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Happy Friday, everyone!! A couple months ago my sister Emily and I were introduced to a really cool company called 23andMe, a personal genetic service created to help people understand their DNA. The name ‘23andMe’ comes from the fact that human DNA is organized into 23 pairs of chromosomes. When 23andMe reached out my assistant wrote me and said “you probably want to pass on this one since it’s not fashion or beauty related.” But I wrote her back and said “no, no I want to do it!!”

I remembered hearing my aunt and my mom talking about DNA and genetic testing last year. My grandma spent some of her life in an orphanage as a little girl and still doesn’t know much about her father’s side of the family.  She also has a sister somewhere that she’s never met and has tried to find but hasn’t been successful. My aunt decided to do DNA and ancestry testing about a year ago and she said the results were so interesting and she was so glad she did it.

I always get people asking about my family, where we are from, where our ancestors are from, why some of my sisters are blonde and why I have such dark hair. I never really know what to say because I don’t know a lot about where we’re from other than asking my parents about it when I was little and had to give an ancestor report on one side of my family and especially because my grandma doesn’t know much about her father. When we were in Italy everyone asked if I was Italian or had Italian ancestry, people ask if I’m Spanish, or Mexican, people ask if I’m Welsh or Middle-Eastern. I was so anxious to get the the ancestry composition reports back! It would be exciting to finally know once and for all the different cultures that are a part of me and all my ancestry!

Once I received the report, I was really surprised to learn that my DNA is made up of 88% European with British and Irish being the top. I for sure thought there was some sort of Spaniard in me! And Emily tested similarly too! We both did the Health + Ancestry Service Kit which tells you more about how your genetics might impact your health and wellness, in addition to ancestry information. One report that I found particularly interesting was the Genetic Weight report. It tells you whether your genes predispose you to weigh more or less than average.

My favorite part about this report was that it shared healthy habits specific to my genetics, and my top two habits were to avoid fast food and exercise. You all know I’ve gotten super into fitness and healthy eating since last May, so I was excited to learn that these two habits ranked high in making the biggest difference in people’s weight who have similar genetics as me (see more above).

If you are interested in ordering your own 23andMe Health + Ancestry Service kit, click here! And you can save $30 on the same service that we did until January 31st!

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31 thoughts on “Discovering My DNA…

  1. That is so neat!

    I feel you girl, I have dark hair and eyes and my mother is blonde so I get people speaking spanish to me thinking that is the only language I speak. i”ve been asked IF i’M Mediterranean or some sort of European. I don’t know what to tell people because I have no idea what I am! I think I’m definitely going to try and order this. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Love this post! I heard ab0out 23andMe a while back and have been wanting to try it. I think things like this are so interesting. I’ll probably wait until after I get married to buy this (need all the money for the wedding! lol) Thanks for sharing some of your results!!

  3. Wouldn’t everyone’s “genes” benefit from not eating fast food and exercising? That seems like pretty generic information.

    It’s also pretty obvious that the reason your sisters have blonde hair and you don’t is due to bleach, not genetics. just saying.

  4. Thank you so much for this post! I am adopted and a dear friend bought me this kit for christmas! I am so excited to see my results!!

  5. Wow! This is amazing! My dad was looking at doing this so i will Pass it along. I woUldnt mind doing it either. Thank you fOr sharing. Love the picture of yOu and your sister. Because your sister did tiu get the same results? Im iterested if one can carry more genes from there mom or dad?

  6. My mom and I just did this and it was amazing. I actually connected with a 3rd cousin. They were able to give me more info on thAt side of family.

    You should check out They use your DNA results from 23andme coupled with a glucose test to provide you with targeted macros for your genetic make-up. That way, you are 100% giving your body the fuel it needs based on how quickly you metabolize. Its amazing. (Im not affiliated with them, just a health enthusiast).

    1. I just looked into and it’s seems so interesting! I have a 23andme kit right now but I haven’t sent it back yet. I need to asap and them I’m going to order the kit from Habit! I’d like to know what I should be eating to take care of my body.

  7. I get asked those questions a lot as well with my dark hair and olive Skin that tans really well. My dad diD DNA testing tHrough and we got pretty much the same results. European with British anD IriSh being the top!

  8. Super inTeresting! I want to do it for my birthday. But i wonder… did They provide you with a detailed european anCestry background? I would predfer sonething mire soecific than just “British”. I wonder if they point if its English ir scottish or welsh? I also have ancestors in Germany/PoLand. Would the test pick it up or just give me a feedback: European? Thanks!

  9. I’m waiting on my results from them as well. I READ that the women’s results are from your mother’s lineage and the men’s is from your father’s. Is that correct? So technically If that were true my brother would need to do one AS well to see from both parents?

  10. That is amazing! I’m dying to try one of these tests now. Please let us know where you found your sweater dress. I love it!!

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