11 Coffee Table Books Every Home Needs…

I posted some insta-stories unpacking our coffee table book boxes the week we were moving into our new home and I received a ton of requests to do a post about my favorite books and where I found them!!

The best price option I’ve found for coffee table books is amazon. You can even buy gently used coffee table books for a better discount!! My Dogs book is gently used and you can’t even tell (that’s dust in the picture).

Coffee table books are my favorite layer to use when styling my home. The books bring refinement and gives a sense of collectiveness. I love to choose books that have meaning to me, those are great conversation starters when hosting as well. When I travel I always try and pick up a book to add to my collection to remember the places we’ve been and the memories made there. Below are a few favorites from my collection:

^^ French Country Cottage 

^^ Dogs (Our family LOVES dogs!)

^^ Beautiful All-American Decorating and Timeless Style Mark Sikes is one of my favorite designers!! I’m so inspired by him!

^^ New York  (New York is one of our favorite cities!)

^^ Dahlias and Peonies (Peonies and Dahlias are my favorite flower)

^^ Slim Aarons La Dolce Vita 

^^ Beauty At Home Aerin is another designer and taste maker I’m inspired by. A few lights and accessories in my home are designed by Aerin as well!

^^ The Finer Things 

^^ Color Me Floral and The English Roses

xo, Rach
11 Coffee Table Books Every Home Needs…
11 Coffee Table Books Every Home Needs…
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  1. Great post! as a true bookworm, I love scouting for new books. While I disagree with using books as table decorations, I can’t help but love the aesthetics of these books. What is your FAVORITE book to read? I’d love to hear a post about your FAVORITE reading books!


  2. If you love mark sikes you need to stay at the holiday house hotel in palm springs! It was redesigned by him and its absolutely gorgeous!

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