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Here’s some outfit inspiration for your Wednesday morning!!

Xo, Rach

xo, Rach
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  1. This is my favorite color right now! I love your style Rach & I am really sorry that you got attacked on “photo shopping” your sweet baby girl. That is horrible that people could even think that! You’re a sweet momma. Hope you have a wonderful week babe!


    1. Thanks so much Jenessa!! You’re so sweet. It’s all good, just need to continue to focus on the positive, right? :)

      Xo Rach

  2. I happen to love the Alexis dress (I’m a huge fan of their line in general). The only thing i’m not super crazy about are the circles that go around the neckline. The dress has so much detail that I don’t think it was necessary!! Just my two thoughts! xx yael

  3. Lovvvvvvvve your posts! I follow you regularly, but rarely comment. I was so sad that you were criticized for photoshopping. You are awesome and absolutely a wonderful mom! It is so unfortunate that some people choose to take such negative routes with comments. Stay positive and true to you, all of us fan girls love you and look forward to your posts all the time!! XoXo

  4. That ASOS dress is perfect for wedding season!

    How fun! $15 for nail polish still feels like a big splurge. I actually picked up Sinful polish at the drugstore and have found the $2 polish to be better than Chanel, Essie or Deporah Lippman!! I’ve been able to get my manicures to last on average 8-12 days.

    It will be on the blog tomorrow with my other Spring favorites!

  5. Love all this pink! <3 Do you mind telling me what color that Bobbi Brown lip gloss is? Thanks for all your great posts!

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