A Birth Story: Jackson Walter…

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Oh my goodness it feels like I haven’t blogged in FOREVER! I think out of the five years since I started my blog, this is the longest I’ve ever gone without posting. It’s been a crazy few weeks that have both flown by and also dragged on and on. After we came home from the hospital we realized Jackson was having difficulty breathing on his own and keeping his oxygen levels up. I’ll tell you more about it in a different post but I just wanted to say how much I am grateful for all of you and the prayers you sent our way.

Our little Jackson was born on Sunday September 4th at 6:40pm weighing 7.1 pounds 18 1/2 inches long. I had a c-section (I had to have one with Isla so the chances of having a v-bac were very slim). I wasn’t progressing in my labor so I ended up having to have another c-section (which surprisingly was so much easier the second time around).

By the time they started prepping me for the c-section it was 5:00pm and I hadn’t eaten anything all day long. I was so hungry I remember thinking to myself I don’t have enough energy to have this baby. I felt shaky, weak and exhausted. For some reason I was so much more nervous this time around than I was with my first c-section. I don’t know if it’s because I knew what to expect? I was just so terrified this time.

Once the nurses and doctors wheeled me to the OR I remember finally being relieved of my hunger and exhaustion. Maybe it was the adrenaline, the nerves or the epidural, but finally I forgot about how hungry and weak I had felt moments ago. As I was laying there while the doctors were working on getting Jackson out I was thinking to myself, I wonder if I’ll be able to love this baby as much as I love my Isla Rose. It just didn’t seem possible to be able to love another person as much as I love her.  A few minutes later I heard the doctor say he has dark hair like his mama. I was so shocked, I couldn’t believe he had dark hair! I instantly felt this strong connection with him and he was still inside of me. Once they pulled him out and I heard his little cry, the tears started flowing. That’s all it took. Hearing his little cry, I didn’t even have to see him. Just from his cries I instantly fell madly in love with my little human Drew and I created together and I couldn’t believe he was here.

The nurse gave me a quick peek at him before they took him with Drew to weigh him and work on him a little more. He was the cutest little thing I had ever seen. I got to do skin to skin in the OR with Jackson, something I didn’t get to do when I had Isla and I was so grateful for that time. I just laid there smelling his head (he smelled sooo good). And I loved that the second they gave him to me he stopped crying. He knew I was his mama. He has completely stolen my heart and I can’t believe how much I love him. It’s like my heart instantly grew.

Isla wasn’t quite sure what to make of her new little brother. She’s still so little so she didn’t quite understand what was going on. She gave him one of her famous Isla kisses and then she wanted to get down and run wild. The rest of the night I nursed him, did skin to skin and kept smelling his little head.

To my little Jackson, mama loves you.

xo, Rach

p.s. For all you ladies who are pregnant or are going to have a baby sometime in the future, hire a photographer to capture your birth story – and one who specializes in birth photography. I didn’t even realize over half of these images were taken and they are something I will treasure my entire life. It was worth every penny (no this isn’t sponsored) and I highly recommend it! My photographer shoots a lot of birth stories so she just hung out in the back and silently took pictures, I didn’t even realize she was there. If you’re thinking about doing it, do it!! (and wear lash extension and lipgloss ;).

Photos by Heather Telford.

xo, Rach
A Birth Story: Jackson Walter…
A Birth Story: Jackson Walter…
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126 thoughts on “A Birth Story: Jackson Walter…

  1. Rach–

    Really great tips regarding capturing the memories of giving birth…
    I teared up when you mentioned how your son instantly stopped crying when you held him. How sweet. Literally and simply… sweet.

    Congrats to you and Drew! You two have a beautiful fam!!

    All the Cute

  2. What a great post! I am so happy Jackson is becoming healthier. Thank you for sharing your story. Can you tell us what kind of lash extensions and lip gloss you use? Thank you!! :)

  3. I’m due anytime now and I’ve been following your pregnancy. I love to read your pregnancy journey because there are so many similar feelings I’m experiencing and it’s comforting to know that I’m not the only one with the mind racing thoughts! I hope Jackson is doing better and that you’re recuperation is going well!

  4. Dear Rachel and family: First of, congratulation again to your precious baby boy! Your post made me cry — so beautifully written and the pictures are beyond PRECIOUS! I am currently pregnant with baby #2! I already have thoughts of “Will I love the new baby as much as my first one?” but of course, you will. I am so happy for you, Rachel. These posts are so special — thank you for sharing them with us! Sending you and your family MUCH LOVE!

    xoxo, Vanessa

  5. Such a sweet and warmhearted birth story welcoming a little new Prince to the world. He will be so happy once he gets to open his eyes and gets to see his lovely beautiful grand family, beautiful grandparents, gorgeous Aunts and an Angel Mom and Dad. :)

    So beautiful other than the concerns (we’re just gonna set aside the little worrisome for now) :)

    Stay strong and be the greatest Mom you can be! :)

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  6. Oh yes, such a sweet, heartwarming photos, def. an incredible emotions and moments caught on photos which will be some of the best memories ever! Congrats on the baby Jackson and may you always be blessed with tons of love, health and luck! Much love to the whole fam!


  7. In the airport, reading your post, and I am absolutely bawling. One, I have been praying for your family and little man so hard! I will continue to do so! Second, these photos (especially the one of Drew holding Jackson so seriously and the one where you and your baby boy have yours head together with your eyes closed!) are just so beautiful and emotional! Such a raw moment that has been captured in such a gorgeous way.

    Congrats to you and Drew on your growing family! I hope you get enough rest and you are in my thoughts and prayers!

    PS – I hope I look as beautiful as you did when I have a baby <3

  8. Hi Rachel,

    Congrats to you and your family! I have been following you and your sister in law Jennica’s story/ blogs for a while, after struggling with infertility myself, and am so happy for you both!

    I had a question for you since you had a c-section twice now- how long did it take for you to feel normal again, and what exorcises did you to to get rid of the tummy flap I like to call a kangaroo pouch? I am 5.5 weeks pp with my first and still feel far from normal, have back and stomach pain, and still need to loose about 15 pounds to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I can’t imagine W ever working out right now due to pain- but you looked so good after each pregnancy and I am petite like you so I wanted to know what worked for you. Hoping to hear from you and congrats again! Thinking of you all and praying for everyone’s health!


  9. Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby boy! Like your first, he’s an absolutely lovely child. When I gave birth to my own son in April via C-section, I also burst into tears the instant I heard his first cries. It’s impossible to describe that feeling – the joy and relief and love that punch you in the lungs at that moment. In my case, there was probably more relief than anything else: I had nearly lost him after gushing out a huge amount of blood at 9 weeks due to a large SCH (I was told I had about a 40% of making it to the second trimester after that), and then a few weeks later I was told that my baby was at high risk for severe disabilities and heart defects. He was conceived via IVF and for medical reasons will be my only child, so I had a lot of hopes for him and for the life that I wanted him to have (to be able to attend university, to travel, to get married someday and have children of his own) that I was told would be unrealistic for him. Thankfully, they were wrong, and he was born perfectly healthy. When they held him above the curtain for me to look at him for the first time, I was thinking to myself that he was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen or ever accomplished in my life, and then he threw up on my face (lol). That’s motherhood, I guess: It’s not all perfect and Instagram-worthy, but it’s all weirdly beautiful. So far I absolutely love being the mother to a little boy, and I’m sure you will, too. They’re so much fun. Congratulations again!

  10. Congratulations Rachel and Drew. Wishing you all the happiness in the world with your little family. Also, I’m impressed with how glamorous you look during Labour ;)

  11. Rachel! Congratulations and thank you for sharing your birth story! I wanted to know if you got the chance to do skin to skin after C Section and you mentioned you did! Thanks for adding and I’m so glad you got to experience that! So happy for you!!!

  12. Welcome little Jackson! He is beautiful! What made you decide to choose a C-section over natural birth? Health relations or preferance? Do doctors encourage you one way or the other?

  13. The photo of Drew kissing your cheek as you are looking at Jackson is pure love, pure joy and just so, so beautiful! Congratulations to you all!!

  14. Hi Rachel! Congratulations!! I recently just had a c-section as well (about two weeks ago) and struggling to feel better and also care for my daughter. If you have any tips for us c-section moms on recovery, please let me know!

  15. Tears as I read your story….thank you for sharing he’s a precious baby! Congrats and praying for all to be well! Such a beautiful family!!

  16. Congrats on the birth of your son!! He is super precious, just like your daughter! Loved reading your birth story and seeing the photos from the photographer. I am 20 weeks pregnant with my second son, and like you, I am wondering how I will be able to love him as much as I love my 2 yr old. My mom tells me I will love him differently, but no more or no less! And boys really are naturally a mommas boy so enjoy that!

  17. The most gorgeous photos and birth story, sending love to you and your beautiful family. I wish I had thought to have a photographer at my children’s birth – such a lovely idea. xxxx

  18. My favorite photo is the one of drew kissing your cheek-so cute! Your little guy is adorable and I know what you mean about the instant connection. Some of the photos definitely show the sterile/frightening nature of hospitals though-eek. They announced my little one was coming out with dark hair and I’m blond so I still to this day feel as though that connection of them looking like you is missing but as the years have gone on, I get told all the time that we’re twins, so I guess time helped balance everything out.

    I guess if you’re going in for a C-section and it’s planned, do the makeup thing. For natural labor that isn’t always the case based on time your water breaks or you start having strong labor contractions. I can’t help but feel a bit sad for you that you haven’t had the chance to experience real labor and birth. Yes, it’s hard work (I ate snacks and drank juice the whole way through-I didn’t give birth in a hospital) and it was great. I can imagine why you’d feel nervous because unlike natural birth, it’s essential a surgery story. Scalpel goes in, cuts, a baby is yanked out of your body. The doctor does all of the work. By the way it’s a lie that you can’t have a successful VBAC after a c-section, I know lots of women who have once they became educated on the benefits.

    The medicine that’s used in the epidural and other medicines like pitocin can go straight to the baby, the prep done for a c-sec can actually affect your baby so that may describe the breathing issues he’s having. Also, when you don’t give birth vaginally, the baby misses all of the immune-boosting properties that only come from giving birth that way. Not bathing the baby (other than their hair) is also a great way to ensure they keep that vernix on them to remain as healthy/strong as possible. I hope Jackson is able to get off the oxygen soon and is healthy and happy and this will long be behind you.

  19. Giving birth is such an amazing feat! Rachel, you’re a great mother .. a sincere being! I’ve loved following your life, and missed you dearly this short period time! Although I totally understand and approve of you spending time with your little Jackson and family.. The moment you said you heard his cry and fell in love, tears of happiness!! <3

  20. ..and now I’m crying. These photos and the birth story are so precious! My first little one is due in a couple week and it looks like I’ll be having a c-section too. Mine is scheduled for super early in the morning so I’m hoping I’m not super hungry. lol. Jackson is absolute perfection! I’ve been praying for you both while you try to figure out the oxygen issues. You are such an amazing mom and he’s lucky to have you!



  21. This post made me teary and made me change my perception of you. I followed you for a while but I’ve never really warmed up to you. I dont know why. After reading this though, your honesty, frankness and that last 6 words (“and wear lash extension and lipgloss”) made me smile. I thought that’s brave of you to say that. A lot of bloggers are so terrified of being misconstrued as shallow so they tend to say “the right things” and show things that will be accepted by the majority. They’re getting so incredibly boring and hypocritical they don’t even stand up to what they really believe in…. Praying for baby Jackson….sending love and light..


  22. Congratulations! These pictures are so beautiful. I will have c-sections in any future births and I’m so nervous about it. Thank you for sharing your story.

  23. Thank you for sharing your story. I am having a c section on Thursday for my first baby. I can’t wait to have this experience and meet our little Georgina. Love your blog and seeing daily pics on Instagram. Best wishes to you and your little family.

  24. These photographs are so beautiful! So many emotions can be felt through these images, I had tears running down just looking through these amazing shots! Congrats mama!

  25. Sweetest post yet! Congratulations again on his safe arrival! Thanks for sharing that this C-section was easier than your first. I’m in a similar situation with my second child’s arrival and even though I still have time to prepare, it’s what is scaring me most. Enjoy this special time ?

  26. He is just perfect! I remember having my son and wondering if I would love him as much as my daughter as well and it was love at first sight. :) Having one of each is the best! I hope you can find out exactly what is wrong with his oxygen levels. I have been praying for him and for your sweet little family.

  27. I’ve been eagerly anticipating Jackson’s birth story! I’m so happy he’s doing well. I hope he will be able to get off of oxygen soon. Your family is so precious!! Congratulations!

  28. God bless you and your family. I pray he gets stronger every day. Stay positive and in your faith.

    – a friend from the East :-)

  29. Beautiful story, Rach! So happy to hear it went well and am praying that things continue to get better with Jackson. Your photos are gorgeous and so is he! Congratulations! You have a beautiful little family.

  30. I remember when I felt like u when no haven’t eaten anything and not having enough strength to deliver my baby. She was late to come. After thanksgiving dinner that ended Thursday at 3 pm of 2014, I told my husband to just go watch a movie and drink water and go to bed early. Honestly I remember eating just enough to the point of not making me feel sick. Long story short, my water broke on Friday at 5am, of the other 3 pregnant ladies who got to the hospital right behind me, I was the last one to leave. Baby came on Saturday morning. It was hard. No food since thursday 3pm until Saturday 3am! My husband felt so bad that he wanted to sneak out a cookie for me but no. At least my mother in law brought me Arroz con pollo and ceviche. Congrats on being a champ!

  31. These are so ridiculously beautiful!!! I love your rec to get lash extensions and wear lipgloss — I was super lucky to get a blowout before I had my daughter and it really made me feel a billion times better. I mean, it can feel so undignified going through labor!!! I’ve toyed with the idea of birth photography for our next baby so this helps sway me more towards going for it. So happy for you!! Continuing prayers for little Jackson!

  32. Congrats Rachel!!! Thanks for taking time to write this post in the midst of this hurricane. I am sure you need more sleep and rest. I enjoyed reading your birth story!! Jackson is in God’s hands and everything will be fine very soon.
    Capri, Cannon, Isla and Jackson will be Best friends and best cousins!!! Can’t wait to see the 4 playing together in future posts!!

  33. Thank you for sharing with us such an intimate moment of your life and truly beautiful story! Your family is very nice and I`m happy the new member of it came to our World!
    I`m reading your blog for couple of years, but desided to right a comment only now. May be it`s because of I`m pregnant to and it`s seems to me I can understand what you felt prepаring for the birth :)
    I`m wishing you all the best and hope that everything would be ok with Jackson`s health. God bless you and your family!

  34. What a sweet story, we want to add to our family soon. My little girl is 15 months, and I just can’t imagine living anything as much as her, but I know I will :) ! I loved reading your story, and hope little Jackson and you are doing well.

  35. I don’t know why but I teared up when I saw the photo where your mom was leaning to check on you. Moms are such incredible and special human beings. I can’t wait to be one.
    Congratulations to you and your husband.

  36. I’m crying reading how much you instantly fell in love with your precious baby. I remember having the same exact feelings when I had my second babe. I’m 8 month pregnant with my fourth (hence the tears) and love every pic you posted. Prayers for your little Jackson, hope he’s doing well. Oh, and I totally agree on the second c-section being a breeze compared to the first, my third was just like my second and I’m hoping my fourth with be too! Congrats to your beautiful family!!

  37. Oh Rach, these pictures are so pure and raw with emotion. I love that you have these to treasure forever. I’m so happy for you and Drew. I continue to pray for little Jackson. Oh, and it is so incredible to immediately love another baby instantly when you couldn’t even imagine it was possible. I still remember that feeling very distinctly!

  38. Your pictures are priceless and beautiful.Congrats on your new baby boy! I cried happy tears remembering my recent birth story. Skin to skin is so sweet. The nursing connection that is made and how he know your his momma…just amazing! It truly is a miracle of life. Hope you and Jackson are doing well!

  39. Congrats again!! These photos are gorgeous! My fave is the one where you are looking down at Jackson and Drew is giving you a kiss on the cheek! That photo is simply stunning! And the black and white was perfect!!

  40. Rachel, your story touched my heart. I am currently pregnant with my second child, and most likely will have to have a C-section as well. The recovery from my first one was so hard for me. How is this one easier for you? and also what kind of girdle are you using right now( if using any)? I would love your comments on what’s helped you recover from this c-section because to be honest i am scared of having another one :( Good luck to you, your babies are beautiful.

    1. My recovery from my second C-section was a lot better! Recovering was not nearly as bad as the first time! This time we just had a lot of worries with Jackson. Hope this helps! Good luck with your pregnancy!

      xo, Rach

  41. I like all your post and projects, I have tried a couple of them and said to myself, “yeah, they are easy why havent I thought about that before?”! Your creativity, clean and fresh look rocks! You make it look easy and simple.

  42. My recovery from my second C-section was a lot better! Recovering was not nearly as bad as the first time! This time we just had a lot of worries with Jackson. Hope this helps! Good luck with your pregnancy!


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