? And do you incorporate HIT (15 mins run/walking) onCe a week? I have not done it yet… any gOod advice for hetting rid of the Last baby fat? I work full time and train at night after the kids are asleep, as i can not manage it in the mornings. The kids wake up at 6, so I cant find the strenght to Get uP any eArlier than them. Any advice would be appreciaTed. Br Alexandra from Dennark

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