4 Books You Need to Read This Summer…

We are heading on a family vaca next week and Drew and I have a stack of books we’re bringing with us to enjoy while our babes nap. Let’s be honest, we won’t have a ton of time to relax and enjoy a book since we’ll have the kids with us, but I think I can at least get through one of them!! 




1. You Are A Badass – I read this book two summers ago and it was life changing!!! It’s a must read!! 

2. Naturally Tan – Naturally, I was drawn to this book as the author is one of my dearest friend who launched my clothing collection with me. This book is a feel-good must read!! You will laugh, you will cry, and you will feel inspired to be better and chase your dreams!! Also keep your eye out for chapter about our business together!

3. Edenbrooke – I’ve actually never read this book, but my mom RAVES about it!!! She has read it three times and wanted me to name Jackson, Phillip, because apparently there’s a very romantic Phillip character in this book that my mom fell in love with. If you love a clean romance novel set in the English countryside this is it!! I’m going to try and finish this one on the trip! 

4. The Compound Effect – This is one of both mine and Drew’s favorite books. It’s one I re-read over and over again. This method has helped me in so many aspects of my life and I hope to teach my children this way of thinking. If you are wanting to feel inspired and needing a guiding hand to set some goals and make some changes in your life, start here with this book! 





xo, Rach
4 Books You Need to Read This Summer…
4 Books You Need to Read This Summer…
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  1. OMG… Edenbrook is one of my all-time favourites! I read the kindle version and had to buy it for my mum :) highly recommend feel good easy summer romance

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