One item every woman should invest in for her wardrobe…


Top: Free People (I wore it backwards) | Undertop: Spanx (wear this under any bodysuit, dress or tight fitting item) | Jeans: Shopbop (similar style here) | Heels: Christian Louboutin | Bag: Tory Burch (similar style here) | Earrings: Baublebar | Lips: MAC Soar Liner and Snob Lipstick

I wore this look while I was in LA a few weeks ago for some meetings when I was in town shooting the Rachel Parcell Spring collection! I had to get creative with this top. I ordered it and didn’t try it on before packing for my trip. When I got to my hotel to get dressed for my meeting, the front was a little too low- lots of cleavage happening. I didn’t have another top option that went with jeans and I thought a dress would be too fancy so I had to improvise. I turned the bodysuit around so the back became the front. I actually love the look of how high the neckline comes reversing it better than the way it is supposed to be worn! (I wore a nude Spanx under this to cover up a tiny part of my back I didn’t want showing. The top reversed falls above bra line though so it’s not super low, but I added nude Spanx to cover up a little more in the back).

While we’re on the topic of spanx- here’s my secret! Invest in control wear! My friend who is a stylist said this is her number 1 tip and trick for all her clients of every shape and size!!! Control wear is a MUST. It smooths and hold everything in!!! I actually always wear control wear if I’m wearing a dress or top (particularly when it hugs my body). My favorite Spanx items I have are the tank and the bodysuit. They both have become a staple! No matter what size you are, it just controls everything underneath and for some reason it completely changes the way your tops and dresses lay on your body. Everything is so smooth and it hides any bra or panty lines too!





xo, Rach
One item every woman should invest in for her wardrobe…
One item every woman should invest in for her wardrobe…
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28 thoughts on “One item every woman should invest in for her wardrobe…

  1. Whatba great idea! I’ll have to see how that works woth sole of thr bodysuits i have that used to fit differently before having my baby. I didn’t have much chest action before, but now i Find that some of those tops appear too low. I actually would never guessed this was a too worn backwards and i absolutEly love the way yiuve styled it with those jeans. Thanks flr sharing snd i hope you have a great week ahead!



    1. omg i was wondering the same thing!!! is it uncomfortable to wear a thong bodysuit backwards???!??! (“cringe emoji”)

      (love the outfit tho!! that baby pink is so pretty and i love how she coordinated it with the same shade shoes and bag!)

      1. haha it felt the same front or back. Also, I grew up dancing so I lived in leotards my entire life. It doesn’t bother me but maybe I’m use to it.

  2. Hi rachel this is a really random question but i’m buying cowboy boots for a wedding and I remeber you wearing a really cute pair a couple Years ago when you were out west or in canadA do you mind telling me what brand they are? Thanks i love followinG your blog!!!

  3. Perfect outfit, I love it. It’s so simple, yet so chic. I love how you can make any piece of clothing look so chic and expensively LOOKING.
    – x, Lenka

  4. Hi rachel!

    i’m lds as well and love your style! sorry if this is too personal for a comment (i don’t know where else to ask) but do you wear that over your garments? i would love to know!

  5. I’m glad to hear that support garments
    Are not a thing of the past ! When i worked as a dress designer , i was shocked that women came to fittings without these garments on . Keeping everything in it’s place makes all clothes look beTter. Great post
    Dress The Part

  6. super cute look – but how did you wear a thong bodysuit backwards? that sounds so not comfortable! Is there a trick to it?

  7. You think that BODYsuit had too much cleavage so turned it ROUND, ouch btw, but you’ll happily wear a low cut sports bra that gives you loads of CLeavage? Literally the post below THIS is you in a sports bra thats giving you insane cleavage and even has a cut out. Your narrative is all over the place. And you’re about a decade late in the great revelation that Spanx are a great thing

    1. A bra I workout in and an outfit I’m wearing to dinner or a meeting are two completely different things. Also, I have worn Spanx before not often. I just recently discovered it’s a game changer, especially when wearing a tight body suit.

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